one year walk/beard grow time lapse

The Longest Way 1.0 – one year walk/beard grow time lapse from Christoph Rehage on Vimeo.

one year walk/beard grow time lapse by Christoph Rehage
November 9th 2007 – November 13th 2008
one year on foot – 4646km through China
unlimited beard & hair growth

(thank you christoph)

Travel Therapy

Travel Therapy

My friend Rob Holub wrote a theme song for a book called Travel Therapy: Where Do You Need to Go?, by Karen Schaler. It’s the world’s first theme song for a book to inspire your next vacation. I honstely like the idea of looking up my ailment and a have a book tell me where I should travel to to get better. Ha! Congrats Rob!

Zurich | Every Thing Design

every thing design

Every Thing Design. The Collections of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich | April 3- July 19, 2009

How is a design object perceived? How does this perception change over time? Why does a museum put it in its collection, and how are meaning and value established? Is everything design today? The museum poses these questions in the presentation of its collections, which have never been previously exhibited to this extent. The overriding theme is the observation of processes of social and cultural change. Such a view reveals signs of quality and developments in the production and reception of design objects that recur over decades. The exhibition, in a mise-en-scène by the renowned Swiss design studio Atelier Oï, and the catalog, designed by the well-known Dutch book designer Irma Boom, make it possible to experience the diverse connections among the museum’s internationally significant Poster, Design, Applied Art and Graphics Collection.

For more information, please visit :

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Zurich | Townhouse Design Store

townhouse zurich
townhouse zurich

On our second day in Zurich I made sure to stop by the only 8 week old store called Townhouse in the charming Weite Gasse 4. Not only is the store itself a beauty, the owners Mia Zeltner & Sebastiaan Vadasz are a delight as well. They offered us yummee coffee in stylish cups and were happy to answer all my curious questions while little Ella explored their store. With the exception of two prints I have not seen any of their products anywhere else. Mia and Sebastiaan really manage to have an exclusive, suprising collection of designy things.

I was excited to see polaroids of my friend Grant Hamilton on their walls. Check out some of the items they carry in the e-shop.

Ardvanderlinden and the swiss flag

During our second day in Zurich we stumbled upon a team of three painting 1200 swiss flags. I couldn’t help but ask what it was all about (and buy one of the flags) .

Ardvanderlinden makes fields of painted flags to spread the message “unity through identity”. Hereby the environment changes and the idea of identity and the meaning of the flag are questioned. Ardvanderlinden paints in public space to be in direct contact with people and to invite them into the working process.

broadcasting from switzerland

This little family is vacationing in the swiss alps. We had three fantastic warm days in Zurich and are now in the rainy Appenzell region. We realize how spoiled we are with rainy weather in NYC. When it rains it’s still warm, not here, it’s freezing. We are crossing our fingers for pool weather. Below are a few impressions of our trip so far. More to Come!

Right off the plane we went to FREITAG to check out their factory where the upcoming CreativeMorning will take place on July 17th. Sascha gave us a full blown tour of their production hall. Truly fascinating what the FREITAG brothers have created. Hat tip!
ella at freitag

G and I are enjoying our daily Rivella. Rivella is a healthy and natural soft drink from Switzerland. What’s unique about Rivella is the wholesome lactoserum it contains (called milk serum in Switzerland). Sounds crazy, right?

These signs in the Zurich Tram had G and me laugh out loud. The swiss do have a sense of humor, after all. We especially love the guy with the saw, trying to cut apart one of the seats. No, you really shouldn’t do that.
tram signs
tram signs

Now if this isn’t ueber-swiss I don’t know what is: Typical condiments arrangement you see at restaurants.

A slice of my childhood: Sausages (wienerli), two slices of bread (Ruchbrot) and Moustard (Thomy Senf). This makes me happy.

I have introduced our little three year old Ella to the 40 year old Rakete Icecream and she fully approves.

Today’s an exciting day: I am being interviewed and photographed for a story that will be in next thursday’s Tagesanzeiger, one of Switzerland’s biggest newspapers. Yay!

photoshoot for tagesanzeiger

Basel | Made me look

Here are a few photographic impressions of my first day in Basel. Enjoy!
Old Basel Houses

Beautiful Old Houses/Architecture everywhere. And so nicely kept! Go swiss!

window shutters

Awww… those romantic swiss!

Bike Rack

How smart and beautifully minimalistic is this ‘bike rack’?


Yay for vintage typography!


Want to really show off your swissness? Put red Geranium on your window sill. G, I think we should try this in Brooklyn!

