Friday Link Pack

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts are a delight.

– Loving this minimalist card case

Alphaputt is fun!

A tree hotel? Booking my flight to Sweden asap.

– Such deep admiration for how Ben Chestnut has built and runs Mailchimp: “In the early days, he recalled, he’d eagerly relate company news to his wife when she got off her shift as a nurse: “I’d say ‘We got two new customers today! Two!’

– My favorite neighborhood bookstore, Books are Magic, featured on Lifehacker.

A guide to digital parenting. Thank you, Cool Mom Tech!

– These wooden birds are all kind of magical.

– Not sure what you call this, but I like it.

– Really loving Alia Bright’s Typographic paper art.

– I just spent way too much time on this.

– This banana flask made me giggle.

– This rainbow rug makes me happy.

– I want this nook in my home.

The U-curve of happiness: Why old age is a time of psychological bliss

– I am in love with these modern prism-shaped treehouses. Just a concept for now.

– If you like graphic, colorful towels, you’ll like these.

– I would love to own this sculpture.

– David Beckham is a polite, calm human: The David Beckham Statue Prank

– Stunning collages by Frank Moth

iPhone charging tips.

– Some of these hotel fails made me laugh.

– I can’t take my eyes off these paper cut illustrations.

– You love dogs? Then you’ll dig this Tattly Dog Days Sheet designed by Rifle Paper Co.

– There’s a plethora of cool jobs (full-time, part-time, remote, freelance) currently listed on the CreativeMornings job board. (Signing up for a company profile gets you *unlimited* job postings, and quite possibly more clients/gigs.)

Friday Link Pack

Skip to 1:16 for the song to start.

– The Wally Shop is a package-free grocery store. Everything is being delivered in reusable packaging, picked back up again for reuse.

– Man explains valuable life lesson using two lighters.

Ikea’s new curtains purify the air inside your house

Traveling House Sitters. I love this. This couple housesits full-time. HEROES!

– I want to put this CONFIDENTIAL envelope on my desk and pretend really important stuff is inside.

White & White Clock

Let’s Do the Proust Questionnaire

A creative person’s guide to thoughtful promotion

– “The minute you choose what you really want to do, it’s a different kind of life.”

Stunningly minimal, handmade quilts!

– A national park ranger set up a typewriter in Grand Canyon National Park to “see what would happen as visitors came upon it.”

– “There is never a good time in conversation to bring up the fact that you don’t have feet.” How I lost my legs and gained

– This made me laugh: Crowd Goes Nuts for Extremely Satisfying DVD Logo Bounce

The Modern Creator’s Paradigm — A Reason for More Critique and Accountability (via)

– Why airlines are cracking down on “skiplagging” — the hack that savvy travellers use to fly for less.

– How would you respond if you asked someone for their card, and they handed you this?

– The one comment I keep getting in regards to the CreativeMornings job board: The nicest people always come through our platform. YAY!

– Did you know Tattly has a subscription? The gift that keeps on giving.

– A big thank you to Lingo for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

Friday Link Pack


On Shallow Work (via)

30 Legendary Startup Pitch Decks and What You Can Learn From Them

– An Interactive Map of the 2,000+ Sounds Humans Use to Communicate Without Words: Grunts, Sobs, Sighs, Laughs & More

– My 9 year old enjoyed this video: Animals You’ll (Strangely) Never See In Captivity.

– My friends at FictiveKin created a fantastic new LIVE meditation app called Tap In. It’s a daily, ten-minute meditation appropriate for everyone whether new or experienced. This is powerful!

– Wonderful to see Pinterest’s response to harmful misinformation

– I feel this Tweet.

– The Bell Jar Light will give your most loved items pride of place in its museum-style glass case complete with unique, built-in illumination.

Unti-tled is a pocked guide to art in New York City right now.

7 of the Best A/B Testing Tools for 2019

– “The amount of love and care you put into a project is always apparent. Even if people are not conscious of it, they can sense when you have paid attention to every little detail.” From Hurrly Slowly

Three Questions for Effective Feedback

– Ever see little things moving across your field of vision? This is what causes those little floaty things.

– I love you Open Culture: Myths from around the world

– This thread is pure gold: What (online) design publications would you recommend?

Reasons for a bad mood. This made me laugh.

– These wind maps are beautiful.

– Michael Ventura: Self-Observation Is the Skill of the Future

– I am ok with this tea towel.

– Nature, you’re drunk! 5 Facts about the Blobfish

– I can’t get enough of this dog walker in Saratoga lining up his pups.

– One day I will have a perfect spot for the Componibili 3 Tier by Kartell

This Twitter thread on Dementia is heartwarming. My grandmother suffered from it and it was hard to see her mind go. I do remember her moments of wit and clarity in between all the fog.

– Come work with me at CreativeMornings! We’re hiring a Partnerships Coordinator

– Love love love the brand new Tattly Petite Produce Sheet by Jess Chen.

– Check the CreativeMornings job board for full-time, part-time and freelance jobs. As well, internships!

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Friday Link Pack

(via The Kid Should See This)

– “I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it is.” Greta Thunberg, 16 year old environmental activist, her poignant speech at the World Economic Forum can be found here. (via)

The Atlas of Endangered Alphabets: A Free Online Atlas That Helps Preserve Writing Systems That May Soon Disappear

– Need to name something? This site will help you.

