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– This made me smile: Black Dog

– Oh, this is a pretty power outlet.

Why the fat bears are already getting so fat

The Manager’s Guide to Inclusive Leadership — Small Habits That Make a Big Impact (If you don’t follow First Round, you should)

How to help your Black friends and non-Black friends today.

Caramelized Zucchini Phyllo Pie

– Turning It Around is a community-rebuilding livestream concert series. (via)

A library of outstanding poems from across places, eras, and traditions. (via)

– Powerful read: There’s a Divide in Even the Closest Interracial Friendships Including ours.

This Twitter thread is gold, outlining exactly and precisely how Paul Jarvis use an online course with a funnel to generate both inbound clicks and then sales

Baseline, a Decades-Long Film Series About Climate Change

– This rubber and brass bin made me look.

– Oh, I love these reusable chalk board garden markers.

– Love these modular textile room divider focus screens. is a question and answer platform. On, you can create your own page to answer questions in public from anyone you share your link with. It’s free with no ads.

– I am excited to hear Paul Jarvis share insights about the concept of “Owning your Content” in 2020. He is a prolific designer, podcaster and author. He wrote Company of One, is the co-founder of
Fathom and the host of a podcast called Call Paul. You can sign up for the event here. It is happening on Wednesday July 21st at noon ET.

– Design Milk is hiring a Social Media Content Manager to work remotely. (Thank you for using the CreativeMornings job board!)

The Best Kids’ Podcasts for Sheltering at Home (My kids (10 and 14) were addicted (!!) to Six Minutes.)

Rose Wong’s new Tattly are glow in the dark. And amazing.

– Thank you MODA for sponsoring my blog this week. Did you check out their week-long summer design camps that cover topics like architecture, Minecraft, robotics, coding, game design, sustainability, AR/VR, Roblox, and even pinball?.

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I am deeply moved by the work of The Compassion Prison Project.

– ‘Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over‘- Shortcut app allows iPhone users to quickly record police

– Matt Trombley: The beauty and complexity of finding common ground

– In an effort to cut down on plastic I purchased a shampoo bar and conditioner from Ethique. After a little getting used to, I can say: I love it.

– New Virtual Tool Lets You Rickroll Your Next Zoom Meeting. may only be around for a short while (it likely violates Zoom’s terms of service), so spread that ’80s corniness while you still can.

The science behind spinning 200 hula hoops at once

– Milan’s San Siro stadium is imagined as a tree-filled monument to the victims of COVID-19. Gasp.

The Black Artist Fund is an initiative giving money directly to Black artists to combat systemic inequity in art. (via)

– This Oak Desk Trolley is LOVELY!

100 Black Owned Businesses to Support

– An Obsession with Retro Japanese Rounded-Corner Windows

The Bento Society by Yancey Strickler.

– I would love to own these skillets.

In the Covid-19 Economy, You Can Have a Kid or a Job. You Can’t Have Both.

– Love this little house storage box. (I would also rest books on the roof.)

Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man: A conversation with Emmanuel Acho about race that many white people have never been able to have.

Yes please!

Mama raised a revolution tote.

– Oh my. Personal Protective Pods are Here. Originally designed for rain, Under the Weather’s products have been adapted for COVID-19. The photo of the teacher wearing one is killing me.

– I am in the market for a bike helmet. Currently looking at Closca. Anyone have a strong opinion on this subject matter? If so, please leave a comment below?

The Basecamp Handbook is incredibly impressive.

– Currently reading: Rise Sister Rise

The Art of Noticing. Rob Walker invites us to look at the world around us with fresh eyes in his book of exercises, challenges, and observations.

This! Be the reason some believes in the goodness of people.

– One of my goals of 2020 is to become a more intentional, better listener. A few days ago I stumbled upon this helpful video by Kristen Lisanti. I am now trying to listen with whole body. That resonates. I am a big believer of a full body yes!

Raising kids to be good collaborators with 4 simple lessons

Listen to the trees.

– “In quarantine I’ve been aware of the intellectual stagnation that comes when you stop physically seeking out and experiencing new things. There’s a loss that comes from not meeting strangers, not doing things just for the hell of doing them, not having everyday avenues of discovery and surprise.” Jia Tolentino

Tattly is shipping wholesale and custom orders again. If you have a store and want to carry Tattly, please reach out and if you want to create custom tattoos, we are here for you! And, as always, you can place an order online and we will ship a little bit of fun and joy to whoever you think needs it.

– Looking for a new job? Looking to hire? The CreativeMornings Job Board is here to help.

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I love Alicia Keys and NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts.

HEY by Basecamp is aiming to change how we think about email. I got an account and I can attest it’s an impressive and innovative take. Here’s a recording of a 90 min Q&A with the founders.

– This is brilliant: The world’s most simple ‘sorting by size’ system

– What a loss for the design world: Milton Glaser, Master Designer of ‘I ♥ NY’ Logo, Is Dead at 91

Frame of mind.

Making Music in Excel

– This is fascinating: How giant ships are built. (via Chris)

– Acclaimed Japanese Jazz Pianist Yōsuke Yamashita Plays a Burning Piano on the Beach

I asked on Twitter what movies I should introduce my 14 year old to. 220 kind humans commented. What a thread!

White Debt. Reckoning with what is owed — and what can never be repaid – for racial privilege.

