Peas USB Hub

Now this is a USB Hub I wouldn’t mind having on my desk. Not at all.

Twitter + iOS 5 = YAY!

Twitter is now fully integrated into Apple’s new iOS 5 mobile operating system.

This is big! This makes me happy.

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TV iPhone Case

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this hand-made Retro Looking iPhone Case.


This H-57 Rocket USB stick made me chuckle. Wouldn’t mind having it sit on my desk. Not at all.

UPDATE: I feel horrible about posting this, bad taste in hindsight. My apologies to anyone I might have offended with this post.

(thank you Bekka)


This wooden kids ‘laptop’ i-Wood made me chuckle. I am tempted to get one and use it during a meeting. No better way to poke fun at all the people hiding behind their laptops.

(thank you Larissa)

Ear iPhone Cases

These Ear iPhone Cases made me smile.

(thank you Debbie)

Big Big Cursor

For all of you people missing ‘that cursor feeling’ when using your touch devices, there is help: BIG BIG CURSOR.

(I couldn’t help but chuckle at this product idea. No, I won’t buy it, but it made me smile.)

The 80s are Calling

Considering that my 18month old son likes nothing more than launching my iphone across the room, this 80s Cell Phone case might be just the right case to protect it.

I am not all that serious, of course, but it definitely made me laugh.

Mail Sack iPad Case

Talk about old meets new: This Recycled Mail Sack iPad Case is making quite a statement. I like it.

Mobile Evolution

Mobile Evolution is a limited edition print I discovered over on vespoe. Made me chuckle.


OLO is a super minimal touch-screen game that made me look. It is an experiment using latest features of CSS3 and HTML5. OLO has been developed for iPad & iPhone by Sennep, a London based interactive design studio.

You can play the game by visiting on your iPad or iPhone (they’re also working on an Android version, soon to be released).

(thank you Tudor)

Great Balls of Wire

The wire ball can hide up to 5 feet of cable, cutting down on all that extraneous cordage that most of us have behind/around our desks and media centers. Hat tip to the designer Søren Refsgaard!

Fantastic Flying Books

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad App Trailer from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

I just downloaded William Joyce’s “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore”, an interactive narrative experience for the iPad. The app impressively blurs the line between picture books and animated film. I kept flipping pages in sheer amazement. If only I could look at it with the eyes of a kid. Magical!

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AntiMosquito Fumigator

I just got a good chuckle out of this iphone app called AntiMosquito Fumigator. The app claims to keep mosquitos away as long as you keep it running in the background. It emits a high-pitched sound that humans don’t hear but mosquitos do and not appreciate. I’ll gladly give it a try this coming weekend, but I admit, I am not too hopeful.

(thank you sorella)

Wireless 5”x8” multimedia Tablet

I was sent one of these Genius MousePen Multimedia Tablets and since I am not a tablet user, I gave it to my studiomate Erica. We were just talking about it and she said she would totally recommend it if you’re someone that takes your tablet on the road. It’s wireless, and quite lightweight. There are two buttons on the pen, which you can set to right-click and toggle screens, as well as a row of shortcut buttons on the tablet. Favorite part: the pen stores in the top of the tablet for travel.

(I keep trying tablets and, believe it or not, I get ‘seasick’ using them. Silly, yes.)

Hey Tell

My dad just pointed me to an app called Hey Tell that turns your iPhone or Android into a Walkie-Talkie. Totally going to give this a try.

The Oona

This iPhone accessory called Oona made me look. (Watch the below video.)

Until June 3rd you can fund the Oona Kickstarter project for $25 and they will send you an Oona once production has begun. After the fund date an Oona can be purchased for $30. (I absolutely love the idea of putting the iphone on a rotating eggtimer to take panorama shots.)

More info at

The Oona: Whatever You Need It to Be from Brad Leong on Vimeo.

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Panda Pal

I know there are some serious Panda Loving People out there. If you’re on of them, you’ll enjoy this Panda Pal Speaker System. I can’t vouch for the sound quality, but it sure looks adorable.


The i-Log made me look and smile. It’s a wooden charging station that accomodates an iPad both vertically or horizontally. Hand picked, hand carved and handsome. #wishlisted

SLR Holster

Capture is a camera clip system for cameras of all sizes – including DSLRs. Wowwweee!

Quick Release Button Strength Test from Peter Dering on Vimeo.

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Alarm Dock

Jonas Damon’s Alarm Dock turns your iPhone into an old-school looking alarm clock. All you need is a flip clock app and you’re set. Made me smile.

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Felt Mouse

I am super excited aboutJoey Roth visiting Studiomates today. I remember two years ago when Joey first mentioned his idea of a felt computer mouse. And today he brought in his first prototype. It adds such a wonderfully surprising tactile feel to the world of computers. Joey’s plan is that it will be wireless and that you’ll be able to put the entire mouse in the washing machine, if a cleaning becomes necessary. Talk about rethinking an existing product.

It’s people like Joey that I admire! A young entrepreneur with a vision and drive. You’ve seen his ceramic speakers and his teapot, right?

World of Alice AC Apapter

This AC Adapter designed by Imamura Ken Nozomi Miyatake made me smile. Available on iiDA (Japanese only)

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Apple Cores

These Apple Core Cable Tamers are brilliant! I will have to order a few. Thank you for the tip, Gabrielle!