The i-Log made me look and smile. It’s a wooden charging station that accomodates an iPad both vertically or horizontally. Hand picked, hand carved and handsome. #wishlisted

SLR Holster

Capture is a camera clip system for cameras of all sizes – including DSLRs. Wowwweee!

Quick Release Button Strength Test from Peter Dering on Vimeo.

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Alarm Dock

Jonas Damon’s Alarm Dock turns your iPhone into an old-school looking alarm clock. All you need is a flip clock app and you’re set. Made me smile.

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Felt Mouse

I am super excited aboutJoey Roth visiting Studiomates today. I remember two years ago when Joey first mentioned his idea of a felt computer mouse. And today he brought in his first prototype. It adds such a wonderfully surprising tactile feel to the world of computers. Joey’s plan is that it will be wireless and that you’ll be able to put the entire mouse in the washing machine, if a cleaning becomes necessary. Talk about rethinking an existing product.

It’s people like Joey that I admire! A young entrepreneur with a vision and drive. You’ve seen his ceramic speakers and his teapot, right?

World of Alice AC Apapter

This AC Adapter designed by Imamura Ken Nozomi Miyatake made me smile. Available on iiDA (Japanese only)

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Apple Cores

These Apple Core Cable Tamers are brilliant! I will have to order a few. Thank you for the tip, Gabrielle!

Feedly Mobile 2.0

Feedly just announced the release of Feedly mobile 2.0. The first version of Feedly which runs both on phones and on tablets, on Android and on iOS: You can now feed your mind on the go! Anytime! Anywhere!

Can’t wait to give it a spin tonight!

Feed Your Mind On The Go from Feedly on Vimeo.

“>Feedly mobile 2.0. The first version of feedly which runs both on phones and on tablets, on Android and on iOS: You can now feed your mind on the go! Anytime! Anywhere!

duaLink Sync Splitter Cable

How brilliant is this Sync Splitter Cable?

Dopludo Laptop Stand

This Dopludo Laptop Stand is a real beauty!

Belkin Timer

The Belkin Timer allows you to shut off power to whatever is plugged in after a set amount of time (1/2 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours).


The Typeplace iphone app let’s you geotag your favorite tpography.

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Miniot Wood iPad2 Cover

(photos originally uploaded by DesignArea)

Every now and then I come across gadget accessories that takes my breath away. It just happened now when I discovered the Miniot Wooden iPad2 Cover. The companies about page put a huge smile on my face. All it shows is a “Team Photo” (below). How can you not buy a product from what looks to be a Dutch family enterprise? Hat tip Miniot, your iPad2 cover is a beauty.

(thank you Karin who saw it over at DigitalLiving)


Switzerland-based Eric Collobmin created Voltitude, an ultra-light two-wheeler – a sort of bicycle-scooter hybrid – that can be driven on Swiss and EU roads without a licence, plate nor helmet. The simplicity with which it folds is impressive. Its powerful electric motor and latest generation lithium battery allow you to cover over 18 miles on a single charge. Effortlessly.

They called the product Voltitude — a fusion of Volt and Attitude — because, as they say, time has come to change our attitude towards urban mobility and because electric technology is now mature enough to enable us to do it.

Needless to say I’d love a Voltitude for here in Brooklyn.

(Thank you Firas)


NoteSlate is low cost tablet device with a one color display. Use the compact and portable gadget anywhere you want to take notes. It allows for a up to 32GB SD card, is open to USB-mini. Interesting!

(Thank you Dave)

Aphrodite USB Hub

This Aphrodite mini sculpture will bring elegance and class to your workspace with the 4 port USB hub as the base.


RSS5000 is a new RSS feed reader for iPad that made me look. I think this could be it, the first RSS reader I will stick with! Why? I don’t like not to see content in its original environment and RSS5000 seems to solve that problem. RSS5000 connects to your Google Reader account and allows you to swipe through your feeds as a stack of whole web pages. It feels sort of like flipping through your favorite websites on magic internet paper.

RSS5000 Demo from daniellestrle on Vimeo.

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iPhone Amplifier

My friend Keren sent me a link to this iPhone Amplifier. It totally made me laugh. No, I would never buy it, but it shows how inventive people are when it comes to iPhone Accessories. I then Google-Image-Searched the word ‘iPhone Amplifier’ and found some other interesting designs and hacks:

iVictrola iPhone/iPod Dock

The Phonofone III looks like a gramophone from the future.

or take this super-low-tech iPhone Amplifier. All you need is a toilet roll. (via DIY Life)

iPad Stylus

Own an iPad? Do yourself a favor and order on of these iPad Stylus. I just spent 1.5hours with it surfing/browsing/reading on my iPad. Such a pleasure to navigate. (If G didn’t have one already, I’d totally buy him one for the holidays!)

Glif for iPhone 4

The Glif is a simple iPhone 4 accessory with two primary functions: mounting your iPhone onto a tripod and propping up your iPhone at various angles. The Glif is made from recyclable rubberized plastic and is small enough to fit snugly in your pocket, purse, or backpack. It has a 1/4″-20 thread that fits any standard tripod or camera mount. The Glif is designed to work with a “naked” (caseless) iPhone 4, to ensure a snug fit. Designed and manufactured in America.

The Feed

The Feed is a free Google Reader client for your iPad. It uses proportionately sized stacks to illustrate your read and unread items, rather than badges that cause unnecessary stress.

The Feed over on iTunes.

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iBend XL (iPad)

I have written about the iBend for iPhone before. I love using mine. They now just came out with an iPad version. Yay!

The iBendXL was designed to support the iPad in both portrait and landscape modes; it fits nicely inside any standard iPad case and works great while traveling on a plane or train, for entertaining kids, cooking, and more.

I use a felt sleeve for my iPad and at times wished I had a portable iPad stand. Voila, here’s my answer. The iBendXL costs a mere $9.99.

iPhone/iPod Stands

The iPhone Wings Stand is a refreshingly playful take on iPhone stands.

The iPLUNGE™ made me laugh.

Time Flies

Time Flies is is an iPhone App that let’s you keep track of how long it has been since you did something. This is BRILLIANT! And I so need this. Brita water filter, do I need to say more?

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Bubble Dot Sleeve

Protect your laptop or iPad from scratching, denting or breaking with the Bubble Dot Sleeves. Made from 100% wool felt each sleeve has a flat side and a molded side with protective bumps.