What is owed. If true justice and equality are ever to be achieved in the United States, the country must finally take seriously what it owes black Americans.
By Nikole Hannah-Jones

– As I could love Maria more. Check out these face masks featuring wondrous centuries-old astronomical art and natural history illustrations.

– Wholesome content: This is how a kidney bean grows over a 25 day period

– I heard so many good things about Keyboard CEO. Now available as an online course.

Dwarf Lemur sees strawberry for the first time!

A video web series by Austin Channing Brown, Chi Chi Okwu, and Jenny Booth Potter featuring conversation on the real topics of race and justice.

– Yes, I would love to own one of these Extra Large Dutch Bread Boards

The Black Founders List.

– This soothed my soul: A blue-and-white flycatcher bathes in a Japanese bird bath

This Tweet made me think and then nod in agreement.

Dropbox officially launches its own password manager and a secure vault for your files

– Whoa! This is stunning.

– Are you a Creative Warrior? If so maybe this course by the wonderful James Victore is for you: James will help you feel confident and inspired, help you believe that you deserve to be seen, heard, and to help you make your mark in the world, with love.

– “Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of a company’s actions; they serve as its cultural cornerstones. … Aspirational values are those that a company needs to succeed in the future but currently lacks.” Make Your Values Mean Something, by Patrick M. Lencioni

– A course: in Race and Cultural Diversity in American Life and History

– Intresting read: Doomscrolling Is Slowly Eroding Your Mental Health

– I love me a skateboarding rainbow.

– Did you know you can attend CreativeMornings around the world now, virtually. As well learn something new at a community led, virtual Fieldtrip.

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Anti-Racism Daily is your daily reminder to dismantle white supremacy by Nicole Cardoza

This made me laugh.

Critical Conversations: Dr. Robin DiAngelo on White Fragility and Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism (Via Kai)

Ava DuVernay’s Selma and 13th Available to Watch Online for Free

Adobe launches Photoshop Camera, a free app with tons of elaborate face filters

– My friends cooked an incredible meal on this cast iron, hibachi-style grill for me last night.

Aarron Walter is a tremendously thoughtful human and I can’t wait to read the second edition of Designing for Emotions.

– I appreciate Sonya Renee Taylor’s sharing on White Supremacy. I am glad I found her. I have work to do. I am doing it.

15 Children’s Books by Black Authors

How bubble engineer Melody Yang makes mind-blowing bubbles

– “And let’s be honest, there’s something a little thrilling about a first kiss being taboo again.” What Single People Are Starting to Realize, By Nayeema Raza

21 Black-authored cookbooks to add to your shelf. (via)

– I was featured on the C2C Podcast by Bevvy Labs talking about the CreativeMornings Community!

How to Be Alone When You’re Really Bad at It

– Ever get a recommendation for a movie or a book or a podcast and don’t know where to save it? Anygood (iOS only) is that place: an app for personal recommendations. (I personally use someday lists in TeuxDeux) (Via Kai)

– A big thank you to Float for sponsoring my blog this week.

– With the shelter-in-place order in NYC, I have been personally fulfilling every single Tattly order for the past 3 months. For all of you who have placed an order and written a note during check-out, *thank you*! Not being to sell to stores has really hit us hard. Hope things will look up soon. Send some fun!?

– CreativeMornings has moved all event from IRL to digital. I am proud of this community and how we have collectively pivoted into the online event space. We also offer community led workshops now, we call them FieldTrips. They are WONDERFUL!


– My friend Libby takes a long walk every monring. It has changed her life.

Bookshop is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores.

Learn To Do Everything Lightly

The Loss of Chance Meetings

David Bowie in 1983 Asking for More Black Artists on MTV

Leading with Love

The Sharing of Joy

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– “Defying the constraints of physics as if frozen in time and space,” four live performers appear to be floating, leaning on the air, frozen while falling, or something more. This is Xu Zhen’s In Just a Blink of an Eye at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles.

-I have work to do. A resource to white people and parents to deepen our anti-racism work.

– This made me smile: A Zoo in Japan is Using Stuffed Animal Capybaras to Maintain Social Distancing. Imagine this in NYC bars!

This planter makes me chuckle.

Distance Disco is a digital matchmaking dance party: find the person dancing to your song!

– I love NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts so much and I am so happy to see they adapted to the challenges at hand with nobody being in offices to keep the series alive. I love this Tiny Desk (Home) Concert with MILCK. If don’t know her but you’re wondering why she looks familiar. It might be because of this.

– From Camping To Dining Out: Here’s How Experts Rate The Risks Of 14 Summer Activities (via Chris)

Second life toys – I first thought if was just a cute project about fixing your stuffed animals, but then I realized, by watching the video, that it has a much deeper cultural goal to get Japanese to open up to organ donations. Interesting. (via)

– As he does every year, Bill Gates has shared his reading list for this summer. This time around, he’s included more than his usual five picks and many of the recommendations have a connection to the ongoing pandemic

– This fried shrimp umbrella made me giggle.

Jiggy has the coolest puzzles.

– I have been personally shipping every single Tattly order since March 15th. We have been hit really hard and it’s making my heart hurt. If you ever wanted to support us, now would be a good time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

– A big thank you to Oak for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

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I have always wanted to visit Vienna. After watching this, more than ever.

– This bike watcher mirror seems cool. I think my 14 year old would like it to do her makeup.

– Is this what Summer 2020 looks like?