The Abandoned Grandeur of Crumbling Palaces Showcased in Large Format Photographs by Thomas Jorion

– Loving this ombre side table.

These Galapagos tortoises dated for almost 100 years and then they broke up and now they hate each other and no one knows why.

A website that automatically generates new human faces, generated through AI. Refresh the site for a new face. (via Wesley)

The Tiny Swiss Company That Thinks It Can Help Stop Climate Change

The 20 Most Influential Academic Books of All Time

– I dig this Levitating Moon Lamp
– I dig these banana pjs.

Download Free Coloring Books from 113 Museums

Where does your recycling go?

– I’ll be speaking at CollabFest at Clemson University on February 28th. Join?

I agree with Simone.

– I wish these custom name bath towels came in black and white. I am trying to find super minimal, modern, customizable name towels.

– Matthew Walker says that sleeping well is the best thing you can do for your health.

– Psst… Tattly is running a rare 30% sale.

– A sentence we hear a lot: “The nicest people always come through the CreativeMornings Job Board!” A truly global job board with full-time, part-time, freelance, internships and remote opportunities.

– A big thank you to Ode to Things for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

Friday Link Pack

– Highly recommend this episode of Hurry Slowly with Cal Newport on Using Technology with Intention. And while you’re at it, check out the episode with Anne Helen Petersen on Errand Paralysis

– Here’s how you stop junk Mail.

– This pet treat container is adorable.

– For Love and Money: Finding Roommates After 40

Always Take a Copy of Your Restaurant Receipt

Minim is a deck of playing cards that considers how much design you can take away while still maintaining a playable deck.

– Simple pleasures: knit your own potholder.

Oink Picasso.

– I enjoy this visual blog, very much.

– Do you enjoy piano music? Dive into this thread.

– A mini oral history of the Mailchimp high five

Rainbow pompom

Craigslist Confessional

– Hey Switzerland, go see this: Look closely or you may miss the incredible Mirage Gstaad, a stunning installation by Doug Aitken.

– I would wear this sweater. No problemo.

How to Make Sense of Things When You Feel Overwhelmed, via Jocelyn

10 Surprising Things I Learned While Writing a Book

– Paula Scher began drawing as an escape. Teachers told her she had no promise or talent. Her parents told her there was no future in the arts. Yet she rose to the challenge and became one of today’s most iconic designers. Find out how.

This t-shirt is made for me.

Tattly DIY Valentine’s cards. (Tattly always come in pairs. You can put one on the card and one inside as a gift!)

– Are you looking to hire a creative, big hearted human? Put your jobs on the CreativeGuild Job Board.

– A big thank you to Parsons Open Campus for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

Friday Link Pack

– This dog sitting at a bar made me laugh.

– So many solid take aways in this post: 50 Ways To Live On Your Own Terms

– Are you looking for advice on landing a design job or having an successful interview? Dann put together a video on some of his personal favorite tips you may not have heard. Some really good tips in there.

– I am intrigued by this Glass Storage Box.

– I totally need a water bottle that cheers me on.

Life Without the Everything Store

Beautiful basket

– This spinning top!

Depth Year, what an interesting concept: What if, for a whole year, you stopped acquiring new things or taking on new pursuits. Instead, you return to abandoned projects, stalled hobbies, unread books and other neglected intentions, and go deeper with them than you ever have before.

– Khemjira Klongsanun ran 19 miles of a marathon carrying a lost puppy she saw on the road, finishing the race with the pup in her arms.

Is paper better, or merely different?

It’s in your self-interest to find a way to be very tender.

Welcome to the City of Champions.

The Web We Have To Save (via Jocelyn)

– It’s cold out, I want one of these.

This made me laugh.

– “Get ready to join the buttered noodle club..” This post made me laugh.

– “Anyone profiting off of deception and impersonation is breaking the law and will be held accountable.

– This is a wonderfully weird Instagram account.

– “A blog is sort of like an exhale.

– Dog lovers, check out this new Doggo Tattly Sheet with illustrations by Rifle Paper.

– This Shower Wine Glass Holder made me laugh.

Apple must give grieving husband access to cloud-stored family photos, judge rules. This will make me share my digital passwords in my will, which I need to finally make. Uh oh.

– Are you hiring? CreativeMornings has a global job board and the one piece of feedback we keep getting: “The nicest people always come through the CreativeMornings listing”. I’ll take that!

– A big thank you to Parsons School of Design for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

Friday Link Pack

(via Chris Glass)

Stoop is like a podcast app, but for newsletters. Can I point out that this is basically an RSS reader and we could all just go back to having our own blogs, instead of using the newsletter like a blog?

– Cal Newport on Why We’ll Look Back at Our Smartphones Like Cigarettes

– Listening to news articles? Audm makes that possible. Also curio. I had no idea this existed.

– I have recently developed a slight obsession with trees. Last week I fell in love with this giant Eucalyptus in California. My friend sent me this article on how you can heal yourself with tree energy. I am into it.

The Evolution of the Alphabet

Outdoorsy is the Airbnb of RV Rentals. How cool!

