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This made me laugh.

– This is cute: Rainbow shaped beach towel.

– Secretly dreaming of this setup: Using a DSLR as a Webcam (via)

Sea Otter Cam.

Care Package | Poems, meditations, films, and other cultural nutrients for times like this, curated with love by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center.

Funeral and End of Life Planning (via)

25 things we’ve implemented at Front to keep a great culture while being remote: Skincare Fridays made me laugh. Scroll down for the photo of people on Zoom wearing beauty masks.

10 Famous Siblings Who Conquered the World

– Zach Lieberman and WeTransfer launch in-browser painting canvas, Color Push

– Can’t pay rent because of the coronavirus? This site is supposed to help you explain your rights to your landlord. SixFifty also released a similar tool for homeowners to generate letters to their mortgage lenders.

– OMG! Getty Museum asks people in self-isolation to recreate classic artworks

– I love this minimal salt vessel.

– I love my friend Libby: I’ve walked the circumference of the earth—here’s what it taught me about creativity in quarantine

– Ai-jen Poo | This Is Our (Caring) Revolution

– This Cook’s Book Kitchen Scale is cute.

– I think at this point everyone in New York State has a little bit of a crush on Andrew Cuomo.

Face Mask Aid NYC is a collective of fashion industry volunteers collaborating to deliver face masks to essential workers on the frontline as quickly as they can sew them. My team member Julie signed up and they dropped off a box of pre-cut materials and instructions. Then, she will sew the masks and they’ll pick up and distribute to frontline workers who need them. Wonderful.

Tattly is hurting really bad. If you ever wanted to buy some tattoos, this would be a good time. A generous cut of every sale goes to the artist. Fun fact: I am fulfilling the orders personally.

– CreativeMornings is going digital. You can attend the free chapter events around the world or participate in free “FieldTrips“, workshops led by community members like yourself. And, our job board lets you find your new dream job or talent.

– A big thank you to Peculiar Prompts for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week. Looking for a way to stay busy while stuck alone at home? You’re in luck! Peculiar Prompts: Social Distancing Edition is a free collection of 624 creative prompts designed to break the rhythm of an otherwise mundane existence.

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Couples in Lockdown, a powerful podcast from Esther Perel

This year’s 99U Conference will be a free, digital experience.

– Did you know you can virtually visit vacation destinations from your couch?

Play with your keyboard. (via)

This made me laugh.

– Oh, and this too.

Trees eating things. (via)

Series iOS app allows you to assemble your photos in unique ways and create a carousel that splits photos over multiples frames, optimised for Instagram. (via)

– This is amazing: Create and Egg Wizard with your kids.

Internet Archive offers 1.4 million copyrighted books for free online

– Feeling down? Sad Topography will make you feel more down. (via)

– OMG! Check out all of these free virtual “FieldTrips” organized by generous CreativeMornings community members. I did a craft night last week and it was a thing of beauty. A few coming up: Couples Thriving Through Crisis, Houseplant Basics, Let’s Make Origami, WTF is SEO… so many more. See them all here.

– You can watch Urbanized for free this week.

– I am here for this content: 84-Year-Old Italian Nonna Is Live-Streaming Pasta-Making Classes From Her Home Outside Rome

– Dan Cederholm published a book: Twenty Bits I learned About Design, Business and Community

94 Fun Things You Can Do at Home

How Kinfolk Magazine Defined the Millennial Aesthetic… and Unraveled Behind the Scenes

Soothe Yourself With These Zoo Livestreams

– I love a good breadbox. This is a pretty one.

Tattly is hurting. My heart aches.

– A big thank you to Make it Remote for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

– I am grateful you’re here, in my little corner of the internet. Here’s a virtual hug.

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– I virtually danced my heart out yesterday with The Get Down. It was just what I needed. Pure medicine. My friends in other cities joined, I pinned their video and felt like we were dancing together. I love the internet.

– With SXSW cancelled, independent artists missed the chance for their work to be seen. So, Mailchimp built a home for their short films on the Mailchimp Presents platform. Love. This. So. Much.

– This is dedication: Talking Book, a stop-motion experiment

Super kid-friendly video from Vox about the importance of hand washing with soap to kill coronavirus.

