Automatically Save Your Work on Your Mac On Any Application


EverSave… is a free application for the Mac which saves your documents on regular intervals based on your preferences. You can save on all applications or just a select few and most importantly it seems to work with any application!

Buzzup Docs


Buzzup Docs is Digg for Documents.

Logo Design Process


Swiss Designer David Pache shares his logo design process.

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The Making of an Origami Koi


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Keith Jarrett Solo Concert

Keith Jarrett is performing thursday night at Carnegie Hall. Oh, how I would love to see that… Yay! Fabulous Jennifer is going to watch our offspring, so G and I can go and see the performance. Can this monday get any better?

ScreenToaster: Record what’s happening on your screen

ScreenToaster is a free online screen recorder that doesn’t require any software. (sample above) Upload videos to YouTube or ScreenToaster, download as an .avi file. Download as a .swf coming soon. Excellent!

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Perpetual Desk Calendar

Picture 6

Whenever I see the ThreePotatoFour newsletter in my inbox, I drop *everything* and check out their new stuff. Most of the really cool items in Ella’s room are from their site. Now check out this fantastic vintage Perpetual Desk Calendar! Is that a beauty?

CameraBag for the iPhone


Derek pointed me to another fabulous iPhone Camera App called CameraBag. Choose from a cool range of retro filters that you can apply to your pictures. Wonderful!

typography v.1.0


I dont’ know what this note says, all I know is that I *love* childrens’ first attempts at writing.

Cadbury: Eyebrows Dance

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Konigi OmniGraffle Wireframe Icon Set


The Konigi OmniGraffle Wireframe Icon Set is a set of grayscale cursors and icons that come in handy when designing wireframes, aka user interface schematics.

Books need hugs too


Hug by Thomas Keeley.

Is that camera looking at me?


Hawkeye camera by Brooklyn based designer Thomas Keeley. Made me smile. Great find, itsnicethat!

Book Mobile


I agree with Szymon: I love the idea of this BookMobile.

Artsy Money Merger


Libra+Yuan+Euro+Dolar+Peso by TintaiMpresa

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Quad Animator for the Quad Camera


How cool: Michael found out about the QuadCamera on swissmiss, and I now learned about the Quad Animator that will turn images into an animated gif on his blog. Going full circle!

C is for Cow

I fully agree with BBlinks: I am constantly amazed by the cool art to be found on Etsy. Like this WalkingToJericho Cow Print.

The Known Practice of Using Domesticated Bears as Cushions While Drinking.


This print by Michael Hsiung made me smile. Available over at Little Paper Planes.

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Leica Icons


Leica icons for Mac OSX and Windows folders, memory cards and discs. Yes, please.

(thank you holger)

Fifty People / One Question: Brooklyn Version

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Crush + Lovely on Vimeo.

How funny was that ‘closet answer’? And also watch what people in London answered.

Obama keeps his PDA! YAY!

Designing Web Interfaces


12 Standard Screen Patterns, by Theresa Neil

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New: TwTip

Picture 3

TwTip is a tool designed to find and show awesome tips that are shared by Twitter fellows.

Lorem Ipsum Generator for Web Designers

Picture 2

Handy options in this dummy text generator are: number of words or characters, specifying pixel width, number of paragraphs (with tags), etc. Fantastic!

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