How to Be an Artist: 33 rules to take you from clueless amateur to generational talent (or at least help you live life a little more creatively)

– The CymaScope is the first scientific instrument that can give a visual image of sound and vibration in ways previously hidden from view.

– Jessica Hische has a new Skillshare class!

– Librarian Transforms 110-Year-Old Tree Stump into Free Community Library

– I was in California last week and had a humming bird hang out next to me for a little while. It was magical. I have since been wearing the humming bird Tattly in honor of that heart-opening moment.

5 Compliments that are actually meaningful

Subway GIFs of old NYC.

– I feel this: “If you’re not seeing anything interesting, you’re walking too fast.

How To Be Successful by Sam Altman

– Really enjoyed this interview with Tea Uglow.

Speechify is quite magical.

– Oh, I want to read this book: The Emotionally Intelligent Office

– “Venture capital money kills more businesses than it helps,” says Basecamp CEO Jason Fried

Cool jobs to apply for: There are over 1,000 jobs listed on the global CreativeMornings job board. If you’re hiring this is your chance to tap into this super kind community.

– A big thank you to Parsons School of Design for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

Friday Link Pack

You will be missed, Mary Oliver.

– Taiwanese photographer Annie Wang documented herself and her child over 17 years, layering each image from previous years into new photograph. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

How to make a self-starting siphon

This is what one what of our 1,500 global CreativeMorning volunteers said when asked why she volunteers for CreativeMornings.

The most foolproof ways to toast nuts to your liking

The Best Plug-In Smart Outlet

Beautiful article on late John Bogle, founder of Vanguard, who revolutionized retirement savings.

– I am weirdly intrigued by these Nike grass sneakers.

– This is a flight I want to be on.

How to diagnose a “sick system.(via)

– Loving this seating terrace.

– In this Hurry Slowly episode Jocelyn talks with Cal Newport about his new book Digital Minimalism, the benefits of a 30-day digital declutter, and how managing your “attention capital” is the secret to getting ahead.

How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation: I couldn’t figure out why small, straightforward tasks on my to-do list felt so impossible. The answer is both more complex and far simpler than I expected.

– Maira Kalman | Daily Things to Fall in Love With (via Chris)

Feds can’t force you to unlock your iPhone with finger or face, judge rules

Is Eating Organic Food Better for Us? For the Earth?

– I am not a vegetarian (yet). This article really made me gulp: Eating meat has ‘dire’ consequences for the planet, says report

Parliament Book has documented all parliamentary floorpans & interiors around the world. (via)

– I love this new Tattly space explorer set with illustrations by Oliver Jeffers.

– Cool jobs to apply for: There are over 1,000 jobs listed on the global CreativeMornings job board. Tap into a super kind community.

– A note of gratitude: I was invited to speak at Google yesterday and I was overcome with a giant gratitude wave. I realize I am living a very fortunate life and want to acknowledge that here. Thank you for reading my blog! I appreciate you visiting my little corner of the internet.

And, some of you have been reaching out to me, worried that the Friday Link Packs would be history. Don’t you worry. I was just really busy over the past few weeks and couldn’t give it the time it needs. We are back!

Friday Link Pack

Amy Sedaris’ home tour put a huge smile on my face. She has a rabbit called Tina, who turns out is a male rabbit. She calls her craft room the baby’s room. PINK PAPERTOWELS? Can’t stop smiling.

– You are familiar with Nitch? Right? Follow them on Instagram just for the stories alone.

– This sloth mug made me smile.

– “Many location companies say that when phone users enable location services, their data is fair game. But the explanations people see when prompted to give permission are often incomplete or misleading. An app may tell users that granting access to their location will help them get traffic information, but not mention that the data will be shared and sold. That disclosure is often buried in a vague privacy policy.” Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret

The 100 greatest innovations of 2018 (via)

– I am inspired by this article: Six Years With a Distraction-Free iPhone (via)

Maria Popova’s favorite books of 2018

– Apple has released six classic books read by celebrity narrators. And they’re all free.

– Loving Veerle’s new facelift of her inspiration stream. Nice touch with being able to download the color palettes.

– Great read: The Unifying Theory of Alcohol, by Dan Kieran

This is weirdly fascinating.

– Last year, Popular Science released an interactive graphic about what trace elements are lurking in an average glass of tap water. Yikes.

– Excellent read: How to be an artist. (via)

How to download your Flickr photo library and transfer it to Google Photos or iCloud Photo library

– This Instagram account of Japanese traditional block design is fascinating. (via)

– This vase made me smile.

How to Stop Apps From Tracking Your Location

– Need a last minute gift? Get a Tattly Digital Gift Card. Or buy a Tattly Subscription and say it’s coming!

– A big thank you to Onsen for sponsoring my blog this week.

Cool jobs to apply for: There are over 1,000 jobs listed on the new CreativeMornings job board. Search full time, part time, contract, remote, freelance, internships.

SYPartners in NYC is looking to hire a Strategist.

– The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in Redwood City is hiring all of the roles. The list goes on and on.

Mailchimp is looking to hire a Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

– Herman Miller is looking for a Product Design Intern.

Friday Link Pack

– If you’re constantly needing to access your brand assets (such as logo, colours, fonts, etc.) Brandy allows you to put them in a dedicated little space in your menu bar and keep them in sync with your whole team. (via)

– Put some greenery on your walls.