– I had no idea Celery Vases were a thing.

– I love Staghorn Ferns. This post you how to propagate your current one.

– Local Brooklyn Heights honey! So cool!

– I watched this and couldn’t believe the peanuts part. I had no idea this is how peanuts grow! Wow!

Everything is Going to be All Right read by Andrew Scott

– Now that plastic bags are banned in NY I am always making sure I have bags with me when I go shopping. I am tempted to buy this shopping set for my car.

– The Plumbus Product page and description made me giggle. “Full size, genuine and official Plumbus made with only the finest Dingle Bop and re-purposed Scleem. Uses organic Fleeb to rub the Dingle Bop before highly trained Schlamee spit and rub it. Blanffs then carefully rub the Chumples before shaving away the Plubus and Grumbo leaving a perfectly formed Plumbus, which as everyone knows is then ready to do anything and everything. Includes a display stand to beautifully show and rest your Plumbus. After all every home should have a Plumbus.”

– This is a pretty sweet reversible tote that Rothy’s came out with. Made with 100% recycled materials. Handles & stripes made from ocean-bound marine plastic and Rothy’s signature thread (spun from plastic water bottles).

Hooray for Rosé.

– I posted about this print a while back. And I just realized I can own a print and put it up on my wall, as a daily reminder. It’s such a beautiful message. Ordered! (I love how they show the sizes!)

– Speaking of prints. I love this photo. I just learned I could buy it as a mounted canvas. Tempted!

Jocelyn says I’ll Split It With You is great for tracking your budget with loved ones or roomies. Oh, wait, my roomies are my cat and my kids. Never mind!

Shape Up is a free online book for teams who struggle to ship.

– I appreciate Thom Wong’s idea of ‘passive income for the soul’. (via Kai)

Woman wears hippo suit to safely hug mother in nursing home

– Pop-Up Magazine is premiering Spring Issue: At Home, their first-ever online show. Join the show and sign up for their exclusive storytelling CreativeMornings FieldTrip with their team. I am so there!

– 14 ways people are finding joy (in spite of everything).

This made me laugh. Quarantine humor. – a website that plays a few seconds of random YouTube videos with almost no views. (via Recommendo)

– These elaborate squirrel backyard photoshoots made me laugh.

LibraryThing, a free community for book lovers. A welcome alternative if you’re tired of Goodreads or just want to get away from Amazon. (via Kai)

50 Fun Things to Do When You’re Bored. There are some good ideas in there.

– Consider bookmarking the upcoming virtual CreativeMornings events and FieldTrips page. (Today I attended a free FieldTrip introducing me to the American Sign Language, as well a historic walk through a park in Boston. Amazing!)

– With all the stores closed that are carrying Tattly, my labor of love has been hit hard by what’s happening in the world. We are holding on by a thread with online sales, which I personally pack up and ship every week. Happy to report our popular Tiny Tins are back in stock! Help this small, woman-owned, artist-supporting business and send some fun!

– Thank you Creatives Roundtable for sponsoring my blog this week.

Earlier this week:

– Obama Speaking Out Against Call-Out Culture


A blow-up scooter? Made me laugh.

– I know this landscape oh so well: The Maker’s Map

Link Pack

One Fine Day: David Byrne Performs His Hymn of Optimism and Countercultural Anthem of Resistance and Resilience with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Progressive International unites, organisse, and mobilises progressive forces behind a shared vision of a world transformed.

Bertrand Russell’s Optimism

– This solution to enforce social distancing in a German cafe with pool noodle hats made me laugh.

– Parents! IKEA’s quarantine campaign illustrates six ways to make furniture forts
This little video put a smile on my face.

These ceramic cups are lovely.

Discover 10 of the World’s Zaniest Buildings

– “What can we do together even while we are alone?” With 100+ Juilliard students and alumni, at home together. Read more about the creation of ‘Bolero Juilliard

Adobe MAX 2020 is going digital. Loved my experience of giving a talk at Adobe MAX 2018. Here it is.

This Tweet made me giggle.

How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users

– I am about to put my winter clothes away and these storage bags would be perfect for that.

Listen to unlimited Hay House books for $5/month. I am so into this. (Thank you Youmna!)

Yoyoma’s songs of comfort are everything. Everything.

Watching birds is a way of mobilizing attention, to turn it into a means of imaginative escape

– I would love to see this IRL. Stunning.

– Some useful tips in here: The Beginner’s Guide to Financial Success

– I want one of these stoop tables.

– I learned how to use Dr. Bronners as insecticidal soap on my plants.

Earlier this week:

– Moving new song and message by OK Go.

This art installation looks delightful.

Hermann Hesse’s 100-Year-Old Love Letter to Trees

Modern Mountain House in Poland

Hidden Storage Drawer

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

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– Seeing this, I will never complain about wearing a face mask again.

– Yes please: Mini Dutch Baby Pancakes

Zen Japanese Rock Garden Toast

– Life is not just a random series of events that happen because you did it right or you did it wrong. Instead, it is an intelligent unfolding that is revealing itself to you all day long, bringing you step-by-step from unconsciousness into a state of higher consciousness. (via)

– An unofficial* directory of the best custom slack emojis

How to date in 2020. Ouch!