– Practical ways to move from chaos to calm. (via)

– A massive list of authors (mostly children’s) reading their books online. (Thank you Ruth)

– I keep coming back to this Hurry Slowly podcast episode with Adrienne Maree Brown: Are you satisfiable?

– I have been on so many Zoom calls this week with hundreds of folks and some of them accidentally started sharing their screen. I didn’t realize there is such a thing as “Zoombombing”. This extensive Zoom guide by my team member and friend Alexa will help you prevent Zoombombing from happening.

This boobie-vase is so funny.

– This Brooklyn Townhouse. Swoon!

DIY Hand Sanitizer Tutorial

Seth Godin says we need to go back to curation. (He says some very nice things about me in this episode. Day made!)

Nothing to see here. (Made me chuckle!)

Netflix Party lets you watch Netflix with your friends online.

These felted bunny slippers are adorable.

Puppies and alpacas.

Free mindful budgeting templates. (via Jocelyn)

– Even tough CreativeMornings is known for IRL (in real life) events, we are moving all gatherings to digital. Today there were over 30 events happening around the world. You can tune in from the comfort of your living room. Check out upcoming chapter events and virtual smaller virtual workshops called FieldTrips.

Tattly is having a really hard time financially. My heart hurts.

Sugar Mouse.

– Thank you Make It Remote for sponsoring my blog this week and sharing a wonderful resource helping us with establishing remote work routines.

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– “You won’t ever know if what you did personally helped. That’s the nature of public health. When the west way to save lives is to prevent a disease rather than treat it, success often looks like an overreaction.”

– The wonderful Amit Gupta wrote a short story. You can read or listen to it here. Good timing, now that we are all pretty much stuck at home.

– Puzzle fans will understand and relate to this Reddit post about a missing puzzle piece.

How to disinfect your phone, tablet etc.

– Lots of great tips in this Fast Company piece on asking the right questions during a job interview (via)

How to organize a community swap meet and why (via)

How to Sing in Tune

Quarantine book club. (via)

Slick gives you a unique email address to use for all your newsletter subscriptions. Once subscribed, read your newsletters in the Slick app and keep them separate from your everyday inbox; unsubscribe with a single click. (via)

How to stop taking things personally. (scroll down) (via)

The perfect demo for kids why using soap is so important. Sound on.

Scribd looks fantastic: The world’s largest digital library, all included in one subscription.

A calm place on the internet. (via)

Next Tuesday Jason Fried, co-founder of Basecamp and author of REMOTE, will host a livestream and give tips on how to work with remote teams. (We are currently remote because of the pandemic and it sure takes time getting used to it!)

– There are a 101 remote job postings currently on the CreativeMornings Job Board.

– The Be Brave Tattly is what we all need right now.

– A big thank you to SaneBox for sponsoring my blog, RSS feed and newsletter this week. I use and love their service!

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This video of Marina Abramovic seeing her former partner Ulay for the first time in years, during her The Artist is Present Performance at the MoMA, always makes me cry. So moving. You can read more here.

– Never use a single-use plastic sandwich bag again. Bring your favorite food and snacks with you wherever you go in these convenient and reusable silicone snack bags!

– Sometimes I want to charge my Apple iPhone but also use my regular plug-in headphones, but I can’t. Node would come in handy.

– I had my US citizenship interview this week. Wonder what questions they ask. Here you go.

– Wonderful Design Matters Interview with Chani Nicolas.

– Such a good read: A creative person’s guide to negotiating

The GIF we all need right now. I admit, Elizabeth Warren pulling out of the presidential race made my heart sink.

– Number 14: Spacial Context

This is a great site for smaller, architectural gems that you can stay in. Worldwide. (via)

How to flip disagreements into something productive: ask open-ended questions like “This clearly matters to you, can you help me understand why?”

A desk is opening up in April at Friend Work Here, my small but mighty, heart-foward cowering community.

The Power of Unplugging One Day A Week. (via Dense Discovery)

This thread: What is one idea that, once you learned it, you started to notice it everywhere?

Wash your damn hands.

Community Building Resources

This is delightful: Danielle went to her local Costco and replaced the signs for sold out items like toilet paper and bottled water with signs for magical items like: health potions, dowsing rods, tarot decks, summoning orbs, soul gems, healing crystals, and invisibility amulets.

– There are over 95 remote positions listed on the CreativeMornings Job Board.