– I would gladly hang this eraser bauble on my Christmas tree.

– Society6 launched Acrylic Trays and Boxes

Insider Secrets from Restaurant Kitchens (That You Can Use at Home)

Bentostack organizes all of your Apple Accessories.

– Love this full moon sticker for your laptop

This inflatable sculpture only inflates when two people touch the sensors one other side and hold hands. Love this.

Can I pet your dog shirt. My daughter needs this!

Cheerful Despair.

The 100 Must-Read Books of 2018

– David Attenborough: It’s time we humans came to our senses

– These boobie planters made me giggle.

This lake house! Gasp!

How rubber bands are made.

– This is a cozy looking reading nook.

– Love how these Kyoto fire sprinklers are camouflaged in huts.

– A big thank you to Ode to Things for sponsoring my blog this week.

2018 Tattly Gift Guide

Cool jobs to apply for: There are over 1,000 jobs listed on the new CreativeMornings job board. Search full time, part time, contract, remote, freelance, internships.

– The Cooper Hewitt in New York is looking to hire a Director of Communications and Marketing.

Bluebeam in Pasadena is hiring a Sr. Video Producer

Blue State Digital in Oakland is hiring a designer.

See all of the jobs or post your own.

Friday Link Pack

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

– I regularly go through my quotes archive to unearth some gems I have forgotten about. Fascinating to see my personal evolution in the quotes I saved over the years. You can see all of my collected quotes from the last 13 years here.

– These Avocado Chips look delicious.

– This Thumb Wrestling Game could be fun at family gatherings.

– I want to experience this.

Ceramic phone amplifier. Like how this looks.

Urgent versus important

Apply to travel the world for free for 4 months with the sole purpose to make friends.

– This article on leaf blowers made me laugh. I hate them. Wholeheartedly. My neighbor across the street uses one and it turns me into a total hater. “The tragedy of the leaf blower is that it makes assholes of us all, users and neighbors alike.”

6 Things No One Tells First-Time Homebuyers

Revelations in a Wheelchair | A recently disabled New York City photographer gets an education in the discrimination that people like him must face.

This case turns your Apple watch into an original iPod

Michelle Obama’s book tour playlists, curated by Questlove

– “They measured three types of perfectionism: self-oriented, or a desire to be perfect; socially prescribed, or a desire to live up to others’ expectations; and other-oriented, or holding others to unrealistic standards.” The Problem With Being Perfect

– In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. Here are the 17 Goals.

– This seems like a fun game grown-up party game.

– WHAT?! Macy’s used to set the balloons free after the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York ended and offered rewards for their return

– If you’re in NYC, here are two exhibits worth checking out: Hilma af Klimt at the Guggenheim and Do Ho Suh’s translucent apartment at the Brooklyn Museum

– Proud of my team’s approach to the Black Friday Sale: Tattly is donating proceeds to DonorsChoose, supporting art teachers and their projects. Discount code HEARTART30 gets you 30% off until Monday night!

– Thank you Onsen for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week. (Their towels are *the best*!)

Cool jobs to apply for: There are over 1,200 jobs listed on the new CreativeMornings job board. Search full time, part time, contract, remote, freelance, internships.

– My friends at FictiveKin in Brooklyn are looking to hire an office manager and executive assistant.

Who’s There Group in Los Angeles is hiring a Content Editor. is hiring a Senior Product Designer. Remote friendly!

STORY in NYC is looking for a Director of Visuals and Store Design

See all of the jobs.

Friday Link Pack

Umberto Eco’s Antilibrary: Why Unread Books Are More Valuable to Our Lives than Read Ones

– Tara Brach has carried me through the last 3 years. So grateful for her wisdom. I needed to hear this talk/meditation on shifting from Human Doing to Human Being . (via Jocelyn’s Hurrly Slowly Podcast)

How To Win At Rock-Paper-Scissors

– I watched this multiple times.

The Making of a Manager: a Handbook for New Leaders

– My friend Bailey is featured in this article on Quitting Instagram: She’s one of the millions disillusioned with social media. But she also helped create it.

These apps help introduce kids to the all-important world of calm and mindfulness

– This is a beautiful watering can.

– That grating sound a chip reader makes to tell you to remove your credit card? It’s called “sonic trash“: a sound that’s unpleasant, distressing, and degrading to everyday experiences. And the cognitive and emotional effect is greater than you think.

The World’s Largest Collection of Tibetan Buddhist Literature Now Online

– Seth Godin launched a new book, titled “This is Marketing“. Ordered!

– “Reliving the events of 1998 was traumatic, yes—but also worth it, if it helps another young person avoid being “That Woman”-ed.” Monica Lewinsky is a brave soul. I have you haven’t seen her TED talk from, I highly recommend it.

– CreativeMornings is nurturing a rolodex of creative companies and a job board, helping you find your heart-forward creative collaborators. Our events open hearts, these tools open career doors. I am happy about this evolution.

– A big thank you to Ode to Things for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week. Their website, the products their curate, are a visual feast.

Tattly Tins make dinner parties more fun. Also, perfectly fit in stockings.

Friday Link Pack (on Saturday)

I had the chance to experience Crush Club live yesterday. Instant new favorite. Impossible to sit still.

