Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle

This insulated stainless steel bottle made me look. Every S’well purchase supports WaterAid programs improving access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation.

Wrap ‘N’ Mat

Wrap n Mat is good-looking reusable sandwich wrapper. It closes with velcro and is machine washable. Very cool.

(via CSYCB)

Hooking Razor

Goodjoy’s brand new hooking razor is the perfect companion to the hooking toothbrush. Like the toothbrush, it’s made from PP plastic (polypropylene is a no.5 category for recycling) and is recyclable after the razor head is easily removed. Hangs onto shaving mirrors, shower caddies and like the hooking toothbrush, just about everything! Absolutely love this product! Thumbs up!

Plant Based Bottle

PepsiCo unveiled a breakthrough in bottle technology earlier today: It announced the world’s first petroleum-free plastic bottle. Read more over on PSFK: Pepsi Reveals World’s First 100% Plant-Based Bottle

Save as WWF

The WWF format is a PDF that cannot be printed. It’s a simple way to avoid unnecessary printing. So here’s your chance to save trees and help the environment. Decide for yourself which documents don’t need printing out – then simply save them as WWF.

Sounds pretty awesome: Just save it as WWF. What a smart move, WWF!

(thanks Jens!)


Katie Thompson is the force behind REcreate, a furniture line made from upcycled objects. Totally charming, no?

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A better Post-It

Architects Jun Inokuma and Yuri Naruse took the Post-It note idea and made it better. They take wood waste from houses and turn that into paper which then is formed into a stack of Post-It-like sticky notes shaped like little houses. (They’re called IE-TAGs as “ie” is Japanese for “house.”) Smart and beautiful on every level. Hat tip!

More over at Core77.

Update: Looks like Spoon Tagamo deserves credit for finding this first.


Biodegradable, Edible Cups

I just backed the JELLOWARE project over on Kickstarter. I am truly hoping that these ladies will raise their $10,000 to develop this fantastic idea further. I can only imagine how much fun these would be at a kid’s birthday party. Heck, even in our studio!

Jelloware are biodegradable, edible (and vegan!) cups that are flavored to compliment the drink inside. You can eat your cup as you sip your drink, and any leftover remnants can be composted.

Join me in backing the Jelloware ladies?

Terracycle: Skittles Eco Kite

When you fly this Skittles Eco Kite made from upcycled candy wrappers you can not only enjoy it, but you can enjoy the outdoors because you have helped the environment by keeping wrappers from ending up in a landfill. Terracycle helps you outsmart waste by making products out of trash. What a fantastic concept to teach little ones.

Blow Sofa

Blow Sofa is perfect for people living a nomadic life style. It is made from 100% recycled paper dunnage bags with a metal rack and rubber straps. It is easy to transport when flat and simple to inflate. Each section canbe personalized with a pen and if the cushion gets dirty, it is inexpensive to replace. For inside and outside use – the bags are water resist.

Loop Jacket

The Loop Jacket is a lightweight, colorful and designy windbreak. As the jacket gets used it wrinkles becoming softer to the touch. Each jacket comes with a sewn on envelope for shipping the jacket back to MIO at end of life for recycling. Closing the recycling loop has never looked this good.

Building a better pizza box

A company called Eco Incorporated has invented the GreenBox, a better pizza box that we can at least get a little more use out of before we throw away. Think built-in Paper Plates!

(via core77)

Brelli: Bamboo Umbrella

Dave and Fabian of Holstee fought the rain this morning and came to visit me at swissmiss studio. As they were walking in I noticed Dave’s supercool umbrella. Knowing how careful they select products they own, I wasn’t surprised to hear that this was a fully biodegradable umbrella. And yes, it’s available in their shop.

Anyone who’s been in NYC after a storm has seen it – the streets and trash cans are filled with the super cheap black umbrellas, destined to sit in our landfills for hundreds of years. This is the worlds first fully biodegradable umbrella. It is made of 3 materials bamboo, organic cotton and a patented biodegradable bio film. It’s great to look at, but don’t be fooled, it is designed to withstand winds up to 40 mph – common street umbrellas will barely make it past 12mph.

Brelli: Bamboo Umbrella


WASARA Disposable Tableware

Single-use, biodegradable, compostable and simply beautiful looking Disposable Tableware by Japanese company, WASARA.

(via pitch design union)

Biodegradable Pen

The DBA Pen is the only 98% biodegradable pen in the world. It’s also the only pen to use ink composed of simple, environmentally responsible ingredients. Produced at a wind-powered facility in the United States, it was designed as a responsible alternative to the wasteful and often toxic pens we use almost every day. And with its straightforward design and rollerball tip, the DBA Pen looks good and writes well too.

By the way, DBA is looking for an intern.

DBA 98 Biodegradable Pen from DBA on Vimeo.

The Recycled Wallet

When it came time to buy a new wallet, our friends at Holstee couldn’t find what they were looking for so they designed their own, the Holstee way:

The slim Holstee wallet design holds the essentials – cash, credit cards and even has a sliding window for your ID and Metro card. Working with a family-run non-profit based in India that works to collect and recycle litter off the streets of Delhi they were able to create their dream wallet.

This vegan (!) wallet is made primarily of plastic bags and newspapers, collected off the Streets of Delhi in India. Production of this wallet helps reduce waste in Delhi, provides fair wage employment and subsidizes healthcare and education for each employee’s family. Their packing is a minimal slide insert made of (at least) 90% recycled material.

How much do I love Holstee? (spreading arms faaar) Thiiiiiis much!


Lena Goldsteiner came up with a beehive for your balcony, backyard or rooftop garden. Who said that living in the city means you can’t keep bees?

As a beekeeper, you are direct observer of the symbiosis of animal, plants and human. Inspired by Richard Buckminster Fullers theory of Synergetics and Albert Einstein direct and simple conclusion:

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe the man would only have 4 years of life left.


– Albert Einstein


Walking down the hallway to my studio this morning I noticed a new studio neighbor. Their door was slightly ajar and I saw this amazing table and stool (pictured above). I walked in and introduced myself to Jim Malone, the owner and designer of Counterevolution. Jim designs furniture out of reclaimed and restored bowling alley wood. (!!!) I am all for furniture with a story and give CounterEvolution a swissmiss-thumbs up!

Welcome to 10 Jay in DUMBO, Jim!

Bobble | Water Bottle with Built In Filter

Have you ever gone completely gaga over a waterbottle? I did! I was given a Bobble and am loving it. What’s so cool about it? It has a built in water filter! So when you’re on the go you can just keep filling up your Bobble with regular tab water. No need to buy bottled water. Yay, right?

I have come across similar bottles before, but they were an offense to my aesthetics. Bobble looks fabulous! Its design is minimal, stylish and they come in a rainbow of colors. Bobble will be my new favorite gift!

swissmiss hearts Bobble.

your favorite tee could be a laptop sleeve allows you to recycle your favorite old tee into cozy computer sleeve! Great gift idea, no?

Custom Sigg Bottle Design

How cool is this? You can now customize your own Sigg Bottle over at CafePress. Love it.

(thank you larissa)

ornj bags

Ornj Bags are made out of recycled construction fencing. Made me look.

(thank you Keren)

Hydropal Filter Water Bottle


I absolutely love the concept of this Hydropal Filter Water Bottle which filters tap water so you don’t have to buy and throw away bottled water. But please, somebody come up with a snazzier design. (sigh)

Stretch Bag


Stretch Bags are made from 100% colorful advertising campaign billboards. The minimal 2-D design stretches into 3-D to form the biggest bag with the smallest amount of waste.

(via holycoolnet)