– Did you know a line of temporary tattoos designed by real tattoo artists?

The Alliance of Downtown New York is searching nationwide for an urban explorer to live rent-free just off Wall Street all summer long and get paid to show the world Lower Manhattan through their eyes. (Thank you for sponsoring my blog this week!)

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– This is unreal: Japanese artist Yoshihiro Suda creates hyper-realistic sculptures of plants and flowers in the tradition of Japanese woodcarving.

– I asked on Twitter: What is something you’ve learned you wish you’d known sooner? The responses are wonderful.

– I love cheese. I love puzzles: Tiny Blue Cheese Puzzle.

– Forever mesmerized by Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests

Question Bank for Better 1:1s

12 Life Goal Categories (via)

– This vintage gas station art thingy makes me happy.

Why 1.5 billion people eat with chopsticks

– “But the main observation I came home with after this trip is this: America is a rich country that feels like a poor country. If you look at the investment in and the care put into infrastructure, common areas, and the experience of being in public in places like Singapore, Amsterdam, Paris, and Berlin and compare it to American cities, the difference is quite stark. Individual wealth in America is valued over collective wealth and it shows.” Jason Kottke’s Trip to Vietnam, Singapore, and Qatar

Live generously.

– Tara Brach’s guided meditation on self-compassion.

Bloom: A Touching Animated Short Film about Depression and What It Takes to Recover the Light of Being

– Lady Gaga teases “Stupid Love”, shot on iPhone 11 Pro

– Ink Rx? Welcome to the World of Paramedical Tattoos

Life Stats since you were born. This is so fun! (via)

– Psst.. Tattly is running a leap year sale. It’s just about to end.

– A big thank you to Oak for sponsoring my blog this week. I love and use Dropmark every day.

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LIFT is a film by Marc Isaacs, who set himself up in a London elevator and slowly wins the trust of the residents, creating a humorous and moving portrait of a vertical community.

– Wow, this is supercool: A Journey Through Every Billboard Top 5 Hits since 1960

Female Support System Wall Hook. Funny.

Nonsense NYC is resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in New York City.

Lyles are two-dimensional wooden smiling monsters

– Now this is a cool trivet.

– The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos, a feature-length documentary investigation into Amazon and its founder.

– My friends invited me for dinner last night and up on their screen was this panda live cam. This is everything. Bookmarked!

No Screen Sundays

This 3-Ingredient Sheet Pan Gnocchi Dinner looks delicious

Creative Boom launched a podcast, full of fun and honest conversations with creative people from all over the world

– The Hay Contour Placemat is made from cotton and features edges sewn in a contrasting color. Love it.

Jiggy are puzzles worth framing. Or so the tagline says. Love the glass jar packaging. I love puzzling and always love finding new fun puzzles. Have a favorite? Share in a comment below!

Discover the Ancient Pyramids– Walk around one of the Seven Wonders of the World

– Spend Less Time at the DMV by Submitting Your Real ID Paperwork Online

– Wow, Shampoo bars are a thing?

– I admit I danced through the office when I saw that Apple posted a designer job on the CreativeMornings Job Board.

– Why eat your Kale if you can wear it.

– A big thank you to Float for sponsoring my blog this week

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50 ways to be ridiculously generous — and feel ridiculously good. (via)

– Wow, this visualization of money flows (money, salary, income, revenue, etc) is INCREDIBLY powerful. (via Jason Fried)

– I am always discovering new inspiring creative humans via Hiut Denim’s yearly List of Makers + Mavericks

– Type Nerds, check this out: American Type Founders was a business trust created in 1892 by the merger of 23 type foundries, representing about 85% of all type manufactured in the United States. (via)

Everything You Need to Stock an Alcohol-Free Home Bar, According to Bartenders

– Julie Zhuo asked: “Is there a “love languages” for gratitude? How have you been thanked that’s been the most meaningful to you?” So many good responses to her Tweet.

Self-Care as a Foundation for Love (via)

This wool scarf is my trusted companion these days.

– “Reversing consumerism’s financial and cultural dominance in public and private life is set to be one of the twenty-first century’s most gripping psychological dramas.” Can We Have Prosperity Without Growth?

How to turn off autoplay in Netflix. OMG YES! (via)

– Interesting read: How Employees Prefer to Give and Receive Recognition at Work

Father knitted a data viz blanket of his infant’s sleep patterns

– This is a beautiful couch.