– I always love this list put together by the Do Lectures team: 100 Must-Read Books Of 2018

– In this mini-episode of Hurry Slowly, Jocelyn asks this one question: “Who are you without the doing?” I will have to think on this.

– These food puzzles are delightful.

– Loving these prints by Zach Lieberman.

Helpful rules to follow in times of crisis, for leaders managers, or any human really.

This bookstand made me look.

How to Make and Wear Medieval Armor: An In-Depth Primer

The Man Who Turns Back New York City’s Clocks, Hand by Hand

– I just discovered my Sparketype, a discovery tool created by my friend Jonathan Fields. You can do too. It’s free.

These rugs would look good in my bathroom.

Maria Popova wrote a book.

– Intrigued by these Shoe Skunks

– Worth a listen: Debbie Millman in conversation with Pete Souza

Geo Guesser – A Goole Maps Game (via Seth)

Blocked from the ballot – Stories on Voting in America

– A perfect print for a kids room: Animals by Oliver Jeffers. (A lot of these animals are available as Tattly.)

– This monkey tea bag holder made me laugh.

– Fly hummingbird, fly.

Cool jobs to apply for: There are over 1,200 jobs listed on the new CreativeMornings job board. Search full time, part time, contract, remote, freelance, internships.

Sproutel in Providence is looking for a designer.

Mailchimp in Atlanta is looking for a Director of Marketing Operations.

Herman Miller in Hollan, Michigan is looking to hire a Writer/Editor Intern.

See all of the jobs.

Friday Link Pack

Always coming back to this talk by Brené Brown.

– Jessica Hische illustrated and wrote a beautiful, encouraging bedtime book for children: Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave

How to Check if your Facebook got hacked

– This Censored Tee made me laugh.

– Enjoyed this conversation: Chase Jarvis and Scott Harrison, founder of Charity Water.

– Countertop payment tablets turn gratuities into a public ordeal; ‘It guilts you into it

– All of the control panels.

– Loving this minimal lunch box.

– Can’t get comfortable in your chair? Here’s what you can do.

– Cute! Ben the Cloud Pin.

– LEGO Unveils Fully Functional Wind Turbine Kit With Plant-Based Bricks

– I work out of an open office and get easily distracted. I would give these human blinkers a try.

– Time well spent: Tim Ferris interviews Jason Fried — How to Live Life on Your Own Term

– These mantras for wealth resonate.

– Keep coming back to this one: Is It Better to Rent or Buy?

– Big thanks to noissue for sponsoring my blog this week. (We are scheming to create our own Tattly branded tissue paper!)

– Make sure to check the rest of my posts this week.

Cool jobs to apply for: There are over 1,200 jobs listed on the new CreativeMornings job board. Search full time, part time, contract, remote, freelance, internships.

VSCO is hiring a whole bunch of creative roles. I’d work for them! :)

– The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in Redwood City is hiring 74 roles! Wow! It includes a Designer, a Director of Community, a Senior Software Engineer, a Product Designer and a Copywriter.

Flatiron School is hiring over 90 roles in Seattle, New York, San Francisco and even some remote jobs.

Lorem in NYC is hiring a Graphic Designer.

See all of the jobs.

Friday Link Pack

My son couldn’t stop watching this.

– Yesterday was CreativeMornings‘ 10 year anniversary. So many feelings.

You don’t owe anyone an interaction. (via)

– I want to walk around this Lavender Labyrinth

This app by AT&T has reduced the amount of SPAM calls that come through impressively. Highly recommend!

– Timelapse: Braces Straightening Teeth

– Eileen Fisher: ‘When Was Fashion Week?

Lucky Sweater.

– I love Turkish Towels.

– 8 TED talks that explain difficult topics to your kids

– I keep coming back to this Tower Shoe Rack.

The fastest way to save $1 Million

– I didn’t realize people did this: Here’s a Hack for Alternate Side Parking in NYC

Let Love Reign, A Photography Project on Marriage Equality.

This feather print. Wow!

– I buy a lot of round cheeses. I would love this round cutting board.

Rob Hodgson is our latest addition to our Tattly artist roster. I couldn’t be more excited. Check out The Spooky Squad.

– Big thanks to Refine Packaging for sponsoring my blog this week.

– Make sure to check the rest of my posts this week.

Cool jobs to apply for: There are over 1,200 jobs listed on the new CreativeMornings job board. Search full time, part time, contract, remote, freelance, internships.

– The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in Redwood City is hiring a Designer, a Director of Community, a Senior Software Engineer, a Product Designer and a Copywriter.

Flatiron School is hiring over 90 roles in Seattle, New York, San Francisco and even some remote jobs.

VSCO is hiring a whole bunch of creative roles.

Shopify is hiring in Toronto, Ottawa and even some remote positions.

Handshake in San Francisco is hiring a Senior Product Designer.

Friday Link Pack

(via Emerline)

– If young people voted at a higher rate, our government would look a lot different.

– Is there something you do every day that builds an asset for you?

– Wow. A fingerprint sensor lock.

This throw is a beauty.

– “The Japanese have a word for the act of acquiring books and letting them pile up unread. Tsundoku—a play on the words tsunde (“to stack things”), oku (“to leave for a while”) and doku (“to read”)—is recognizable to book hoarders worldwide.”