– Since actual travel has basically come to a halt, take virtual world tour with live webcams of famous places around the world. (via Coudal)

– I like this guy: Man Continuously Tries To Embarrass His Wife During Her Zoom Calls By Hilariously Photobombing Them

Want to play board games online with your friends, while in quarantine? This post will tell you how. Awesome.

Google sheets tips.

Top 40 Favorite Design Studio Sites in 2020

How to Set Up Medical ID on Your iPhone

– Oh, I love this bird shelter by Eva Solo.

Nick Cave is showing us a new, gentler way to use the internet (via)

– I never understood the appeal of smashing a piñata, until now.

Beautiful and sustainbly sourced march for brands. They seem to be just starting out but I love the aesthetic and approach.

– I am so happy to have discovered the Grateful Chellist. I started listening to her in the morning, after I wake up.

Hands-Free, reusable shoe covers that automatically wrap around your feet when you step on them. Cool.

– This acorn twine holder would make for a cute gift.

– Electronic National Geographic Jigsaw Puzzles.

– I like the big wheel on this suitcase to go down stairs, also, pushing instead of pulling? Pretty cool.

– Want to learn something new and be in a virtual room with 200-300 kind hearted, fun, creative humans from all over the world? Check out the upcoming CreativeMornings Virtual FieldTrips. The joy and kindness is palpable during these mini workshops! See for yourself! And yes, they are *free*!

– Do you have family members and friends who could use a dose of happy? A moment of joy? Send them some Tattly. I am personally packing up and shipping every order. And, you should know, I read all of your wonderful check-out order notes. They give me LIFE!

Earlier this week:

Gate A-4

– This is beautiful: Singularity

German Bus Stops. Oddly fascinating.

I hope you find the kind of love that makes you a softer person

Color is a beautiful thing

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

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Mark Epstein: The Importance of Uncertainty

– This article makes my heart ache for all of the restaurant owners out there: My Restaurant Was My Life for 20 Years. Does the World Need It Anymore? (I recommend you listen to it, with an introduction by Gabrielle at the beginning!)

– This is WONDERFUL: 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice, from no other than Kevin Kelly

How to Deal With Career Anxiety in Uncertain Times

– I enjoyed some of the nuggets of wisdom Neil Gaiman shares in this video compilation.

– How incredible talented is Jocie Juritz?

– Here’s where you can screen Beyond the Visible, a movie on Hilma AF Klint.

New York Is Wounded. I Miss It More Than Ever.

– I enjoyed this TED talk by Caroline McHugh on The Art of Being Yourself. Also, her outfit is incredible!

– NYT architecture critic leading virtual tours of Manhattan’s skyscrapers (via Dezeen)

This feels about right.

– I feel this so much: Why do video meetings might feel more “exhausting” than in-person meetings.

Refillable on the go hand sanitizer bottles.

– I recently wrote about how much my kids love Blinks. They just launched a Kickstarter for 20 new games!

– I have finally given Marco Polo a try. What a super fun way to stay in touch with friends and family.

– I like the look of Super solid object 1.

– Whoa, this bike! Obviously not practical but fun to look at.

Love this puzzle.

– You can attend a plethora of free virtual FieldTrips over on CreativeMornings. They are soul-nourishing, warm, funny, generous. See for yourself. This community is generosity and kindness personified.

On a personal note: Ever since we went into lockdown, over 5 weeks ago, I have been the one fulfilling Tattly orders. Every Monday I enter our empty office, with a heavy heart, but *so* grateful that there are still orders coming in. I am not sure what the future holds. I had to let most of my staff go, which is something I haven’t been public about, as I am feeling a lot of shame and guilt around it. I am hoping to find a way for Tattly to live on, even considering it might be someone else leading it into its next chapter. The brand is strong and loved and full of potential. Trying to trust and be open to all of the possiblities. Hugs to everyone who is going through a similar experience.

Earlier this week:

I want this desk.

I am fascinated by the idea of the idea of a more feminine economy.

“The universe is conspiring behind your back to make you a success. This will be much easier to do if you embrace this pronoia.” — Kevin Kelly

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog.

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(A Social Distance)

– So much respect for Threadless: Artist-Designed Face Masks by Threadless Give Medical Supplies to Communities in Need

– This thread is everything: David Bowie as ice lollies.

Comfort Cooking

– An incredible collection of Do Not Disturb signs from around the world. (Via)

Layering a nylon stocking over a homemade cloth mask can boost its ability to filter out small particles in the air, a new study finds.

– This is a visually pleasing and smartly designed toilet paper stand. Also, by the same brand, Umbra, a toilet paper holder that mounts to the wall.

Six Great Questions to Ask Our Elders (via Chris)

Daily lessons from BBC

– My dear multi-talented friend Jocelyn is offering a 12 week course to reconnect with your body, open your heart, and bring your intuition online. It’s called Hi-Fi. (She is also the force behind Hurry Slowly. She has a magic touch.)

– I love that Basecamp came out with a personal tier: Basecamp Personal is the 100% forever-free version of Basecamp you can use with up to 20 people to manage 3 projects together. Home improvement, travel, freelance, hobbies, even making your own EP.

– This pandemic is a pivotal moment for CreativeMornings: Not only are our hosts fearlessly moving our events online, our community is also stepping up and teaching each other, for free. Check out this incredible list of upcoming FieldTrips. They are all free. Completely, totally free.

The Need for a Cry

– This is a beautiful Nordic Teapot.

This is wholesome.