– Don’t think this would feel all that great to wear but still a fun idea: Japanese art student Rie Sakamoto has created a line of clothing made out of rubber bands that are knitted together.

– This made me laugh: “EndZoom is a physical button that ends the awkward existential angst of saying goodbye at the end of ZOOM meeting whilst desperately trying to navigate to the ‘Leave Meeting’ text button within an acceptable timeframe.”

Why Scientists Fall for Precariously Balanced Rocks

– Wow, this Webcam Setup by Dan Mall is pro.

– I will start using this technique from now on: The Immediacy Filter.

When we lose weight, where does it go?

Questions That Lead to Sexual Intimacy. Inspired by: To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This

– I am so very very excited over the launch of the Kale Tattly.

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

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Oh I want to watch this: The Booksellers

– I am so grateful for this wonderful article on my co-working community Friends Work Here over on 99u.

Say it with a pin makes really fun pins. (They sent me some custom ones they made for me and they are stunning.)

11 Reasons Not To Become Famous

– Craig Mod shares what he learned running a paid membership program.

– This is all kinds of wonderful: An Artist Used 99 Phones to Fake a Google Maps Traffic Jam

20+ Questions to Ask for 2020 (via Jocelyn)

– A wonderful 7min listen: Carl Sagan And Ann Druyan’s Ultimate Mix Tape

– I keep coming back to this interview with Adrienne Maree Brown. So full of goodness.

What do you really want? A wonderful (and rare) interview with Michael Singer who wrote the Untethered Soul. A book that changed my life in 2018.

– Tattly’s newest collaboration with Lara Gastinger makes me so very happyy.

– I like this minimal pet bed.

– This minimal and modular shelving system makes me swoon.

– I was recently sent one of these Asparagus Fern Kokedama. It makes me giggle every time I water it.

You, Me, We! is a a super adorable eset of fill-in books that give parents and children an opportunity to express themselves and connect with each other in the process.

This wooden toy telephone is delightful.

Sound Print app lets you find quiet places, date spots, restaurants. I am super sensitive to noise, especially in restaurant settings. I appreciate this so much.

– You are a creatively minded, kind human in search of a new job? Here’s a job board for you matching you with creative companies.

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

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One guy, singing Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer, gets an entire park to sing along with him. This is everything.

Stunning, minimal stool.

Whereby video conferencing is completely browser based, no installs necessary. Just share a URL and start chatting. (via Dense Discovery)

Immigrant hat. Want.

– The No Phone Air made me laugh. Well played.

20 people who quit. (via Chris)

These earrings. Swoon!

What color is your name? (via Coudal)

– Quirky cool: Two Hump Handbag.

This Wifi Network name is so wholesome. Made me smile.

Awesome merchandise makes me want to make, you know, merchandise.

– Gah, this coffee maker!

– “According to the latest research, encouraging your children to think critically about the media they’re consuming is much more important than playing screen-time babysitter.” How to Raise Media-Savvy Kids in the Digital Age

– Favorite place to buy art (or more specifically, prints)? Some good answers in this thread.

– “The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” — Carl Jung

– Yes, there is a global job board for heart-forward creative humans.

Who is the Macaroni to your cheese?

– A big thank you to Float for sponsoring my blog this week

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This made me laugh out loud.

– WOW! Paris Museums Put 100,000 Images Online for Unrestricted Public Use

– Excellent read: The Basecamp Guide to Internal Communication

This smart helmet looks super-impressive.

– FUN: Guessing Names Based on What They Start With

Reasons for Burnout by Frank Chimero.

The Definition of Community

A list of 1000 audiobooks that are free to listen to

Happy 20th birthday, Boing Boing.

– I had no idea Google Spreadsheets could look this good.

– Emma Marris has a five-point plan for dealing with the psychological toll of climate change: How to Stop Freaking Out and Tackle Climate Change

– Can we talk about this bedroom-shower situation? Gah!

– I am a sucker for nice wrapping paper! This one wins!

Macaroni and Cheese Tattly! Finally! Who is your macaroni?

– Find kind, creative humans to spend your work day with: CreativeMornings Job Board.

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Turn of Mind, filmed in my motherland, Switzerland. I miss the mountains.

