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– My remarkable Friend Patricia is putting together a thoughtful, nourishing retreat on a Greek Island this September. Wish I could go! (There are only two spots left)

Visualization of How Fast a Ball Drops on Various Solar System Bodies

– I love a good Rain Poncho. This one caught my eye.

– My friend Gene Monterastelli started an early morning tapping club to start the day off on the right foot. Accountability buddies unite! Not familiar with tapping, Gene breaks it down for you.

– Love this modern outdoor broom.

Half a Life in 2 Minutes

– I am dreaming of an Airstream Bambi. I might have to start with this mini version.

– Whoa! Stunnig minimal, Danish modular bed.

– The webcams of many laptops, especially MacBooks, are notoriously bad. EpocCam apps, you can turn your iPhone into a better quality, external webcam to use on Zoom, Google Meet, etc. (via Kai)

– I want a Smock. Do you want a Smock?

– This is what radical acceptance looks like. (via)

– A worthwhile long read: Dancing with Systems, by Donella Meadows (via)

– In Finland, preventing car accidents by painting reindeer antlers looks absolutely mythic. (via)

– Remember when songs came with fun music videos? I miss those days. Dive into the 80s here.

– Wow, a non-cheesy colored inflatable pool?! YES!

This is a beach chair I can get behind.

Tattly turned 10 last week! TEN!? A decade! Wow! (Whispers: I am grateful we made it through this last year, for a second there it looked like we wouldn’t hit this milestone.)

– Wow! There are over 2830 jobs listed on the CreativeMornings Job Board, of which 679 are remote friendly!

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Impossible to watch this without being moved in the depth of your soul. (via)

– NPR built a science-backed Joy Generator

This app shows pedestrians the shadiest walking route on hot days

Whoa, this thread! Brian asked “What are the best YouTube channels for leaning (any subject welcome)?

This Marble/Metal Single Stem Propagation Plant Stand is beautiful and sold out.

– Yes to all of these 21 Grilled-Vegetable Recipes

– I like this tumblr.

– Intrigued by everyhour which allows you to track how you spend your time.

– I love Nitch so much. I have to keep bringing it back.

Learn about the native homelands where you live. (via)

Ideas Needed: What to Do With Old Bowling Balls (They’re Unrecyclable)

The Femke Agema SS13 collection made me giggle.

I love this linen scarf.

– How fun is this hanging outdoor lamp?

This wooden bird shaped phone stand is adorable.

– Come work with me: CreativeMornings is hiring a Community Coordinator. (If that’s not for you, there are 2787 more jobs on our job board of which 699 are remote friendly. )

– This is my first 4th of July as an American Citizen. Happy fourth, everyone!

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– My remarkable friend Jocelyn Glei launched Radiate, a collaborative learning community dedicated to exploring, integrating, and radiating transformative change. It’s like interval training for transformation: Three phases of deep community, with lengthy breaks in-between. Sign-up ends today, Saturday June 26, 9pm EDT.

– Artist Reina Takahashi transposes the expressive, refined flourishes common in calligraphy into an exquisite series of paper type.

– Chloe Rosser’s photographic eye reconstructs bodies into genderless human sculptures

– In case you hadn’t seen this yet: Well done Google: When you type PRIDE across Google Sheet columns it does this!

The best water shoes according to Wirecutter.

– Excellent read: What if remote working didn’t mean working from home? (Psst.. our intentionally small, creative co-working community Friends Work Here is buzzing again and we only have 4 memberships left.)

– Some of these photos make me shiver: 40 Pics Of Slightly Unsettling “Liminal Spaces”

– Just as I was researching non-stick skillets the kitchn came out with a post about their favorites.

– Sheila Marie Orfano: How do you know what’s true?

– I dig this puzzle.

– I am so happy for team Duck Duck Go and their growth.

– This is some stunning looking French Press.

– I can get behind these reusable (washable) paper towels. Or should we just go back to calling them rags?

Secret NYC is a fabulous resource to find out what’s happening in Gotham City. (I love their Instagram account)

– This is a fun doormat.

– I’d give this lamp a loving home.

– Hello there, aesthetically pleasing metaltrays.

Female Design Council (FDC) is an action-oriented leadership organization dedicated to providing a strong professional community for all womxn irrespective of color, race, gender or sexual identity in the design industry.

– GAH! TVA Shirt. If you know, you know! (Thanks Kottke)

– Summer is here. Skin is out. Wear some art.

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Not new, but always good to listen to it again. Thanks Chris.

– I can’t get over this picture. I can never look at grass the same way again. So much happy!

8 ways to make your own fertilizer

– My remarkable friend Libby DeLana wrote a book about her practice of walking. In 2011 she stepped outside her New England home for a walk. She did the same thing the next day, and the next. It became a daily habit that has culminated in her walking over 25,000 miles – the equivalent of the earth’s circumference.

– ‘Humanity is a quality we owe to each other.’ In other words: in a world of absolute individualism – which our system in the West arguably steers us toward – a sense of shared humanity is hard to come by.

Eunoia – Words That Don’t Translate (via)

10 powerful lessons from the best commencement speeches of all time.