– “You might not be a big fan of politics, but you can still participate. All you need to do is vote for people you believe will work on these issues, and if they don’t work the way they should, then it is your responsibility to call them, organize a town hall and demand that they show up — hold them accountable. It’s their job to make our world better.” A Young Activist’s Advice: Vote, Shave Your Head and Cry Whenever You Need To

– Meet the 2018 MacArthur Fellows, 25 exceptionally creative people who inspire us all.

This daybed!

– Oh, these Zucchini Pork Dumplings look delicious!

– Super grateful for this generous feature in Inc Magazine on 100 Female Founders.

Burning Man 2018 in 3 Minutes.

Bring your Human to work seems like a book after my own heart. Ordered.

Camp Grounded looks like something I’d enjoy.

– Gah! This carpet!

– I like this long leather keychain.

– This made me chuckle: Photos of dogs with human-like expression

Dear Jeff Bezos, what are you going to do with all that money?

– I love this design detail: Stairs with hidden storage and a powder room.

– Big thanks to the wonderful folks at Ode to Things for sponsoring my blog this week. Their online store is full of beautiful products. A visual feast.

Cool jobs to apply for:

Nicework in Johannesburg is looking to hire a Head of Digital, a Senior Graphic Designer and a Designer.

Scoppechio in Louisville is looking to hire an Animator/Designer, Copywriter, Art Director, Video Producer and UX/UI Lead.

– The fine folks at Lucid are looking to hire a Project Manager and a Frontend Developer/Designer here in NYC.

There are over 1,200 jobs listed on the new CreativeMornings job board.Search full time, part time, contract, remote, freelance, internships.

Friday Link Pack

Erykah Badu performing at NPR’s Tiny Desk.

Stinging Nettle tea is my latest obsession. I simply like it, but it also has all of the health benefits.

– I want to do this with my kids: Poppy Art with Coffee Filters

The Design System Decision Tree

Are you attending Adobe MAX? My session is just about full, make sure to sign up if you want in. It will be a new and very personal talk.

The glass ceiling is a blubbering overprivileged frat boy.

– 1,100 Classic Arcade Machines Added to the Internet Arcade: Play Them Free Online

– The swing product photo of these flat weave rugs made me laugh. I can totally see how that came about. “Why don’t we put them on a swing set?”

Manifesto of a Doer

– This article made me laugh: Why Is Goat-Cheese Packaging So ANNOYING?

Got too much stuff? Try these 7 tips to help pare down

6 Now-Closed Exhibitions That You Can Still Explore In Street View

– Interesting: How to Use Confidential Mode in Gmail. Emails that self-destruct after a certain amount of time.

– This Walrus Bookends-Thingy is pretty sweet.

A confidential envelope.

– Tattly is running a 25% off fall favorites sale. 25% off. Today!

Cool jobs to apply for:

UncommonGoods in Brooklyn is looking to hire a Graphic Designer

Netflix is looking to fill 37 roles from Singapore, to Amsterdam to California.

Bluebeam is hiring a Sr. Visual Designer, Sr. User Experience Designer, Sr. Font End Developer and a Digital Marketing Director.

There are over 1,200 jobs listed on the new CreativeMornings job board.Search full time, part time, contract, remote, freelance, internships.

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– Wow! Zooniverse is the world’s largest and most popular platform for people-powered research. (via)

– I would LOVE one of these blankets.

String art. Love it.

– Emily Cohen has tons of experience in running and advising design studios and agencies. She came out with a book.

– Please tell me you know about Various Keytags? Right?

Skim reading is the new normal.

– Interesting! Collaborative gift books for your favorite people.

CMYK Rainbows.

– More of this: Phluid is New Yorks’ first ‘gender-free’ clothing store celebrating non-binary fashion.

The Art of Being Completely Alone

– Hey US based folks, are you registered to vote? Do you need an absentee ballot? (No link, just a question!)

This photo!

What if we only worked on projects we’re willing to commit to doing 100 times?

Dense Discovery is a weekly newsletter helping web workers be productive, stay inspired, and think critically. I admire Kai Brach’s work.

Is it true?

– Ooooh! Giant Paper Sculptures Inspired by Microscopic Organisms

– Wait what? You can buy a $4,759 meat slicer in the MoMA store. I would have loved to be in that buyer meeting.

How to run a better meeting

– I keep coming back to this one. I don’t have a dog. But I want this dog bed.

– This new Fuchsias Tattly by Vincent Jeanerot is beautiful.

Cool jobs to apply for:

Herman Miller is looking to hire a Product Manager.

Factory 360 is looking for a lead designer.

Adobe is hiring a Creative Director.

UncommonGoods is looking to hire a COO.

There are over 1,300 jobs listed on the new CreativeMornings job board.Search full time, part time, contract, remote, freelance, internships.

Friday Link Pack

– OMG! Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards!

– I love this new Sea/Dusk print by Christoph Niemann.

Compare iPhone models.

– “Your anger is a sign that somebody has crossed a boundary.

Tim Ferriss and Scott Belsky in conversation.

This auction of Paul Rand work, and belongings, is an absolute joy. (via)

Did you know? “If you start counting from zero your lips won’t touch until you reach 1 million.”