All of the paper sizes. All of them. (via Chris)

– Rob Walker: It Hurts to Be Present

Good Luck Recipes

Did you know you could turn your AirPods into a makeshift hearing aid? If you have ever had difficulty hearing someone during a conversation, AirPods can be your on-demand hearing aid. Apple introduced a feature, starting with iOS 12, called Live Listen. Once set up, you can place your iPhone closer to the person you want to hear, and the AirPods will produce clearer audio for you. To set up this feature, go into your iPhone Settings and click Control Center.

Why Does Time Slow Down and Speed Up?

– So many books. So much art. This apartment! Wow.

_ I agree with Libby, this is one of my favorite new Instagram accounts.

– This peanut sweater made me smile.

– Now this is a smart travel shampoo and conditioner bottle set.

This skylight. Wow.

– It’s a stool. It’s a scratching post for cats. I love it.

A New York woman dressed as a unicorn has made something as mundane as clearing snow from her driveway a little more magical!

This reference call question is everything.

How Do I Make Plans Without ‘Getting a Drink’?

– I love these paper kits from Japan.

– This toy storage bag is perfect for LEGO, building blocks… etc

– What to Focus on: Happy!

– Are you looking for a new job? Did you know CreativeMornings has a global job board?

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

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How the X-Ray was invented.

What not to do on your work computer.

– Love this list by the DO Lectures: 12 Books To Help You Write Better

The Decade the Internet Lost Its Joy. What began as cheerful anarchy was devoured by vulture capital and ruthless consolidation

This made me laugh so hard. Watch the video.

– Our new Designer at Tattly, Minjoo, created an incredibly sweet calendar for 2020.

– This. Right in the heart. The hug at the end with his mom completely pushed me over the edge.

Billie Eilish Carpool Karaoke. Fun.

A table on wheels, looking for conversations.

Lego Frida Kahlo

Building a More Honest Internet (via Dense Discovery)

Visualizations that make no sense. It keeps on giving.

– Looking for a last minute gift that keeps on giving? Tattly Subscriptions!

– A big thank you to Baleen for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

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How to Build a Sobriety Toolbox

– Now this is a practical way to protect your AirPods and keep them handy. Want!

How to Find Your Brand Heart (Plus Free Workbook Template) (via)

– Kottke’s list of Best Books of 2019

Why Does Time Slow Down and Speed Up?

The Difficult Art of Giving Space in Love: Rilke on Freedom, Togetherness, and the Secret to a Good Marriage

Intuitive hat. I’d wear it.

– You like to cook? You know about Smitten Kitchen, right?

How to Set Your Google Data to Self-Destruct

– These Bath Robes make me swoon.

Be A Nice Human Hoodie

Life Goals: A New York woman dressed as a unicorn has made something as mundane as clearing snow from her driveway a little more magical!

– What a beautiful read: “Please tell me how I can love you better.(via Joanna)

Tattly Stocking Stuffers! The tattoos are temporary, the fun is not.

– Trying to find a new job? Trying to hire a heart-forward, kind, creative human? CreativeMornings has a global job board that can help.

– A big thank you to Ode to Things for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

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I asked on Twitter and Instagram what small makers/shops I should support. All of the links below are from the suggestions I received. Thank you to everyone who left a comment. I am still going through them all. So many wonderful new discoveries. Running a small bootstrapped business myself (Tattly) I know first-hand what a difference it makes when kind humans share your product. ⁣ Small businesses usually don’t have marketing budgets. We rely on word-of-mouth. ⁣So, dive in:

This Charcoal Pitcher. Lovely.

A cotton rope rainbow to hang on your walls. Yes!

Beam Paints: Wildflower honey handmade watercolour paints, Plastic Free Paints, Lightfast pigments.

– I am completely enamored with these handmade animal ceramics by noseymungo.

This is a very pretty satchel.

Rewilder: Industrial trash up cycled for your everyday, everywear.

Yuk Fun.. is you uhm.. you know, FUN!

– Uhm, yes, I want this magic magic suit with fabric designed by Lisa Congdon.

Zero Waste Kits.

Future Fonts: Where Type Designers Sell Experimental Work In Progress.

– This Minimal Travel Tumblr made me look.

This dish.

BoWorkwear is an eco-friendly apron company. Their goal is simple: make the best apron on the planet, for the planet and the people who wear it.