The Age of reopening anxiety, by Anna Russell

– Whaaaat! An alphabet found on the wing patterns of butterflies. YES

– NPR put together a guide with common terms about gender identity, how to talk about gender respectfully — and why it matters.

What people think Pride is.

– A little alcohol can boost creativity and strengthen social ties, Katie Julian writes. But there’s nothing moderate, or convivial, about the way many Americans drink today. America Has a Drinking Problem

Juggling from above.

– This made me laugh: What legos do when we aren’t looking

A lamp made out disposable wooden chopsticks.

A book illustrates what sounds could look like. (via)

– Listen: Arlo Parks Tiny Desk

This site teaches you the ABC in American Sign Language with machine learning. So fun! (via Chris.

– It’s Pride month. Wear a rainbow.

– A big thank you to Fontwerk for sponsoring my blog this week. West is beautiful!

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A love story that beckons you to dive deeper… Filmed, Written and Directed By Josiah Gordon

The hybrid workplace probably won’t last, by Jon Levy

As if I couldn’t love Patagonia any more. I love a company with a strong moral compass.

– Come to me, you beautiful glass storage canisters.

– I dig this storage providing IKEA window seat hack.

– “What seems like a dark time is in reality the womb space between the old and the new.
The collective is in a birthing canal. The energies are working for us not against us.” – Alisha Berry

This made me smile.

This Polaroid photo printer is way expensive but my teenage daughter would LOVE it.

– I grew up in Switzerland and I am flabbergasted every time I think about the fact that Swiss women only got the right to vote in 1971. The Divine Order tells the story.

– This card made me chuckle: I like you, so now what?

– Priya Parker created a guide outlining The New Rules for Gathering . You can download it for free.

– Need to translate some text to get a sense what it’s about? Try Deepl.

– Love these strip-ey mini vases.

– Yes to big chunky mugs.

– Come work with me at CreativeMornings. We are hiring a Partnerships Manager.

Tattly is currently running a summer sale and also working on a very exciting new product line. I can not wait to tell you about it…

– Happy my blog birthday to you! Hard to believe but this blog turned 16 this week. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet. I love taking care of this garden for you!

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“Get your tongues ready, get your suits out and pressed, and those buttons lowered. The era, the decade, of gathering, is upon us.” Well worth a listen!

Favorite Wikipedia lists. Some good ones in there. (via)

Why Having Friends of Different Ages Matters — And How It Can Impact an Ageist Society

This inverted cactus is incredible!

The Story behind Dr.Bronner Soap.

– This bird feeder made me laugh.

– Loving these block art prints. Also this one.

– What a treasure trove: A list of 100+ handpicked personal websites

– I am so happy Poler brought the Napsack back. Best gift I ever gave my kids. (In case you are not familiar: It’s a wearable sleeping bag!)

Get out of your geographic music bubble

A hideaway storage planter

The Best Live Animal Feeds From Around the World

Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids: “Psychologists call this the helper’s high. Economists refer to it as the warm glow of giving. Neuroscientists find that generosity activates reward centers in our brains. And evolutionary biologists observe that we’re wired to help others. A tribe of people who “were always ready to aid one another,” Darwin wrote, “would be victorious over most other tribes; and this would be natural selection.”

This made me laugh.

– Yes, it’s incredibly expensive BUT it’s design-y and stylish. Wouldn’t mind to have one of these handcrafted wooden cornholes in my backyard.

– Whoa! This Tweet of mine about how divorce needs a rebrand got mentioned by Prof. Galloway on this Pivot Podcast episode.

– A big thank you to Continuing and Professional Education at Parsons for sponsoring my blog this week.

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Recent discovery: Yola!

– Eventually I’ll break down and buy this shoeshelf. How often can they target me with their ads?

– Come to my home you beautiful watering vessel.

– This mid-century metal desk caught my eye.

Curious photo series by Wolfgang Fruhling of houses in the mining area of Ruhr, Germany gradually privatised as mines closed & people left the area. Large properties were split, resulting in contrasting external decoration.

– I love the free activity pages by Adam J. K. (Also, check out his prints!)

– Oh, you’re cool, color cube!

– How cute is this cloud shaped watering bulb? Do these things work?

– Raise your hand if you knew that a cupboard brush was a thing?

– Feeling this: Ending it gracefully

– Well done AirTag unboxing video.

– Are you wondering if you are going to travel abroad this summer? (I havent been to Switzerland in almost two years!) This article is helpful.

– Paris based Anne Ditmeyer is launching a 3-month accountability booster group. What if you carved out the time to be intentional to move forward on that business idea, hobby you’ve been wanting to try, or project you’ve always been wanting to do that always gets put to the wayside? Recommend!

Time Saver Correspondence Card.

– Whoa! Thriving garden in sealed bottle hasn’t been watered in 40 years.

Why walking is the most underrated form of exercise (via)

How to make a kite.

– I experienced a Bizzare Brooklyn Tour last night. Imagine a group of 20+ people being led through Brooklyn Heights, learning historical facts, experiencing magic, behaving funny and weirdly as a group that then impacts other passer byes, impromptu dance party… A lovely experience.

– Bala makes some cool and unusually shaped workout weights.

How many plants are too many? (Via. Thanks Manu)

– Good feels: Cher & The Loneliest Elephant – Official Trailer 2021

– I want to try all of the shared recipes here: 15 Snacks to Enjoy While You’re Watching the Oscars

How to pursue a product copycat.

