Cloud Sweater

Cloud Sweater

Totally made me smile on this sunny monday morning: Cloud Sweater by Sirena Con Jersey.



KERN from FORMation is “a minimalist typography experience challenging you to precisely place a missing letter into a falling word while avoiding any unnecessary ligatures! Practice and prove your typographical acumen with a score that gives new meaning to point-size!”

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Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York

Store Front

A wonderful find today over at In Transit (no more): I agree with Julia: Finally someone captured these beautiful storefronts with insanely gorgeous typography before they are gone. Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York.

Craig Frazier | Words by you

Craig Frazier

For the next year or so, Craig Frazier will post a new drawing every week in desperate need of a caption. Craig invites you to write the words that you think belong to that drawing. Please submit a line no more than 30 words in length by that friday 5pm. Every week’s submission will be judged by an editorial review board of one and the winner will be posted the following week and remain forever in the book. As a reward you will receive credit, including your website, if you wish, and a copy of DraWords when it is finished.

I love this. Go check it out:

Apple/AIGA Talk: Thank you for coming out.

Design Remixed with Tina Roth Eisenberg

A big thank you to all my loyal swissmiss readers that came out to my AIGA/Apple talk last week. According to the organizers it was the biggest Design Remixed turnout they’ve ever had. Hooray! If you were there, let me know your thoughts: Was there anything you wanted to ask but didn’t? I’d love to hear your feedback in how I can improve the presentation for another time?

Also, if you took pictures of the event, would you mind to add them to our flickr pool? Thank you so much!

For all of those of you who emailed me about possibly seeing a video of this event, I am sorry to say that I wasn’t allowed to tape it. (Which still makes me scratch my head. If I was Apple or AIGA I would film these talks and put them on the web. What a lost opportunity, no?)

Chalkboard Bikes


Sharon Montrose, the animal photographer, came home from the gym last week to discover that her husband had sketched bicycles all over their chalkboard. I agree with Joanna: I wish it were a poster! (And hey, what a cool husband?)

Tonight: swissmiss speaking at the Apple Soho Store


I am thrilled to be speaking at wednesday’s todays AIGA/Apple “Pro Sessions: Design Remixed” here in NYC . What an honor! I’ll be tracing my path from the swiss alps and talking about swissmiss, the blog. So excited!

Wednesday 11 February 2009
Apple Store, Soho
103 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012

Admission: These events are free to all. Seating is available on a first come basis. No advance registration is necessary.

Resting on a Bush


Resting on a Bush, by Yijun (Pixy) Liao. Made me smile.

We’re not friends…


“We’re not friends—she just e-mails me things I’m not interested in.”
by Bruce Eric Kaplan. Made me smile.

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Getting Things Done with Twitter

After three years on the web, Twitter has become more than just another micro-blogging client. A whole industry of web applications have sprung up to extend and capitalize on Twitter’s capabilities, from the ridiculously silly, to the gobsmackingly useful. If Twitter is not already a part of your daily life, these applications can give you a whole new perspective on the idea of Getting Things Done. There’s a lot you didn’t know you could do with 140 character spurts.

Getting Things Done with Twitter

Was Shepard Fairey Arrested To Embarrass The Mayor Of Boston?


Was Shepard Fairey Arrested To Embarrass The Mayor Of Boston? – A First Hand Account. Wooster Collective has the story.

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WhatTheFont for the iPhone! YAY!!


I have big news! What heFont, the ingenious font recognition app that I use on a regular basis is now available for the iPhone.

With the iPhone version of WhatTheFont you can use the phone’s built-in camera to photograph the text in question (or choose an existing image from your photo albums). The app allows you to crop the image, focusing on only the important parts before uploading. After confirming which characters are used in the image, the app provides a list of possible matching fonts. You can then either e-mail a link to a MyFonts page with more info on that font, or open it up in the iPhone’s built-in Safari web browser.

Download it for free from the App Store.

(thank you nick)

MoMA takes over Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street subway station


In a gift to the city’s subway riders, MoMA takes over Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street subway station, filling the station with reproductions of over 50 works of art in the MoMA collection. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, walk through the station to see images of works by Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Charles Eames, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, and many other great artists, filmmakers, and designers. It’s a beautiful reminder that the real MoMA is only a short ride away.