Studio Ghibli Releases Backgrounds for Video Conferencing

– I hope Tattly will make it through this time. With all stores that carry us closed, the only source of income we have is online sales. Most don’t realize that wholesale is our biggest source of revenue, so stores being closed hurts us real bad. I thank all of you who have generously placed an order in the past few weeks and left a note during the check-out. I see them all, as I am personally fulfilling every order that comes in.

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Smokey Robinson spends a good three minutes trying to maintain composure while a googly-eyed letter U with an ironclad grip and no concept of boundaries tries to hug him. Oddly funny!

– What are you doing at 4:30pm ET on April 25th? I’ll be tuning in to the 2020 version of The Universe in Verse, one of Maria Popova‘s labors of love. The line up is completely bonkers and breathtaking.

– This made me laugh out loud: A teacher taking attendance in 2026.

Love is real. Twitter thread.

My kids love Blinks.

– “Leading a team is a great privilege, never more so than when things are at their worst. Don’t miss your chance to live up to it.” The hard way, by Mandy Brown.

8 board games you can play over FaceTime or Zoom for remote fun with friends

Is It Even Possible to Focus on Anything Right Now?

This is one cool dad.

– What do countries with the best coronavirus responses have in common? Women Leaders!

– I want to wear something like this on my next video call.

– Now this is a “fruit bowl” I can get behind.

Remote work for design teams: Learn the best practices for running a remote design team, and discover how designers can help teams collaborate while working apart.

– Welcome to the Bird Library.

8 Feel-Good movies you should watch right now, according to Nancy Meyers

– I like this wooden vinyl player.

These woven Bookmarks are lovely.

– Miss your office sound-scape? Try this. (via Chris)

The best NYC documentaries to stream right now

– A travel size cheese puzzle. Yes please.

This home! I can barely breathe. (via Coudal)

– I mentioned in last week’s Link Pack that my company Tattly is hurting. Many of you have placed an order to support us. Thank you! I don’t know if we will make it through this storm. For now, I am singlehandedly fulfilling orders that come in carrying them over to the nearest post office. If there was ever a time you wanted to surprise someone with some Tattly, or buy some for yourself, this is a good moment. PS: I see your kind check-out-notes. I appreciate you!

– Thank you Float for sponsoring my blog this week. Float is a collaborative resource management tool to plan your projects and schedule tasks, in real time.

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This made me laugh.

– This is cute: Rainbow shaped beach towel.

– Secretly dreaming of this setup: Using a DSLR as a Webcam (via)

Sea Otter Cam.

Care Package | Poems, meditations, films, and other cultural nutrients for times like this, curated with love by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center.

Funeral and End of Life Planning (via)

25 things we’ve implemented at Front to keep a great culture while being remote: Skincare Fridays made me laugh. Scroll down for the photo of people on Zoom wearing beauty masks.

10 Famous Siblings Who Conquered the World

– Zach Lieberman and WeTransfer launch in-browser painting canvas, Color Push

– Can’t pay rent because of the coronavirus? This site is supposed to help you explain your rights to your landlord. SixFifty also released a similar tool for homeowners to generate letters to their mortgage lenders.

– OMG! Getty Museum asks people in self-isolation to recreate classic artworks

– I love this minimal salt vessel.

– I love my friend Libby: I’ve walked the circumference of the earth—here’s what it taught me about creativity in quarantine

– Ai-jen Poo | This Is Our (Caring) Revolution

– This Cook’s Book Kitchen Scale is cute.

– I think at this point everyone in New York State has a little bit of a crush on Andrew Cuomo.

Face Mask Aid NYC is a collective of fashion industry volunteers collaborating to deliver face masks to essential workers on the frontline as quickly as they can sew them. My team member Julie signed up and they dropped off a box of pre-cut materials and instructions. Then, she will sew the masks and they’ll pick up and distribute to frontline workers who need them. Wonderful.

Tattly is hurting really bad. If you ever wanted to buy some tattoos, this would be a good time. A generous cut of every sale goes to the artist. Fun fact: I am fulfilling the orders personally.

– CreativeMornings is going digital. You can attend the free chapter events around the world or participate in free “FieldTrips“, workshops led by community members like yourself. And, our job board lets you find your new dream job or talent.

– A big thank you to Peculiar Prompts for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week. Looking for a way to stay busy while stuck alone at home? You’re in luck! Peculiar Prompts: Social Distancing Edition is a free collection of 624 creative prompts designed to break the rhythm of an otherwise mundane existence.

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Couples in Lockdown, a powerful podcast from Esther Perel

This year’s 99U Conference will be a free, digital experience.

– Did you know you can virtually visit vacation destinations from your couch?

Play with your keyboard. (via)

This made me laugh.

– Oh, and this too.

Trees eating things. (via)

Series iOS app allows you to assemble your photos in unique ways and create a carousel that splits photos over multiples frames, optimised for Instagram. (via)

– This is amazing: Create and Egg Wizard with your kids.

Internet Archive offers 1.4 million copyrighted books for free online

– Feeling down? Sad Topography will make you feel more down. (via)

– OMG! Check out all of these free virtual “FieldTrips” organized by generous CreativeMornings community members. I did a craft night last week and it was a thing of beauty. A few coming up: Couples Thriving Through Crisis, Houseplant Basics, Let’s Make Origami, WTF is SEO… so many more. See them all here.

– You can watch Urbanized for free this week.