– Wait, I like this wall hanging? Always surprised when I see my taste evolve and change.

– Now that I am fully vaccinated I am trying to ease into socializing with my also vaccinated friends. After 1+ year of being a hermit I am feeling so many mixed emotions. I would have never believed I could be nervous about socializing and feeling safe doing so. Wearing the Be Brave Tattly helps.

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That feeling when music touches you deep in your soul and is pure medicine. Jireh by Maverick City is that. And no, I don’t consider myself religious. I have my own version of church.

– Craig Mod shares Pizza Toast & Coffee — Japanese Cafe Short Documentary

Learning to Respond Not React, by Tara Brach

– I am coming back to this song.

– Here’s your daily dose of funny animal photos. The cat wearing tiny plastic hands made me laugh out loud.

– I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of How We Built This with the founder of Hinge telling his story. I mostly loved the part where he tells his personal love story. (It was turned into a short movie!)

– In words, images and video, teens across the United States show us how they have met life’s challenges in the midst of a pandemic. (via Chris)

LEGO Chocolate Cake. Funny. Show your kids.

– I don’t have a dog, but I have spent a good 10 min on this dog bed product page.

– Discover the first modern Kitchen–the Frankfurt kitchen-pioneered by the architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky (1926)

How to avoid bad decisions. An excellent read.

– Wow! A ten minute, one-to-one concert.

How to make cloud eggs. I need to finally give this a try.

– The We Work Documentary was released yesterday. Don’t think I have the stomach to watch it. I find Adam Neumann repulsive. If you have watched it, leave a comment below and let me know if it’s palatable?

– This 3D Printed vase is WOW!

– I am on an adventure to experience myself and my life sans alcohol for 90 days. (I am on day 42). I recently bought Good Drinks, a book with recipes for alcohol free drinks. Highly recommend.

– Not sure how I stumbled upon Kristen Lisanti on Instagram. But I am glad I did. I am intrigued by her Breaking Open, a six-week virtual course in what she calls applied mindfulness: meditating not just for our own peace of mind but to give us the tools to show up as safe people in the world. Registration is on a sliding scale, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. She is donating all proceeds to the Loveland Foundation and the AAPI Community Fund.

Say goodbye to moth holes in your favorite sweaters with these Cedar Wood Houses Fabric Protectors.

– This slow motion video made me look.

This is me, every time someone asks how are you doing?

Plant pedestals? Yes, please.

– These are lovely bookends.

The Extraordinary Life of Yayoi Kusama

What a fascinating house.

– There are currently 2193 jobs listed on the CreativeMornings Job Board, 652 of them are remote friendly.

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(Thank you Chris)

– This is a beautiful, minimal Murphy bed for small spaces, guest rooms etc.

– Whoa! In 1930 the Indiana Bell building was rotated 90°. Over a month, the structure was moved 15 inch/hr, all while 600 employees still worked there. There was no interruption to gas, heat, electricity, water, sewage, or the telephone service they provided. No one inside felt it move.

– I’d be ok with owning a Ping Pong Door.

– “When I Realized My Friend Was White“, Keith Yamashita describes a child’s first encounter with racism.

Something to look forward to

– This photo!

A black bear discovers a hot tub. Made me smile.

Be more realistic about the time you have.

– Thread: How to better navigate the online world with proper social media etiquette.

– I would love to taste a fried whole artichoke.

– This Spaghetti Belt Table made me laugh. (via)

eco-friendly, low-maintenance deck boards use 2,250 plastic bags per board

Monocle’s digital decency manifesto

– An important read: Helping Hands Need A Break, Too: How To Lend Support Without Burning Out

– Did you know eggshells can sharpen your blender blades?

This puzzle made me laugh.

– Before you give your child their first phone, read this.

– I hear more and more folks I know rave about DNTL Bar. Who knew the dentist experience could be something people get excited about?

– After asking Twitter for pots and pans recommendations which resulted in an epic thread, I joined the All-Clad Club.

– I love love love my Onsen Bath Robe.

– Love these eco-friendly stools inspired by an iconic design.

– Did you know CreativeMornings has a job board?

Put some Kale on you.

– Did you know I regularly share uplifting, heart-opening tiktok videos over on Instagram in my Stories? Check out my Collections (circles above my photos) to see some past posts. The Dance, Happy and Animal collections are pretty fun.

– A big thank you to Caveday for sponsoring my blog this week.Caveday helps you focus by managing distractions (phones aren’t allowed) and teaching you to monotask. They lead the world’s most focused community.

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This deeply resonates.

Denial. An original.

– Wikipedia is a constantly changing entity with hundreds of edits occurring every minute and now you can experience that dynamism as ambient music: Listen to Wikipedia.

Alan Watts on the meaning of freedom, the only real antidote to fear, and the deepest wellspring of love.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are an absolute disaster for so many more reasons than the ecological.

– This is oddly intense: Raccoon knocks on a glass door with rock between her paws when the cat food bowl is empty.

This dress by Busayo is making my heart go pitter patter. Not that I could pull it off, but man, it’s a stunner. Fun fact: Busayo is a lawyer gone fashion designer, such an inspiration.