A pretty looking bellow? Who knew this was a thing. I am here for it! All I need is a working fire place now!

I own one of these tall mugs. One of my favorites.

A book about finding your place.

A hanging vase? Sure!

– Oh, I love this Hand Painted Container in Concentric Circles

– This is a fun lunch bag or toy tote.

These socks! SO FUN!

– Oooh, this is lovely: Uplift – A spiralling solar sculpture to soothe the soul

Funnest Tattly Tin.

– A big thank you to Onsen for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

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I love me some Jacques Tati.

– I would give this Ceramic Ghost Vase a loving home

– “Mirrors With Memories”: Why Did Victorians Take Pictures of Dead People?

– Now this is a cool gift idea: Custom Signature Necklace.

– I keep coming back to these bread lamps. So funny. Also, croissant lamp.

– I am in love with this Upcyled Vintage Flysuit by Orenda Tribe

What Can I Do When I Grow Up

– I can totally get behind this adorable ring dish.

– Guess who produced the tattoos for The New York Times Modern Love series? We did! Go Team Tattly!

– Yes to this Divine Feminine Shirt.

– A gift for the artist in your life: Art is Hard Hat.

– I wouldn’t mind owning this Forever Jump Rope.

– Gah, I am sucker for dating stories. I loved this one.

– Yes I want a hand-made fox wallet.

– Forever loving the book rest lamp

– I don’t have a dog but this Dog Travel Blanket makes me want to have one.

– Loving this hot water bottle by Donna Wilson.

– I am intrigued by this hanging diamond cutting board, made by Brooklyn based American Heirloom

– What a fun design-y gift: Ceramic Face Dish / Insense Holder.

Hand-woven napkins from Nepal that support all of Maggie Doyne’s wonderful projects? YES!

– CreativeMornings has a super fairly priced, global job board. A company of 2-30 employees can post unlimited job post for just $35/month. U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D-!

– Thank you See Design for sponsoring my blog this week. I love your travel pouches.

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WTF Visualizations: Visualizations that make no sense.

– Good On You: Ethical Clothing Brand Ratings.

See Big Tech’s terrible diversity record, visualized using its logos

Basecamp Personal – a completely free version of Basecamp designed with freelancers, students, families, and personal projects in mind. Use it for hobbies, weddings, small events, side projects, volunteer gigs, etc

101 ways to live sustainability.

– These reusable panda zipper snack bags are pretty cute.

Is there a set of questions for creative people that are always interesting?

– The CreativeMornings/NewYork Choir performed for the second time last Friday. Communal singing is such a source of joy. I had no idea.

How to Write a Condolence Note

– I like the Creative Boom 2019 gift guide for artists, designers, makers and anyone who loves creativity. (I meant to blog this before I noticed they featured Tattly at the very end! Gah!)

Writing is listening with your heart. (via Jocelyn)

This just made me gasp.

– I love this so much: A new crop of restaurants is embracing family-style, communal eating, creating a necessary spirit of communication and collaboration for our fractious times. I’ll Have What She’s Having

How to Politely Decline an Invitation (via)

– The air in our office is getting so dry. I am tempted to get a tiny desk humidifier like this one.

Tattly Tins are the perfect stocking stuffers. Yep, holiday season is upon us.

– A big thank you to Traadee for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

– The CreativeMornings homepage got a facelift.

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Watch two NASA astronauts conduct the first all-female spacewalk in history

Goodness Bot, here to drown out mean and negative tweets with positivity, and help fight the epidemic of cyberbullying! (via)

– OMG! This Ride On Scooter! WANT!

TED Masterclass: An app-based public speaking course that will help you identify, develop and share your best ideas in the form of TED-style talks

– I was told this Confit Byaldi (aka Fancy Ratatouille) is delicious. Saving it here to come back to it.

What was the book that helped you the most in 2019?

– “When Oprah interviewed Michelle Obama, Oprah asked how Michelle got over feeling intimidated sitting at big tables filled with smart, powerful men and Michelle said, ‘You realize pretty quickly that a lot of them aren’t that smart.’ I think about that quote every single day.” What Quotes Do You Love?

5-Hour Workdays? 4-Day Workweeks? Yes, Please

– I am crazy excited about Esther Perel speaking at this Friday’s CreativeMornings in NYC. You can sign up, at 11am, tomorrow, Monday November 11th.