– I am here for this content: 84-Year-Old Italian Nonna Is Live-Streaming Pasta-Making Classes From Her Home Outside Rome

– Dan Cederholm published a book: Twenty Bits I learned About Design, Business and Community

94 Fun Things You Can Do at Home

How Kinfolk Magazine Defined the Millennial Aesthetic… and Unraveled Behind the Scenes

Soothe Yourself With These Zoo Livestreams

– I love a good breadbox. This is a pretty one.

Tattly is hurting. My heart aches.

– A big thank you to Make it Remote for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

– I am grateful you’re here, in my little corner of the internet. Here’s a virtual hug.

Link Pack

– I virtually danced my heart out yesterday with The Get Down. It was just what I needed. Pure medicine. My friends in other cities joined, I pinned their video and felt like we were dancing together. I love the internet.

– With SXSW cancelled, independent artists missed the chance for their work to be seen. So, Mailchimp built a home for their short films on the Mailchimp Presents platform. Love. This. So. Much.

– This is dedication: Talking Book, a stop-motion experiment

Super kid-friendly video from Vox about the importance of hand washing with soap to kill coronavirus.

– Practical ways to move from chaos to calm. (via)

– A massive list of authors (mostly children’s) reading their books online. (Thank you Ruth)

– I keep coming back to this Hurry Slowly podcast episode with Adrienne Maree Brown: Are you satisfiable?

– I have been on so many Zoom calls this week with hundreds of folks and some of them accidentally started sharing their screen. I didn’t realize there is such a thing as “Zoombombing”. This extensive Zoom guide by my team member and friend Alexa will help you prevent Zoombombing from happening.

This boobie-vase is so funny.

– This Brooklyn Townhouse. Swoon!

DIY Hand Sanitizer Tutorial

Seth Godin says we need to go back to curation. (He says some very nice things about me in this episode. Day made!)

Nothing to see here. (Made me chuckle!)

Netflix Party lets you watch Netflix with your friends online.

These felted bunny slippers are adorable.

Puppies and alpacas.

Free mindful budgeting templates. (via Jocelyn)

– Even tough CreativeMornings is known for IRL (in real life) events, we are moving all gatherings to digital. Today there were over 30 events happening around the world. You can tune in from the comfort of your living room. Check out upcoming chapter events and virtual smaller virtual workshops called FieldTrips.

Tattly is having a really hard time financially. My heart hurts.

Sugar Mouse.

– Thank you Make It Remote for sponsoring my blog this week and sharing a wonderful resource helping us with establishing remote work routines.

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– “You won’t ever know if what you did personally helped. That’s the nature of public health. When the west way to save lives is to prevent a disease rather than treat it, success often looks like an overreaction.”

– The wonderful Amit Gupta wrote a short story. You can read or listen to it here. Good timing, now that we are all pretty much stuck at home.

– Puzzle fans will understand and relate to this Reddit post about a missing puzzle piece.

How to disinfect your phone, tablet etc.

– Lots of great tips in this Fast Company piece on asking the right questions during a job interview (via)

How to organize a community swap meet and why (via)

How to Sing in Tune

Quarantine book club. (via)

Slick gives you a unique email address to use for all your newsletter subscriptions. Once subscribed, read your newsletters in the Slick app and keep them separate from your everyday inbox; unsubscribe with a single click. (via)

How to stop taking things personally. (scroll down) (via)

The perfect demo for kids why using soap is so important. Sound on.

Scribd looks fantastic: The world’s largest digital library, all included in one subscription.

A calm place on the internet. (via)

Next Tuesday Jason Fried, co-founder of Basecamp and author of REMOTE, will host a livestream and give tips on how to work with remote teams. (We are currently remote because of the pandemic and it sure takes time getting used to it!)

– There are a 101 remote job postings currently on the CreativeMornings Job Board.

– The Be Brave Tattly is what we all need right now.

– A big thank you to SaneBox for sponsoring my blog, RSS feed and newsletter this week. I use and love their service!

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This video of Marina Abramovic seeing her former partner Ulay for the first time in years, during her The Artist is Present Performance at the MoMA, always makes me cry. So moving. You can read more here.

– Never use a single-use plastic sandwich bag again. Bring your favorite food and snacks with you wherever you go in these convenient and reusable silicone snack bags!

– Sometimes I want to charge my Apple iPhone but also use my regular plug-in headphones, but I can’t. Node would come in handy.

– I had my US citizenship interview this week. Wonder what questions they ask. Here you go.

– Wonderful Design Matters Interview with Chani Nicolas.

– Such a good read: A creative person’s guide to negotiating

The GIF we all need right now. I admit, Elizabeth Warren pulling out of the presidential race made my heart sink.

– Number 14: Spacial Context

This is a great site for smaller, architectural gems that you can stay in. Worldwide. (via)

How to flip disagreements into something productive: ask open-ended questions like “This clearly matters to you, can you help me understand why?”

A desk is opening up in April at Friend Work Here, my small but mighty, heart-foward cowering community.

The Power of Unplugging One Day A Week. (via Dense Discovery)

This thread: What is one idea that, once you learned it, you started to notice it everywhere?

Wash your damn hands.

Community Building Resources

This is delightful: Danielle went to her local Costco and replaced the signs for sold out items like toilet paper and bottled water with signs for magical items like: health potions, dowsing rods, tarot decks, summoning orbs, soul gems, healing crystals, and invisibility amulets.