– This is a pretty smart travel backpack. Check out the stop motion at the bottom showing the different features.

– Hollaback – Free Bystander Intervention Training

– Gather looks interesting: Build your intentional community.

– I love plants. But I haven’t gone the nerdy route of measuring my light yet. This article might change that.

Ten reasons to write a book, by Seth Godin (This resonates. I am starting to see a book in my future!)

– My favorite jewelry designer, Elsa Peretti has died. My heart hurts.

This plant tag makes me laugh. (I am a chronic over-waterer, I am not allowed to have any of these in my home.)

signs of a deep friend connection

– I would totally put this road trip pillow to good use.

– I love this silk floss set.

– An Enamel sign that simply says WONDERFUL. Yes, please.

– I love love love Chrissy Angliker’s paintings. (Another fellow Swiss in NYC)

Channeling my inner bumble bee. I am ready for spring and flowers.

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Baboon to The Moon makes colorful, fun, bags. I can totally see myself use one of these in stead of a rolling carry-on on a plane. Or even as a school backpack for my kids. Comes in three sizes.

The Great Green Wall is an African-led movement with an epic ambition to grow an 8,000km natural wonder of the world across the entire width of Africa.

– I enjoyed reading the replies in this Twitter thread asking What is your best life hack?

Draw an iceberg and see how it will float. (via Chris)

– I keep coming back to this: 5 Levels of Communication

– “Listen attentively, apologise sincerely, forgive generously” Hugh Mackay in his book The Good Life

These unusual animal photos made me smile.

Alexander Calder’s Archive Goes Online: Explore 1400 Works of Art by the Modernist Sculptor

Jazz Keys put a smile on my face. Try it. (via Jocelyn)

– We all need a Ceramic Ghost Vase.

Jason Kottke has been blogging for 23 years. Wow!

France is bacon.

Creative Boom curated a list 50 of the best graphic design blogs and publications for inspiration in 2021. (Honored to be included!)

– As someone who doesn’t use Calendly I appreciate this Chrome extension making it easy to share my calendar availability.

This woman is cooking eggs, sausages, and bacon in a toaster. I felt equal parts fascinated and grossed out watching this.

Manual coffee grinder. A beauty.

– Loving these minimal and stunning bar stools by Base 10.

How to Write an Obituary

– I just listened to this impressive article: I wanted to get rid of my possessions, because possessions stood between me and death, by Ann Patchett

– The psychologist’s fascinating study of friendship finds that the quality of our relationships determines our health, happiness and chance of a long life. (via Jocelyn)

– CreativeMornings asked its community members for their favorite newsletters and shared the suggestions in this blog post. So many new finds for me!

– Easter is near and that means, no egg in my house is safe of being decorated with Tattly.

– A big thank you to Corona Pirates for sponsoring my blog this week.

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A Primer for Hosting Online Creative Workshops, by Priya Parker

– I am deeply inspired by this incredible, winter swimming, big-hearted human, who I am proud to call my friend: Patricia Garcia-Gomez, 54: Winter Swimming and The Power of Ritual

– ‘I love Typography’s favorite typefaces of 2020. (via)

– I think I am developing an obsession for citrus juicers. Look at this beauty!

– If you like lose tea you will LOVE this mug. Thanks for the tip, Sharon!

– Some women walk down the street with a Yoga Mat, you’d be more likely to see me with one of these Rolled Up Potting Tarps.

To Start a New Habit, Make It Easy. Removing obstacles makes it more likely you’ll achieve a new health goal. The 7-Day Well Challenge will show you how.

This map showcasing building ages in the Netherlands is fascinating.

This Twitter thread about a NYC apartment is one of the wildest things I have seen in a long time.

Cardinal Print by Berkley Illustration. My heart!

– I’d be into this Ocean Anatomy 500-Piece Puzzle

– The cheese lover in my rejoices: Cheese isn’t bad for you.

– I would give this bell lantern a loving home.

– Loving Claudia Pearson’s new Tree Collection.

These Herb Storage Containers made me giggle. Makes your herbs look like astronauts.

– Plant lovers: Here’s a post explaining How to Make Compost Tea for Plants with Banana peels, Onion skins, Eggshells and Coffee grounds

– What a lovely, graphical vase. (Why are they do not showing it with any flowers in their product photography?)

– Debbie Millman has a new columns on Print Magazine called What Matters. I am here for it.

– ‘I get better sleep’: the people who quit social media

– Beautiful Read by Craig Mod: Looking Closely is Everything. “I’d say that that huh is the foundational block of curiosity. To get good at the huh is to get good at both paying attention and nurturing compassion; if you don’t notice, you can’t give a shit. But the huh is only half the equation. You gotta go huh, alright — the “alright,” the follow-up, the openness to what comes next is where the cascade lives. It’s the sometimes-sardonic, sometimes-optimistic engine driving the next huh and so on and so forth.”

What’s a newsletter you open and read the minute you get it? Why?

– Let’s manifest an early Spring! Put some flowers on you.

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– When it comes to lasting romance, passion has nothing on friendship. The type of love that makes people happiest, by Arthur C. Brooks

This made me laugh out loud. Definitely the case if you have kids.