UpNext | 3D NYC

UpNext NYC is an interactive 3D map to explore Manhattan. With UpNext you can fly and zoom through the city fluidly, in its full 3D glory, without network hiccups or download times. Along the way we’ll show you restaurants, nightlife, shops, and all the places that are local favorites or highly rated. Tap a building to see all the businesses inside, or tap a subway station to see all the trains passing through. Search for bars, hair salons, sushi, or any of our other 50+ categories and we’ll light up all the results in your area. It’s not just a map, it’s Manhattan in your pocket. Whether you are a local or just visiting for the weekend, UpNext will make your NYC experience better. Get it at the iTunes App Store.

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Europe, Explained.

Europe explained

Europe, Explained. (who created this? who can I give credit to?) Originally uploaded by ArtWerk.

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Is This Your Luggage?

Is this your luggage?

The mysterious person that runs Is this your luggage collects lost luggage, photographs it and then tries to find its rightful owner by posting it on his/her site. If you have any friends who lost their luggage, send them this way!

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Amazing: the Swiss even clean their mountains

The swiss do everything to make their guests’ stay in Switzerland absolutely perfect. Lately, they do even more than you would expect: Their Mountain Cleaners make sure you can always enjoy the view of clean mountains. The swiss are so thorough, I love it.

Picture_1, an online Inauguration guide created by, is connecting last minute travelers with accommodations in Washington DC. Individuals or groups can easily rent an airbed, couch, private bedroom, or entire place for as little as $45/night. Already visitors from throughout the United States, and even European countries, are booking Inauguration accommodations directly online through the service. Over 800 local residents have listed rooms on the site for what’s being called the ‘Woodstock of Washington’.

Joe was so kind to make a special coupon for swissmiss readers. You can save $25 on your Inauguration room, if you book now through Jan 15 with coupon code “SWISSMISS”.

trip kick | your hotel sidekick


TripKick is for Hotels what SeatGuru is for Flying. Search a hotel and the site will tell you which floors are best and which rooms to avoid. Excellent!

AirBed&Breakfast | Forget Hotels


Here’s an update to a site I’ve mentioned before: AirBed&Breakfast. Joe sent me a note saying that they now officially launched. Hooray! I just had a look and am impressed with what I saw! Obviously their community is growing fast, with places to stay in over 350 cities in 56 countries all around the world! The new site allows secure online payments via PayPal or credit card, user profiles, the ability to book a room in 3 clicks. They were recently picked up by CNN, NY Times, WSJ, and PSFK. The first peer-to-peer travel site is doing well even in my own neighborhood – they are about to surpass 100 listings in NYC/Brooklyn. What a fabulous resource! Save money when traveling to NYC or make money as a host when you’re home… Check it out!

Where the hell is Matt?

Matt Harding traveled the world and started a tourist-dancing-movement. 14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands. Moving!

(thanks to my first official foreign correspondent marco hendriks)

Travel todo and packing list


This might come in handy someday: Travel todo and packing list

Travel checklist – PDF
Travel checklist – EXCELL

Thank you for sharing PopWuping!

you love to travel? you might like this stool!


sitbag chair and ottoman, reincarnation collection, 2003

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Traveler IQ Challenge


The basic idea of traveler IQ challenge is to locate a city as quickly as possible.

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Responsible Holidays

If you’re planning a late get away, you might like to consider Responsible Travel: a hand picked directory of 1000s of carefully screened eco holidays. These are more authentic holidays that have been screened to ensure that the local people benefit as much as possible and any negative environmental impacts on the destination are minimised. via nigel’s eco store.

nimis | giant drift wood sculptures


In 1980 the artist and arthistorian Lars Vilks started to work on Nimis, a construction of driftwood and rests from the cutting areas. Nimis (lat. “too much”) is situated on the peninsula of Kullaberg in the south of Sweden – now an independent state Ladonia. When Vilks started to work with hammer and nail at Nimis his ideas were rather vague, but he had in mind to make a meetingplace between theory and practice.

(thank you Bengt)

MIMOA places modern architecture on the map

Picture_23 is a user generated online guide to Modern Architecture in Europe, providing exact addresses and interactive maps. MIMOA is a personal architecture guide for buildings, interiors, squares, parks and bridges. Going to London, St. Petersburg, Tirana or Bilbao? Every city- or architecture visit is planned within a few mouse clicks.

steri pen | handheld water purifier

Traveler_gobletSteriPEN is a travel size water purifier. It’s basically a UV ray flashlight you submerge into your glass. The water stays cool and it doesn’t change the water, except to kill all the living things in it, viruses included. It is expensive, but seems to pay for itself quickly, as you don’t have to buy bottled water.

SteriPEN Adventurer handheld water purifier

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the new 7 wonders


The new 7 wonders, view them all in 360 degree interactive panoramas from internationally known panorama photographers.

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google earth flight simulator


As if adding sky wasn’t enough… jetset from your laptop! press Command/Open Apple Key + Alt + A | Google Earth Flight Simulator

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