– There are over 95 remote positions listed on the CreativeMornings Job Board.

– Did you know a line of temporary tattoos designed by real tattoo artists?

The Alliance of Downtown New York is searching nationwide for an urban explorer to live rent-free just off Wall Street all summer long and get paid to show the world Lower Manhattan through their eyes. (Thank you for sponsoring my blog this week!)

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– This is unreal: Japanese artist Yoshihiro Suda creates hyper-realistic sculptures of plants and flowers in the tradition of Japanese woodcarving.

– I asked on Twitter: What is something you’ve learned you wish you’d known sooner? The responses are wonderful.

– I love cheese. I love puzzles: Tiny Blue Cheese Puzzle.

– Forever mesmerized by Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests

Question Bank for Better 1:1s

12 Life Goal Categories (via)

– This vintage gas station art thingy makes me happy.

Why 1.5 billion people eat with chopsticks

– “But the main observation I came home with after this trip is this: America is a rich country that feels like a poor country. If you look at the investment in and the care put into infrastructure, common areas, and the experience of being in public in places like Singapore, Amsterdam, Paris, and Berlin and compare it to American cities, the difference is quite stark. Individual wealth in America is valued over collective wealth and it shows.” Jason Kottke’s Trip to Vietnam, Singapore, and Qatar

Live generously.

– Tara Brach’s guided meditation on self-compassion.

Bloom: A Touching Animated Short Film about Depression and What It Takes to Recover the Light of Being

– Lady Gaga teases “Stupid Love”, shot on iPhone 11 Pro

– Ink Rx? Welcome to the World of Paramedical Tattoos

Life Stats since you were born. This is so fun! (via)

– Psst.. Tattly is running a leap year sale. It’s just about to end.

– A big thank you to Oak for sponsoring my blog this week. I love and use Dropmark every day.

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LIFT is a film by Marc Isaacs, who set himself up in a London elevator and slowly wins the trust of the residents, creating a humorous and moving portrait of a vertical community.

– Wow, this is supercool: A Journey Through Every Billboard Top 5 Hits since 1960

Female Support System Wall Hook. Funny.

Nonsense NYC is resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in New York City.

Lyles are two-dimensional wooden smiling monsters

– Now this is a cool trivet.

– The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos, a feature-length documentary investigation into Amazon and its founder.

– My friends invited me for dinner last night and up on their screen was this panda live cam. This is everything. Bookmarked!

No Screen Sundays

This 3-Ingredient Sheet Pan Gnocchi Dinner looks delicious

Creative Boom launched a podcast, full of fun and honest conversations with creative people from all over the world

– The Hay Contour Placemat is made from cotton and features edges sewn in a contrasting color. Love it.

Jiggy are puzzles worth framing. Or so the tagline says. Love the glass jar packaging. I love puzzling and always love finding new fun puzzles. Have a favorite? Share in a comment below!

Discover the Ancient Pyramids– Walk around one of the Seven Wonders of the World

– Spend Less Time at the DMV by Submitting Your Real ID Paperwork Online

– Wow, Shampoo bars are a thing?

– I admit I danced through the office when I saw that Apple posted a designer job on the CreativeMornings Job Board.

– Why eat your Kale if you can wear it.

– A big thank you to Float for sponsoring my blog this week

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50 ways to be ridiculously generous — and feel ridiculously good. (via)

– Wow, this visualization of money flows (money, salary, income, revenue, etc) is INCREDIBLY powerful. (via Jason Fried)

– I am always discovering new inspiring creative humans via Hiut Denim’s yearly List of Makers + Mavericks

– Type Nerds, check this out: American Type Founders was a business trust created in 1892 by the merger of 23 type foundries, representing about 85% of all type manufactured in the United States. (via)

Everything You Need to Stock an Alcohol-Free Home Bar, According to Bartenders

– Julie Zhuo asked: “Is there a “love languages” for gratitude? How have you been thanked that’s been the most meaningful to you?” So many good responses to her Tweet.

Self-Care as a Foundation for Love (via)

This wool scarf is my trusted companion these days.

– “Reversing consumerism’s financial and cultural dominance in public and private life is set to be one of the twenty-first century’s most gripping psychological dramas.” Can We Have Prosperity Without Growth?

How to turn off autoplay in Netflix. OMG YES! (via)

– Interesting read: How Employees Prefer to Give and Receive Recognition at Work

Father knitted a data viz blanket of his infant’s sleep patterns

– This is a beautiful couch.

– Don’t think this would feel all that great to wear but still a fun idea: Japanese art student Rie Sakamoto has created a line of clothing made out of rubber bands that are knitted together.

– This made me laugh: “EndZoom is a physical button that ends the awkward existential angst of saying goodbye at the end of ZOOM meeting whilst desperately trying to navigate to the ‘Leave Meeting’ text button within an acceptable timeframe.”

Why Scientists Fall for Precariously Balanced Rocks

– Wow, this Webcam Setup by Dan Mall is pro.

– I will start using this technique from now on: The Immediacy Filter.

When we lose weight, where does it go?

Questions That Lead to Sexual Intimacy. Inspired by: To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This

– I am so very very excited over the launch of the Kale Tattly.

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

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Oh I want to watch this: The Booksellers

– I am so grateful for this wonderful article on my co-working community Friends Work Here over on 99u.