– ”The things you learn in maturity: not to engage in self-destructive behavior or burn up energy in anxiety. You learn that self-pity and resentment are among the most toxic of drugs.” —John W. Gardner (via John Maeda)

Bespoke Sunshine Coast tailor gives new life to old memories. Mr Trimble meticulously deconstructs sentimental items and repurposes them into functional clothing.

This is one colorful, visual firework Instagram account, capturing the color of Miami

– Please enjoy this live stream of 3 baby pandas. (via)

Hiking Is an Ideal Structure for Friendship, by Julie Beck

How to back up your Instagram photos.

– So simple. So good: is a simple tool that allows you to specify a list of authors, and generates an RSS feed with each author’s most recently released book. (via)

– “A challenge for anyone programming at a monopoly, a public company, a well-funded startup or even a non-profit in search of donors is this: Do you have the guts to build an algorithm you can be proud of even if it doesn’t pay off as well in the short run?” Algorithms give or they take, by Seth Godin

How Apple builds its stores

People share 30 of the funniest contact names they have in their phones. One of them: “One of my identical twins has the other twin in his phone as ‘spare parts’.

Slow Down and Write Better Emails, by Erica Dhawan

– THIS IS INCREDIBLE: Audiblogs lets you listen to any web article in your podcast player in an Audible-like voice. Use it to “read” while you exercise, cook, do house chores, etc.

Vintage radiators with built-in plate warmers. Wow.

Rams Palettes taken from Dieter Rams legendary production collection for Braun. Made by Chad Ashley. If you don’t know who Dieter Rams is, you might enjoy this documentary about his life and legacy.

If you’re good, say you’re good, by Adrienne Maree Brown

– I can’t keep up with all the supercool puzzle brands popping up. Here’s another one: Rejig. (via)

– Calling all singers, songwriters, poets, puppeteers, comedians, dancers, magicians, mimes, and everything in between for our first ever ⁦CreativeMornings/NY digital open mic on February 26, 9am.

– Did your kids love the news about a robot landing on Mars? They might love this Tattly Set.

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It’s been super winter-y here in NYC and I started searching for adventure winter videos on YouTube. This one captivated me.

– David Lynch on his daily routine.

Foundation is bringing digital creators and crypto natives together for you to create, explore, & collect digital art.

How to Download Instagram Photos

– I am in awe of the Great Green Wall Project

– Just added Hungry Hearts to my Book Wishlisth over on Bookshop. (My friend Priya Parker contributed an essay!)

How does Wifi Work? An electrical engineer explains.

Tiller looks interesting. My friend Erica Heinz Tweeted about it.

The Founder of Go Fund Me wrote an Op Ed saying “The situation is nothing short of a national emergency. Hello Congress, Americans need help and we can’t do your job for you.”

– Can you fall n love with a free-standing sink? Yes, I can.

– In love with these vases by Aqua Culture.

LEGO has released a three-and-a-half-hour playlist that can serve as relaxing background noise while you play with their build sets. What’s even more interesting is that all seven tracks—each 30 minutes long—were composed using LEGO bricks instead of traditional musical instruments. Here’s the link to the LEGO White Noise playlist on Spotify.

– Immensely satisfying old puzzle boards, used for educational purposes to create words

What does a cup of flour weigh? It’s surprisingly complicated (via)

A book featuring coworking spaces from around the world, including mine, Friends Work Here.

– ‘Same Energy’ is a new visual search engine that finds related images by style and mood

Crocs for dogs?

– We asked the CreativeMornings community about books they re-read often or gift to others. The response blew us away.

– Some great answers in this thread asking What is the best advice you ever got for managing adult life?

– Lovely: Photographer Ken Ohyama’s Cutouts of Japanese Urban Buildings

– “Our level of detachment often informs our level of generosity.” I enjoyed this listen: Jen MacNab with No Sidebar talks about having a spirit of generosity. You can also read it here.

Ordinary Habit makes beautiful puzzles.

Funmingo looks so much fun!

– Can’t help but feel like this Armored Bird recently.

– Come work with me! CreativeMornings is hiring a Content Marketing Manager. Application deadline is this coming Wednesday.

– Thank you to Matthew Manos of Productive Enough for sponsoring my blog this week. Productive Enough is a free toolkit for overwhelmed entrepreneurs, freelancers, and leaders who are looking for a more mindful way to get things done efficiently.

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The Moon in Real Time, by Seán Doran (via Chris)

– Come work with me! We are looking to hire a Content Marketing Manager and become the voice of CreativeMornings.

– I love Marimekko’s bold patterns. Always have. Always will.

I love you NYC.

– Big fan of the aesthetic and the products of Public Goods.

– Beautiful, Brooklyn handmade black salt bowl.

28 Days of Black History

– NIKE unveils the NIKE GO FlyEase, an easy-on, easy off no-lace sneaker

Wakamai Fondue – The tool that answers the question “what can my font do?”

The best Writing Apps

NPR’s best books of 2020

Three American Mothers on the Brink, by Jessica Bennett

Studio Ghibli: Everything you need to know about the legendary Japanese animation house.

– “Read 20 pages to start the day.”

– The concept of a passive house explained.

– What would you keep in the 175 pocket jacket?