Wealthsimple asked me to talk about money.

– Comedian continues to create witty parodies of bizarre celebrity photos. Made me laugh.

– This throw!

– I like this approach on how to deal with the onslaught of marketing/product solicitations. (I get about 30-50 per week!)

Colorplan is a fun way to play around with color combinations. (via Chris)

Inflatable pug.

– This is one beautiful, wooden step ladder. (Yes, also expensive!)

– These hot water bottles put a smile on my face.

– I love these polka dotted sheets.

– Ever wondered what the world would look like without billboards bus decals, and banners?

When running was for weirdos.

– Today is a Rosemary day for me.

Cool jobs to apply for:

– Better is hiring a Head of Product Design in New York.

– Flatiron School is hiring a Community Marketing Associate in Chicago, Dallas, Denver and more.

– MailChimp is hiring an Android Engineer in Atlanta.

– The Creative Exchange is hiring a part-time Designer/Photographer in Brooklyn (remote friendly).

Asana is hiring a Head of Sales in Sydney, Australia.

There are over 1,000 jobs listed on the new CreativeMornings job board.

Friday Link Pack

Choreographer & acrobat Yoann Bourgeois and pianist Alexandre Tharaud have collaborated on a performance that combines a trampoline, a staircase, and Claude Debussy’s most famous composition, Clair de Lune.

This commercial made me giggle.

Animals interrupting wildlife photographers. The best.

Letters from immigrants.

– I feel this: The Alternative to Thinking All the Time (via)

– So much respect for Cory Booker. Hear him in conversation with Krista Tippett in On Being. (via)

Doodle Addicts is an online art community of 20k+ artists, built by a team of two. Love going through the submissions. Lovely.

– Wow, Coca Cola, you have my respect. This is good. (via)

– My friend Yng recommended this solo show by James Clar about all forms of reality at the Jane Lombard Gallery in NYC. I’ll definitely check it out. (It’s free to see!)

– I can’t stop laughing at this.

Urban wind turbines. Wow.

– For our CreativeMornings Summit last week we ordered Custom Oxford Pennants. They looked fantastic.

Wait for it.

– My kids would dig this beanbag.

– I love this piece of advice my friend Larissa got from her grandfather.

– “Give All” Agency open sourced every method they’ve used with clients for the past 10 years. All available here: Design Strategy Toolkits.

– Oliver Jeffers collaborated with Veja. I’d wear these. (You can get the same designs as Tattly as well)

– I want a family t-shirt like this.

People are creating threads of simple pleasures. (via)

Glyphs App lets you make your own fonts.

– Use this checklist to determine how your three closest friends are positively influencing your life and which areas need improving: Blue Zone Checklists

Cool jobs to apply for:

MailChimp is looking to hire a Senior Product Designer in Brooklyn.
Spredfast is looking to fill multiple roles from Sydney, to Austin, to London to Paris.
Asana is looking to hire UR Engineering interns and content writers.
JustWorks is hiring from Receptionists, to Business Intelligence Analysts, to Products Operation Coordinators. Check them out.

There are over 700 jobs listed on the CreativeMornings job board.

Friday Link Pack

– Dan Cederholm interviewed me for the Dribbble podcast. We had some good laughs.

– Did you get your tickets yet to the NYC edition of Color Factory? I can’t wait to go!

This is what it’s like to drive through a wildfire. My heart rate went up watching this. How terrifying. And how good to know they made it out safe and sound.

– YES! 32 Lessons from this year’s Do Lectures.

– I couldn’t stop laughing seeing this Girlfriend Pillow. (There’s no boyfriend version. I checked.)

No Caller ID

– The Dutch call sprinkles Disko Dip?

– I agree with Joanna: A great, important Twitter thread about race. Worth reading, rereading and sharing.

Kids furniture made from old plastic toys.

Solving the spaghetti problem

International Smart 4 Charger. Want!

Why I use Paper Notebooks in 2018 (via Chris)

– Some of my personal experience made it into this article on divorce.

– You’ve seen this delightful TED talk by Christoph Niemann? Just making sure.

New York Public Library Is Now Lending Out Ties and Other Accessories for Job Interviews

– I love this Large Leaf Bolster Pillow.

Women’s Pockets are Inferior (via Chris)

– I want to play with these Archiblocks

Happy Children Do Chores

– A big thank you Codecademy for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

Cool jobs to apply for:

– First Principle in Brooklyn is looking to hire a Product Designer.
– Seed in Los Angeles is looking to hire a Social Media Manager and a Senior Designer.
Bluebeam in Pasadena is looking to hire a Product Manager, User Experience Designer and Visual Designer.
Herman Miller is looking to hire a Writer/Editor.
Flocabulary in Brooklyn is looking to hire a Director of Sales, an Event Marketing Manager and a VP of Engineering.
Adobe in San Francisco is looking to hire a Copywriter, Community and Social Support Strategist, A Product Marketing Manager and a Creative Director.

See hundreds more jobs over on the CreativeGuild job board.

Friday Link Pack

Happy Weekend Everyone!

– I want to visit this off-the grid, minimal cabin.

