is that an iPhone or a MiniMac?

iCooli makes your iPhone look like a MiniMac. Cute. I want one.

Apple Mouse Evolution

25 years of Apple Mouse Evolution


Pastebot is a clipboard manager that stores text & images copied from your iPhone/iPod Touch. Organize, apply filters to, and copy clippings to be pasted or sent to other apps.

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Keep this checked.

keep this checked

Keep this checked.

Marco Arment’s (and my) “Entire Message” search in hasn’t worked for a long time, always just inexplicably returning zero results for any search. Today it was finally causing enough of an inconvenience that he searched for a fix.

He learned that for “Entire Message” searches, Mail just uses Spotlight on the message files. So if you leave this box unchecked* in Spotlight’s preferences, “Entire Message” searches simply won’t work, and neither Mail nor Spotlight felt it necessary to tell him this. (You also need to ensure that ~/Library/Mail isn’t excluded from settings in that Privacy tab.)

He was impatient, so after fixing that setting, he told Spotlight to manually import the messages immediately:

mdimport ~/Library/Mail
As soon as that completed, “Entire Message” searches started working.

* he had unchecked it because mail messages always cluttered up the results when I was simply trying to launch an app or find a document.

Keep this checked.



Designed exclusively for MacBook, BassJump is a USB-powered subwoofer that turns your MacBook into a mini sound system. One single USB cable delivers power and sound. Custom software blends the music coming out of your built-in speakers with the sound output of the BassJump for dramatically enhanced audio performance.

ABC Oddity

ABC Oddity from autofuss on Vimeo.

ABC Oddity is an adorable Alphabet iPhone app for your little one. Begin at the menu where your child can choose a letter and enter a magical hand-drawn world. Your offspring can touch the illustrations to see words in written form and hear them pronounced. Swiping and shaking will allow your child to explore other richly populated letter worlds. (I admit though, iPhone apps that want toddlers to ‘shake’ the phone make me nervous. Ella has turned my iPhone into a bonafide missile a few times…)

Here’s the link to ABC Oddity on iTunes.



The iRetroPhone iPhone App made me smile.

Look, Beach Balls!

apple beach balls

Look, lots of beach balls! (Discovered in Chris Glass’ Footer links) Made me smile!

Case-Mate iPhone recession case

getDynamicImage copy

Always good to see a company adapting to the current economy: Case-Mate iPhone recession case.

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Picture 12

Wow, CLOCKTWO is now available as an iPhone version. Much more affordable than the original.

(thank you helen)

Newspaper Laptop Sleeve

laptop sleeve

Send your Macbook Pro on a top secret, undercover mission with this clever newspaper sleeve.

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swissmiss hearts Instapaper

Instapaper is hands-down my alltime favorite iPhone app (besides the obvious big players of Skype, Kindle etc.)

Usually throughout the day I discover long articles on the web that I don’t have time to read right then and there. I simply hit the “Read Later” Bookmarklet in my bookmarks bar which allows me to easily save them for later. I used to constantly print articles and then grab them before I leave the office, hoping my subway ride would be long enough to get through them. Those days are gone! Now I just pull up my Instapaper app when I am in the subway and eh voila! Try the free online version or the free iPhone App. And when you realize what a gem this app is, make sure to upgrade to the Pro Version. The additional features are well worth it and it costs less than a sandwich.

Instapaper is a brainchild of Marco Arment, a fellow Brooklynite and lead developer of Tumblr. Again, please support his amazing app by buying a Pro Account. And most of all, help spread the word! Thumbs up, Marco! You have a fan over here at swissmiss!

First Macintosh

First Macintosh Shirt

First Macintosh (great Moments Of The 20th Century Series). Love!

David Weiss on the App Store

David Weiss talks about the shortcomings of the App Store from the perspective of an app developer: The Inhospitable Land of the App Store

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Twelve South Created BackPack, a sturdy, sleek looking shelf designed exclusively to attach to the back of iMac and Apple Cinema Displays. This handy little piece of heavy gauge steel is perfectly sized to hold hard drives, USB peripherals or even a Mac mini. You can use the perforated base to tie up that web of cables lurking behind your Mac.

Genius! Backpack gets 2 swissmiss thumbs up!

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work of art

broken iphone

My iPhone Screen shattered over the weekend. After I looked up how much a replacement screen is, I taped up my screen and guess what, it still works. In only 48 hours I’ve come across 5 (!) iPhone users that also have a taped up screen and are not even considering getting it repaired, as paying $200 for a new glass seems outrageous.

So, here I am, embracing my taped up iPhone and ask you, my lovely readers, to also, proudly share yours in this Flickr Group I just started.

My iPhone’s not broken, it’s a work of art.

Have Adobe Creative Suite 3 or 4 installed?

Have Adobe Creative Suite 3 or 4 installed? Read this tiny bit to remove some bad mojo from your machine. It’s a terminal script, just read the instructions and follow along.

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Free iPhone Toolbar Icons


Free iPhone Toolbar Icons by Glyphish. Yay!

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Laptop Felt Sleeve


I am the proud owner of one of these Felt Laptop Sleeves by Redmaloo. Who knew one can get excited about a laptop sleeve? This one is a real beauty and head-turner when ‘unfolded’ in public. The right hand flap (or left side, if you’re a lefty) functions as a mousepad. Genious!

Bad Decision Blocker iPhone App


Here’s an iPhone function we really need. The Bad Decision Blocker (BDB for short) is an iPhone app that will let you block any of your phone’s contacts for a predetermined set of time. It’s in the App Store right now for 99 cents. Tim’s title of his post pretty much nails it: “I got this so i can’t call you when im drunk.”

Crabble: Versatile iPhone stand for your wallet


I always carry one of these Crabble iPhone stands with me in my wallet.

Apple Vs Blackberry

A few weeks back Blackberry took its shot. Here’s a clip of Apple showing Blackberry who’s boss.

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The Talking iPod Shuffle


The new iPod Shuffle is ridiculously small. (Why wouldn’t Apple let me embedd their video either?)

Kindle iPhone App


I’ve just entered e-book reading nirvana with the Amazon’s Kindle iPhone App. Yes, please!