– “Get plants. Overwater them until they die. Replace plants. This is better than overwhelming your children with this kind of attention that has to go somewhere.” Your Guide to Parenting Teenagers in a Pandemic

Tattly make for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

– The world’s top agencies, studios, and firms use Float to plan their projects and schedule their team’s time. (I appreciate them sponsoring my blog this week!)

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I wish I would have learned of the concept of projecting our personal shadow onto others sooner.

– Lovely project to get lost in: Time in This Time, a time capsule for the present

– Anne Dittmeyer’s Mapping Your Path 3-month workshop kicks off again next week. She is delightful.

– Hi, I would like some confetti.

Craig Mod shares what he has learned by running a successful membership/subscription program. His biggest insight: Digital memberships and physical things work well together.

– I have a love for fun matchboxes.

A teeny tiny office in the woods. Want!

– Intrigued by the promise of clockwise: helping you find focus time in your busy schedule. Has anyone tried it? Thumbs up?

– My kids are obsessed with food expiration dates. I enjoyed this 99% Invisible episode titled Best Enjoyed By.

– This thread on people’s favorite Trade Joe’s products is fun to read. (I love shadowing friends at supermarkets to discover new products!)

– A few years ago I replaced all of my bath towels with Onsen Towels and I love them. Onsen recently launched Bath Robes. I got one and I look forward using it every morning.

– So You’ve Made a Mistake and It’s Public — Wikipedians’ excellent advice for what to do when you’ve been busted making a mistake. (via)

– Hey, Let’s Watch Jacques Pépin Fry Eggs

– This portable e-motor turns any bicycle into an electric one

Feeling of the Month Club is a subscription-based art project that delivers emotional exercises by mail.

Resources and tools to get your money right

Sponsor my Community helps community leaders make money

– I got myself this portable monitor and I am blown away how well it works.

– There are currently 495 remote friendly jobs on the CreativeMornings Job Board.

Put a Tattly on you. Just like this pandemic, it’s only temporary.

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Amanda Gorman on Women. Wonderful!

– I loved reading these: These things I know for sure, by Andrea Zittel

– Wow: An innovative installation embeds lights into a five-acre field to spur crop growth

– This Heinz Ketchup campaign made me smile. The mustard guy at the end! LOL!

– Come into my life, Brussel Sprout Bacon Frittata.

– I love a pretty blanket over my bed. This one is lovely. (Thank you Pamela)

– I gifted myself this big red canvas tote and it makes me happy.

We Are What We Remember

The most intelligent photo ever taken.

– Don’t understand why it’s a big deal that Kamala Harris is VP? Read this.

– This is lovely: The Airplane Collector. Thank you Present & Correct.

Shattered glass ceiling ring? YES PLEASE! And, thank you Mrs Vice President Harris.

– I would have loved to play with follies as a kid. My inner architect would have had a field day.

– Love this typographic mural by Anthony Burrill (via)

– Excited to read The Trust Manifesto: What You Need to Do to Create a Better Internet

– My currently most priced obsession: The Ostrich Heatbag.

A backgammon quilt!

A butterfly house?


– Loving Julia Rothman’s and Shaina Feinberg’s latest labor of love: Every Body: An Honest and Open Look at Sex from Every Angle

– I can’t get over the fact that squirrel benches are a thing.

Amateurs think they are good at everything. Professionals understand their circles of competence.

– I recently purchased this Fold up Tripod for when I have long Zoom or FaceTime calls with friends and don’t want to be holding or propping up my phone. It’s perfect. Small, folds ups tiny and you can even use it as a selfie stick if you wanted to.

This elaborately armored Samurai was folded from a single sheet of paper

What can you do about QAnon?

Pika lets you easily and quickly detect and clipboard-copy the colour value of any area of your screen. (via Dense Discovery)

– Thank you Jocelyn for pointing me towards this deeply soothing “hang drum” playlist.

You’re the macaroni to my cheese.

– There are currently 430 remote friendly jobs listed on the CreativeMornings Job Board.

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Complete strangers playing a card game called, We are not really strangers. (via Chris)

– National Gallery: How do you make six huge frames for Titian’s mythological paintings? (via)

– Emily Nussbaum asked what’s your biggest life hack? I loved reading the answers on this thread.

– Hang with your friends, digitally with Gather. (looks like a modern version of Habbo hotel which I used to enjoy in 1999/2000)

– It’s a dream of mine to one day get to drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. (I love the quote: There is nothing more aerodynamic than a wiener.)

– Ah, yes, I like you, white marble bath caddy.

– How cool is this freestanding, modern fireplace? My heart!

This picture made me look. More context here.

I love the resilience of humans.

Letterboxd allows you to track films you’ve watched and save those you want to see.

– This is currently my favorite recipe: Creamy cauliflower soup. What’s yours?

– I am trying to be more knowledgable and thoughtful about money and investing. This is a good start. Also this Reddit thread.

Magical ice bubbles

This parkour video made my head spin. (Via)

– Want some more poetry in your life? Here are hundreds of free poetry audio books.

– You know you want one of Arlo’s handmade Lightsabers.

The internet is so weird. I love it.

– Hard to believe Tattly is turning 10 this year.

– Over 370 remote friendly job on the CreativeMornings job board. Whoo!