Say it with a pin makes really fun pins. (They sent me some custom ones they made for me and they are stunning.)

11 Reasons Not To Become Famous

– Craig Mod shares what he learned running a paid membership program.

– This is all kinds of wonderful: An Artist Used 99 Phones to Fake a Google Maps Traffic Jam

20+ Questions to Ask for 2020 (via Jocelyn)

– A wonderful 7min listen: Carl Sagan And Ann Druyan’s Ultimate Mix Tape

– I keep coming back to this interview with Adrienne Maree Brown. So full of goodness.

What do you really want? A wonderful (and rare) interview with Michael Singer who wrote the Untethered Soul. A book that changed my life in 2018.

– Tattly’s newest collaboration with Lara Gastinger makes me so very happyy.

– I like this minimal pet bed.

– This minimal and modular shelving system makes me swoon.

– I was recently sent one of these Asparagus Fern Kokedama. It makes me giggle every time I water it.

You, Me, We! is a a super adorable eset of fill-in books that give parents and children an opportunity to express themselves and connect with each other in the process.

This wooden toy telephone is delightful.

Sound Print app lets you find quiet places, date spots, restaurants. I am super sensitive to noise, especially in restaurant settings. I appreciate this so much.

– You are a creatively minded, kind human in search of a new job? Here’s a job board for you matching you with creative companies.

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

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One guy, singing Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer, gets an entire park to sing along with him. This is everything.

Stunning, minimal stool.

Whereby video conferencing is completely browser based, no installs necessary. Just share a URL and start chatting. (via Dense Discovery)

Immigrant hat. Want.

– The No Phone Air made me laugh. Well played.

20 people who quit. (via Chris)

These earrings. Swoon!

What color is your name? (via Coudal)

– Quirky cool: Two Hump Handbag.

This Wifi Network name is so wholesome. Made me smile.

Awesome merchandise makes me want to make, you know, merchandise.

– Gah, this coffee maker!

– “According to the latest research, encouraging your children to think critically about the media they’re consuming is much more important than playing screen-time babysitter.” How to Raise Media-Savvy Kids in the Digital Age

– Favorite place to buy art (or more specifically, prints)? Some good answers in this thread.

– “The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” — Carl Jung

– Yes, there is a global job board for heart-forward creative humans.

Who is the Macaroni to your cheese?

– A big thank you to Float for sponsoring my blog this week

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This made me laugh out loud.

– WOW! Paris Museums Put 100,000 Images Online for Unrestricted Public Use

– Excellent read: The Basecamp Guide to Internal Communication

This smart helmet looks super-impressive.

– FUN: Guessing Names Based on What They Start With

Reasons for Burnout by Frank Chimero.

The Definition of Community

A list of 1000 audiobooks that are free to listen to

Happy 20th birthday, Boing Boing.

– I had no idea Google Spreadsheets could look this good.

– Emma Marris has a five-point plan for dealing with the psychological toll of climate change: How to Stop Freaking Out and Tackle Climate Change

– Can we talk about this bedroom-shower situation? Gah!

– I am a sucker for nice wrapping paper! This one wins!

Macaroni and Cheese Tattly! Finally! Who is your macaroni?

– Find kind, creative humans to spend your work day with: CreativeMornings Job Board.

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Turn of Mind, filmed in my motherland, Switzerland. I miss the mountains.

All of the paper sizes. All of them. (via Chris)

– Rob Walker: It Hurts to Be Present

Good Luck Recipes

Did you know you could turn your AirPods into a makeshift hearing aid? If you have ever had difficulty hearing someone during a conversation, AirPods can be your on-demand hearing aid. Apple introduced a feature, starting with iOS 12, called Live Listen. Once set up, you can place your iPhone closer to the person you want to hear, and the AirPods will produce clearer audio for you. To set up this feature, go into your iPhone Settings and click Control Center.

Why Does Time Slow Down and Speed Up?

– So many books. So much art. This apartment! Wow.

_ I agree with Libby, this is one of my favorite new Instagram accounts.

– This peanut sweater made me smile.

– Now this is a smart travel shampoo and conditioner bottle set.

This skylight. Wow.

– It’s a stool. It’s a scratching post for cats. I love it.

A New York woman dressed as a unicorn has made something as mundane as clearing snow from her driveway a little more magical!

This reference call question is everything.

How Do I Make Plans Without ‘Getting a Drink’?

– I love these paper kits from Japan.

– This toy storage bag is perfect for LEGO, building blocks… etc

– What to Focus on: Happy!

– Are you looking for a new job? Did you know CreativeMornings has a global job board?

– A big thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

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How the X-Ray was invented.

What not to do on your work computer.

– Love this list by the DO Lectures: 12 Books To Help You Write Better

The Decade the Internet Lost Its Joy. What began as cheerful anarchy was devoured by vulture capital and ruthless consolidation

This made me laugh so hard. Watch the video.

– Our new Designer at Tattly, Minjoo, created an incredibly sweet calendar for 2020.

– This. Right in the heart. The hug at the end with his mom completely pushed me over the edge.

Billie Eilish Carpool Karaoke. Fun.

A table on wheels, looking for conversations.

Lego Frida Kahlo

Building a More Honest Internet (via Dense Discovery)

Visualizations that make no sense. It keeps on giving.

– Looking for a last minute gift that keeps on giving? Tattly Subscriptions!

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