When you need to share tough feedback

I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb

– I want to visit the library in Helsinki.

Fireworks that are far too beautiful to burn. (via)

– I am currently really digging the Eucalyptus Tattly. It’s scented.

– A big thank you to Ode to Things for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

CreativeMornings has a new homepage. It makes me happy.

Fun Links To Click On


– Come work with me! Tattly is looking to hire a kind, growth-minded Head of Sales!

Don’t Serve Burnt Pizza (And Other Lessons in Building Minimum Lovable Products)

– “Being a strong man includes being kind. There’s nothing weak about being honorable and treating others with respect.”
President Obama

The world’s largest outdoor escalator is completely bonkers. It looks like a dragon.

– Do you have a hard time remembering the keyboard shortcut for an emdash? There’s a website for it.

It’s so much more than cooking. The mental load of food prep is heavy — and women are often the ones to carry it.

– Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard talks about the sustainability myth, the problem with Amazon—and why it’s not too late to save the planet

– The DO Lectures are slowly but surely releasing all of their talks in their DO podcast. Here’s mine from 2018.

How to travel like a local

– Young adults are turning into plant parents as a manifestation of deep mourning over the planet they are inheriting — a concept called “ecological grief

– A group in Japan holds a Halloween event where people come dressed not as witches, Avengers, or zombies but in everyday “mundane” costumes. i.e “woman who forgot to take out the trash” and “woman who showed up to a BBQ with no intention of helping out”. Love this.

Social Media Has Not Destroyed A Generation

Secrets of People Who Stay Happy in the Worst Circumstances

– Every time I attend a dinner party or party in general, I make sure I am stocked up on Tattly Tins. Everyone gets so excited when I pull them out.

– CreativeMornings has a job board. It’s global. It makes me happy.

– A big thank you to Onsen for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

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– This is a beautiful pot.

– “How do we understand that our 100,000-fold excess of numbers on this planet, plus what we do to feed ourselves, makes us a tumor on the body of the planet? I don’t want the future that involves some end to us, which is a kind of surgery of the planet. That’s not anybody’s wish. How do we revert ourselves to normal while we can? How do we re-enter the world of natural selection, not by punishing each other, but by volunteering to take success as meaning success and survival of the future, not success in stuff now? How do we do that? We don’t have a language for that.” Rethinking Our Vision of Success

– These Relationship Green Flags made me look.

This is fun.

This folding chair!

The Art Biotop Water Garden, designed by Junya Ishigami

Are we living in a simulation? – Zohreh Davoudi

Leave Me Alone let’s you easily unsubscribe from unwanted emails, for a small free. Much better than the services doing it for free and then selling your data.

This Planter System Instantly Transforms Chain Link Fences Into Vertical Gardens

– From the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, an animated timeline of human evolution, from when hominins first show up in the fossil record in Africa some seven million years ago to the appearance of Homo sapiens about 200,000 years ago.

Biodegradable Straws Made Out of Pasta

Where to shop online that isn’t Amazon

– I might have found my Halloween costume. (Thank you Sarah)

– Wow! The folding mechanism of a ladybug’s wing!

– The Link Mirror‘s simplicity and elongated narrow stature gets my two thumbs up.

Everything I learned from (finally) completing The Artist’s Way

The Failure Toy – teaching the F-word to all ages

– I love the new Moon Phases Tattly.

– Are you looking for a new job on a creative company? Check the CreativeMornings Job Board. (You can filter by ‘remote’)

– A big thank you to Ode to Things for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

Link Pack

– These personalized leather keychains are lovely

– I don’t know much about grow lights, I just know this one’s a pretty one.

– A concrete fruit bowl. Yes.

– I keep coming back to this doorstop. I really want one.

Ensō | Meditation Timer & Bell

The story of a wild 12 months at Gimlet leading up to the Spotify acquisition. As told by Alex Blumberg.

Star Wars x Le Creuset Collection. What an unlikely collaboration. OMG.

It’s decorative gourd seasons, motcher***ers.

– “British researchers found that one smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 bars of chocolate.” The hidden power of smiling.

– Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok is totally stripped of information like when a video was uploaded or the date a user opened their account. The app presents an endless stream of algorithmically chosen videos, which you swipe through vertically.