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

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Always coming back to this talk by Elizabeth Gilbert. Hands-down my favorite TED talk.

The Best Time to Go to Bed is 8:45. I agree.

– Refreshing read: The ultra-wealthy who argue that they should be paying higher taxes.

– I like this rechargeable hand warmer. (via)

– Love what Valarie Kaur is doing with The People’s Inauguration. On January 21, 2021, we’ll come together to recommit to building a nation with liberty and justice for all:

– I realize nobody is thinking about Christmas Tree Stands right now but I have to share this one before I lose the link. I can’t get over how stylish it is. (I have one and love it!)

– Whoa! Perfectly circular home hides deep in the Polish forest

– I love this post by Jason Kottke: 21 Things That Kept Me Going In 2020.

Finding time for creativity will give you respite from worries

100 True Fans

– Slightly weird and in that beautiful: The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Performs a Cheerful Cover of the Pharrell Williams Song ‘Happy’

– “We are returning to a model of work-home life that would have been unfamiliar to our parents but completely familiar to our great grandparents,” Zoomification of everything

Crisphy spiced potatoes. (The crunching sound at the end doesn’t sound real!)

– What a beauty of an Air Purifier!

– This past week has been A LOT. My coping mechanisms consist of Cheese, Meditation and covering myself in uplifting Tattly.

– Looking to hire kind, heart-forward creative humans? The CreativeMornings job board will connect you to them. Globally.

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week

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The Piano soundtrack touches me so deeply. It’s the first movie that made me cry in the theaters.

Dr. Fauci Christmas Ornamet!

– I admit, I am not a big fan of spreadsheets. But this Instagram account might change that.

– Hope Hall is good with words. So much wisdom here.

Jordan Ferney launched a wallpaper company.

– This read made me feel better and gave me hope: Hang in there, help is on the way.

What a 15-Foot Piano Sounds Like

– Wow! Hokusai’s Great Wave, Sculpted in Lego Blocks by Jumpei Mitsui

– Pop this tree card over your phone & make it glow! Free download here (via)

– These minimal kitchens by Michael Andersen and Jeppe Christensen make me swoon.

– I love these book ends.

Email sabbaticals (via)

How Vaccines work. And a whole more explanation around the topic here.

This is fascinating.

– Listen: David Sedaris offers three stories that question social rites. (via Bailey)

– So many pretty paper products.

– Do you have a fireplace? And having the ugly wooden fire place matches box sitting out bothers you? Welcome to my visual world! There’s a fix.

– Looking for a meaningful gift for a young woman? Try the Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace.

– Ooooh, Brooklyn based Quiet Down now offers beautiful blankets as well.

– I love boxes. This one is an extra pretty one.

– Wait what? A social distance Zapper? Yikes.

– Looking for a new job, with kind humans? Try the CreativeMornings Job Board.

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This Choir Choir Choir Crecording makes me miss my CreativeMornings choir. And being around humans. Gah!

– Need to restore faith in humanity? Read this thread.

– What a beautiful, minimal projector.

– I totally want an Ostrichpillow Heatbag Pillow

Questions for the Founder

– The to-do app I created together with FictiveKin turned 11 this week. Happy birthday, Teuxdeux.

– I personally think a custom Infinite Objects Video Print is the coolest gift of 2020.

– This made me laugh: Twelve surprising ways to use cauliflower.

– I thought this was a walking piece of popcorn. It’s not.

– I love perusing the products over on Present & Correct.

– “There are a few people who can succeed by throwing their tantrums on Instagram. … But the rest of the time, what we want from people is for them to be consistent, to be the best version of themselves that is possible in this moment.” Seth Godin on Design Matters

This puzzle made me giggle.

An embroidery phone case. Fun.

Lessons from 2020 to bring into 2021 from yung pueblo.

– Here’s a cool gift for your gardening / plant loving friend: Tool Roll and Apron by RT1 (They have so many cool giftable products!)

– Support Broadway singers and surprise a friend or family member with a Sing For Hope Gram.

Black-Owned Brooklyn is a digital publication spotlighting Black-owned, Brooklyn-based businesses and the people behind them.

Black Owned Bookstores in the United States

– My friend Anna figured out How to keep her front-loading washer moisture-free!

– Tender discipline: What if it didn’t matter how productive you were today?

This throw! A beauty!

– I want to fill my house with these felt storage bins. I have two and have to keep myself from buying more. I love them. I am a sucker for boxes.

How to Get Your To-Do List Done When You’re Always in Meetings

This pie chart rug! Swoon!

Tattly make fun gifts.

– A big thank you to Onsen for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week. Take 10% off at with code SWISSMISS. (I replaced all my towels at home with Onsen towels. I am a convert.)

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– Great read: Nine Nonobvious Ways to Have Deeper Conversations (via Chris)

– WOW! Aerial Photo of Manhattan, Circa 1931

– This Tie Dye Mask Kit is most certainly a sign of our times.

– Love this: ‘It’s Like I’m Floating’: Skating New York Under Lockdown

Which one is you?

– I want to go here: Belgian design studio has created a circular track called Cycling Through The Trees as part of the cycling network in the province of Limburg.

– I love FREITAG’s Sweat-Yourself-Shop idea. I totally want to call in and customize my own bag. Fun.