I checked it out this morning, on a press tour, and what can I say: F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! It was somewhat surreal to admire these famous pieces of art in such a rushed environment. A wonderful clash of an every day life situation where we do not pay attention to our surroundings and just rush from A to B.

Make sure to download the Audio Tour before you go and explore. Open 24/7 from february 10, til March 15, 2009. (Why not for forever?) Check out the Gallery for images.

Thumbs up MoMA and HappyCorp. MoMA Atlantic/Pacific is brilliant and makes me happy!

Spending Time With Poster Boy

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For my german speaking typophiles: History of FF DIN

History of FF DIN

Here’s a lovely find for my german speaking readers: FF DIN – die Geschichte einer zeitgenössischen Schrift (PDF)

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Discover DesignRadar


DesignAddict has added a new section to their site called Radar. It is a platform where vintage design stores, auction houses, etc. can easily show the items that they have for sale.

On the other hand, the buyers, private or professionals, have access to the inventory of many dealers in one place and can easily find furniture, lamps, accessories… via various search criteria (typology, designer, producer, period, seller’s location or price range). Although this new service has just been launched, one can already find more than 500 items and the sellers keep on adding items so regularly that one can easily predict thousands of items in a few months.

The Radar is thus a tool that allows collectors and interior designers to easily scan the market and detect specific pieces. For design lovers, it is also a good way to discover 20th century design through creations from some of the greatest designers. Select a designer name or a period of your choice and enjoy the visit! Design Addict does not take commissions on the sales. Prices are therefore the same as on the dealers’ website. The dealer does not increase his price to compensate such a cost.

“Nicola From Bern” Coat Hook

Coat Hook

Retailers call for products that can be easily shipped. Here’s a solution: A simple metal strap that easily transforms into an elegant double loop Coat Hook.

Printable Checklist

Printable Checklist

I agree with Tom: is a ridiculously simple online printable checklist creator.

Babel Business Card Tree


Babel Business Card Holder (Tree?) by Siebensachen, represented by EX49

CreativeMornings with Matthew Waldman

February Creative Mornings 09 Full

I am excited to announce our upcoming CreativeMorning with Matthew Waldman of Nooka Fame. Matthew was my very first boss here in NYC, a good 10 years ago. I remember the morning when he showed me a sketch of his very first Nooka. Now, years later, they’re sold at such prestigious places as the MoMA. He obviously knows what he’s doing and I am so happy for his success. It will be interesting to hear him speak about the long path of having a product idea until seeing it on store shelves.

As he is an adjunct of Parsons School of Design they generously agreed on hosting the event at their auditorium. A big warm thank you!

Interested in attending? Make sure to r.s.v.p via email as there are only 50 spots available. We are filling up quickly. Please tell us your name and what industry you’re in. Sorry, the event is full, we’ve reached our limit!

We are still looking for a Breafkast Sponsor. Please let us know if you’d be interested in sponsoring coffee and bagels in exchange of instant karma points and exposure on swissmiss and the actual event.

(I realize that we initially announced this event for february 13. Unfortunately we had to push the date back, we apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.)

Taxicab Receipt Necklace

Taxi Receipt Necklace

Made me smile: Taxicab Receipt Necklace by Kristin Victoria Barron.

3-Dot Placemats

Three Dot Placemant

3-Dot Placemats by Judith and Philippe Tair Mercier. Simple and beautiful.

Nesso Table Lamp

Nesso Table Lamp

Made from injection-molded ABS thermoplastic, this iconic Nesso table lamp offers both direct and diffused incandescent lighting. Oh, so pretty!

Official Tooth Fairy Kit

Tooth Fairy Kit

The Official Tooth Fairy Kit contains one letterpress Certificate of Record for filing with your local Tooth Fairy and one reusable silkscreened cloth deposit bag for your first and all subsequent transactions. The official certificate keeps record of name, age, tooth lost, method of extraction and compensation information.

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