The Alternative to Thinking All the Time (via)

– “We now live in a country where it is seen as abnormal, or even criminal, to allow children to be away from direct adult supervision, even for a second.” Motherhood in the Age of Fear

There ain’t no half stepping.

– Adam Grant’s simple trick for actually enjoying your successes (via)

– Artist/designer Ron Hemphill is making a flag a day, for 100 consecutive days. When he is not making flags, he works as Creative Director at a busy start up. Love this!

12 Facts About the Liver

MailChimp made a video game. I love this company so much.

A Definition of Success

– Knowing how painful it can be planning for a tradshow booth, I like the modularity and clean looks of Play Wood.

– The new Wolf Tattly by Victor Melendez is beautiful.

– I aspire to have a living room with such tall ceilings and this much art on the walls one day.

This dog!

The underestimated power of a hand-written ‘thank you’ letter.

– This newsletter archive is full of goodness and inspiration.

– I was interviewed by the Adobe blog folks.

Brooklyn Mom & Pop is a guide to independent, family-run restaurants, bars and stores. Places that do things just as they have for decades. Love this!

– A big thank you Skylar Yoo for sponsoring my blog this week.

Cool jobs to apply for:
Access Ventures in Louisville are looking to hire an Operations, Principal.
Asana is hiring a Product Designer.
California Sunday Magazine is looking to hire a Creative Director and Creative Associate.
We Transfer is looking for a Product Designer in Amsterdam.
Spredfast in Austin is looking to hire a Social Media Coordinator.
Firebelly in Chicago is looking to hire a Project Producer and Design Apprentice.

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– Tattly is having its once-a-year-totally-bonanza-50%-birthday-sale right now!

Women Who Design, a directory of women working in the design industry (via)

A Primer on UX/UI Design

Glyphs App allows you to create Fonts on your Mac

– Completely in love with this cat furniture company. Modern and beautiful cat trees, beds, etc.

Quick, Easy-to-Finish Tasks Build Momentum in the Morning

– Cute overload: Baby throws his hands up after being un-swaddled

Hold Your Fire: The shirt that raises money to support gun control, made by a girl who misses her dad.

5 signs you are doing better than you think you are.

How to Notice and Avoid Dark Patterns Online

– I would love to experience an Outstanding in the Field Dinner.

Hurry Slowly Episode with Austin Kleon – Pencil vs Computer

What pigeons do for fun!

– This 6 month old baby has some epic hair.

– A big thank you to Allen Gannett for sponsoring my blog this week. I’ll definitely give Can You Learn To Be More Creative? a read!

Cool jobs to apply for:

California Sunday Magazine is looking to hire a Creative Director, Creative Associate and Assistant Editor.

We Transfer is looking for a Product Designer in Amsterdam.

Firebelly in Chicago is looking to hire a Project Producer and Design Apprentice.

Alchemy is looking to hire a front-end developer and junior developer. Remote!

MailChimp is hiring a whole army! Some of the jobs that stood out: Senior Producer (Atlanta), Talent Scout (Atlanta), Senior Designer (Atlanta), Software Engineer (Brooklyn and Oakland). See all jobs.

Did you know CreativeMornings recently launched a job board and a creative company directory?

Friday Link Pack

Birds of Paradise mating dance never fails to make me smile ear to ear.

– This quote on love and being patient made me think.

– “People are just less connected with other people…. So *in fact*, there is less community. It’s not just that people feel it, it’s actually happening.

What does sleep do?

– I can’t stop watching this: A guy dropping something in Brasil

– ‘The Erasures’: a collection of oil and acrylic-on-canvas paintings that depict historical paintings of prominent political figures and landscapes, that have had large parts of their form erased.

– “Over-scheduled people develop a kind of tunnel vision. They’re just keeping their heads above water – scrambling from one meeting to the next, or one to-do list item to the next – and they become less insightful, less controlled, and less forward-thinking.”

A complete guide to getting what you want. (via)

– Finally, Slack improved search.

Instapaper is going independent. Wow. Hat tip off to Pinterest.

Five ways to make your presentation better.

– Simone, the queen of silly robots, talks about her experience of having had to undergo brain surgery. Love this woman.

Barack Obama’s 2018 Summer Reading List

What a NYC moment. Made me laugh.

– I never understood why the Venom transactions are public to begin with: Make your Venmo transactions private. Seriously

– And I thought Lyft was the good guy. I guess I was wrong: MIT study shows how much driving for Uber or Lyft sucks

– Love this minimal Rail Wardrobe System.

– I’d call this “winning at life

– Psst… Tattly launched a new website last week. Who knew filtering 700 designs by color is so much fun?

– A big thank you to Fundit for sponsoring my blog this week. Their service is super cool. I have some ideas on what t-shirts I want to make…

Cool jobs to apply for:
Did you know CreativeMornings recently launched a job board and a creative company directory?

– Ultravirgo in Brooklyn is looking to hire a Graphic Designer.

– The fine folks at HelpScout are looking to hire a Lead Product Manager. This position is remote.

– Spredfast in Austin is looking to hire a Creative Director.

– MailChimp is looking to hire a Senior Product Designer for their Brooklyn Office.

Asana in SF is hiring 65 folks: From head of sales, to a German speaking Sales Rep. It’s like a buffet of jobs.

View all 400+ global job listings here.