– Dear NYC, Help Us Write A Love Letter To The City At The End Of This Difficult Year

– I’d wear these pommed rib slippers.

Little animal neck gaiters. Super cute.

-Hello there, you stunning home.

– I am liking this Cable Bin. I can’t stand cables being messy out in the open. In German we call it Kabelsalat aka Cable Salad.

From Instant Pot to Instagram: Critical Lessons in Startup Community Building

– The Year on TikTok: Top 100

– Need to get into the Christmas spirit? This playlist will help! (Thanks Kim!)

– Who doesn’t want a Personal Concrete Fireplace?

– I have recently been in a few situations where I didn’t feel comfortable to take off my mask to drink out of my Tumblr. This one by Simple Modern comes with a straw, witch makes it way easier to drink without taking off your mask. My friend Christina loves it. Wishlisted.

– I love these hanging mirrors by HAY.

– Whoa! Tattly is featured in Wirecutters 2020 Gift Guide. Thank you NYTimes!

342 remote jobs are currently featured on the CreativeMornings Job Board. One of them is Small Planet looking to hire a Creative Director.

– A big thank you to See Design Shop for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week. I love their heavy-weight cotton canvas pouches so much. I use them for cables, makeup,… and give them as gifts.

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This Shitt’s Creek scene made me laugh so hard.

– This week Jessica Hische taught a class on pricing out creative work. I have seen people raving about it all over the internet in how generous and useful it was. Jessica decided to put everything into a PDF and make it available for download. I wish I would have had this when I started out as a freelancer.

Why Everyone’s Suddenly Hoarding Mason Jars

Eighth Generation provides an ethical alternative to “Native-inspired” art. Thet are proudly owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe.

The Case for Adding DesignOps to Your Org Chart

– This is a beautifully designed Murphy Wall Bed

– Whoa! This rare phenomenon is called “Baikal Zen“, where rocks lying on the surface of frozen lakes are heated by sunlight that emits infrared rays, melting the ice below. When the sun sets, the ice freezes again, creating these incredible frozen near-impossible structures.

– Thank you Tasha Blank for this excellent mix.

How to put more hours back in your day: Automate what you can. Outsource what you can. Don’t meet when a Slack or email will do. Stop treating all decisions like big decisions. Bundle unpleasant tasks with enjoyable ones.

– Italian singer Adriano Celentano released a song in the 70s with nonsense lyrics meant to sound like American English, apparently to prove Italians would like any English song. It was a hit, and resulted in this.

– Who doesn’t want a Face Pot?

– Oh, these are fun kids bed sheets!

– What an oddly beautiful looking pet toy.

– Didn’t know this was a thing. Makes me want to be a dog and fence owner.

– Jon Burgerman’s Black Friday Snail made me laugh.

This is a pretty and multifunctional cat carrier / bed.

How To Cook With Cast Iron (I love my cast iron pan so much! I learned that Flax Seed Oil is the best to treat your pan. I didn’t know that.)

– Joey Roth strikes again. He created Osma, a portable coffee device that makes cold brew in under two minutes using our biodegradable pods or your favorite coffee. (Joey is also known for the Sorapot, a felt mouse and his Ceramic Speakers.)

– The MoMA sells an old-school looking Toolbox and I like it.

Tattly make for excellent stocking stuffers. (Psst.. There is currently a 30% off sale happening.)

– Looking for a new job? Want to learn something new? Want to travel around the world, virtually? CreativeMornings has you covered.

– A big thank you to Loftie for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week. Did you know the alarm clock needed reinventing? Because it did. Why? One word: Smartphones. Learn more.

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I love this website. The forest experience is my favorite.

They found a small owl inside of this year’s Rockefeller Christmas tree, he hitched a ride all the way to NYC and is now being treated and cared for at a wildlife rehab facility.

What’s your Charlie Brown Dance?

– These are some good Cleaning Hacks

This TED talk illuminates how you can apply this “design thinking” to designing your own life. (via)

– My friend Fred Dust wrote a book helping us have meaningful and difficult conversation.

YDays helps you unlock your creativity and inspire your friends with delightful, surprising drawing prompts each day.(via) helps you start and keep a meaningful reflection practice (via)

– Pardon the language but it’s funny: Stay The Fuck at Home with Samuel L. Jackson

A German informercial urging folks to stay home, to fight Covid. Surprisingly funny. (via Chris)

– You have half a dozen eggs left. Which one are you?

– On January 21, 2021, the day after the presidential inauguration, we will hold the “People’s Inauguration.” We will come together as human beings to recommit to the project of building a nation with liberty and justice for all.

– I love this interview with my friend Patricia Garcia-Gomez.

– Bekka from Closed Mondays launched a fun new shelf. Check it out.

Henrybuilt kitchens make me swoon.

– I know it’s a bit over the top and silly but I really want Bird Buddy, a smart bird feeder. I noticed two Blue Jays outside my window, staring at my bird feeder yesterday. It made me so happy!

10 Art Books That Will Nourish Your Creative Soul

How to focus on changing your behavior and not your goals.

Tattly makes for really good stocking stuffers.

– A big thank you to Onsen for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week. I have replaced all of my towels with Onsen Towels. Never looked back.