This doormat made me laugh.

– If you’re in your 40s or 50s, you might think it’s too late to start a business. Wrong: It’s actually the perfect time.

– Know anyone who needs some idea mist?

– I am big on squeegee-ing my glass wall in the shower. I dig this small squeegee.

Tattly make a fun addition to Halloween outfits. Check out these spooky designs.

– CreativeMornings has a job board. I just hired a kind, creative human that found my listing thought it last week. It works! :)

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Designing women. Exploring the impact of women in design. (via)

Feeling of the month club. (via)

– So many features of fine humans. Maira Kalman being one of them. Dive in here.

This dog house!!

– This three-legged stool is beautiful. (And pricey!)

A list of “ethical tech companies” (Companies pursuing sustainability instead of growth, and putting people above profit.)

Selfless Portraits is a collaborative art project where strangers across the world draw each other’s Facebook profile pics.

– This is an interesting thread: “What do people do for stress relief that is not drinking or smoking that is relatively inexpensive and not running?

– Adobe launched a new drawing app, called Fresco. It looks INCREDIBLE.

– I enjoy these recent DO Books: DO SING, DO DEATH, DO INHABIT

– “Restoration of the Earth’s forests is the world’s most effective solution to climate change available today and has the potential to capture two thirds of man-made carbon emissions.” The global tree restoration potential

Parenting, visually explained.

– Wow. This Bananatex Backpack is super cool.

How Does Impeachment Work?

– I love this jewelry brand, called Automic Gold. I have this ring and absolutely love it.

We’re Taking More Photos Than Ever—but Do We Still Treasure Them?

Why Some People Become Lifelong Readers

– Of course I want a bouncy egg.

– Tiny real tattoos are super trendy. Want to give it a try without committing? Try Tiny Tattly!

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Legend (A Portrait of Bob Marley) (via)

Am I Eating too Much Cheese?

Interesting logos are being replaced with boring ones (via Chris)

The capital of kindness

I have nothing to say.

– The name of this lemon squeezer made me laugh: Juice Bruce.

– I really appreciate The Wirecutter

– I spent a long time looking up books mentioned in response to this Tweet.

– Want to Reduce Your Screen Time? Try This Simple Trick

Lessons people learn to late in life. Keep coming back to this.

– Yum. Spiced Chickpea Stew With Coconut and Turmeric

– Wow! Astrogeografie is a thing? I had no idea.

– I love my Pilea. And now, having seen this, I have goals. Also, this one.

A California Type Foundry Is Keeping Vintage Printing Alive (via Chris)

– These hanging planters!

– These Wool Slippers!

A Short History of Love


– My daughter and I love this meatball recipe from Tasty. (We just ignore the tomato sauce part!)

– Come work with me, Tattly is hiring a Graphic Designer and a part-time photographer.

– Did you know CreativeMornings has a global job board.

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In this CreativeMornings talk artist and author Adam J. Kurtz reminds us that success is about more than talent and that perfect isn’t better. Don’t miss the ending!

– I believe it: Gardening could be the hobby that helps you live to 100

How I Joined the Cult of Cauliflower Gnocchi (via Cup of Jo)

– Interesting read: Athleisure, barre and kale: the tyranny of the ideal woman

ChangeAView aims to improve the world’s discussions. Interesting.

I want this plant.

We need an uprising of decency.

– ‘I Hate Dating Apps So Much!

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir is a New York City based Earth-defending performance community.

Lesser Known Love Languages

– “For heaven’s sake, it’s your funeral. It should be your ultimate portrait and the celebration of your life.” — Susanne Duijvestein

3-Year-Old Completely Covers Baby Brother with Peanut Butter. The little guy is so unphased. Made me laugh.

Monaru: A virtual assistant that helps you build deeper connections with the people you really care about.

Innocence lost: what did you do before the internet?

Why cartoon characters wear gloves (via)

Sola Felt Wall Tiles turn single-use plastic waste into a beautiful, practical material.

Design Critiques at Figma

Favorite interview questions

– Come work with me! Tattly is hiring a Graphic Designer and a part-time photographer!

– Did you know CreativeMornings has a Job Board?

– A big thank you to my sponsor this week: Ello is a Chicago-based drinkware design company on a mission to replace single-use food and beverage containers.