Friday Link Pack

(via Jerri)

- 100 Designers each create a wooden toy car. So much YES!

- 35 Gut Checks When Founding Your First Company. (via Michael)

- 46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out. (Thank you Maria)

- You’re into lettering? You’ll love this book.

- Interesting read: Eight UX Design Trends for 2013

- YO! It’s the SEO Rapper. (via)

- Starting a new agency/ Check jargonated for an instant tagline.

- Fiona Richards built a beautiful work table and shares the plans with us.

- This list is full of amazing tips and tricks to work more efficiently online! (Thank you Nate)

- Interesting article: Twitter’s Speech Problem: Hashtags and Hate (via Scott)

- Intense but interesting: Discover North Korea in 2 minutes (via Zach)

- Take a Virtual Tour of the Grand Canyon With New Google Imagery

- Saw this deer paper head and same style horse heads at the New York International Gift Fair a few days ago. Can’t wait until the horse is up on their site.

- Saw this nifty Flygrip at the NYIGF. I tried it and it’s impressively practical. Not sure about the price point though.

- Hackdesign: Receive a design lesson in your inbox each week, hand crafted by a design pro.

- Oh, Everlane is looking to hire an Interaction Designer.

- Jim Coudal is one of my role models. Loved listening to him on the The New Disruptors Podcast (buzzwordy name, but great podcast). (Thanks Rusty)

- Is this what potty training looks like in 2013? Filed under Products the World Doesn’t Need. All kinds of sad. (thanks aaron)

Friday Link Pack

(From the TV Show Mad Men)

- The mighty Jeffrey Zeldman interviewed me for the Big Web Show.

- I want one of these $10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepits

- Lovely, minimal alphabet pillow.

- Vintage Carnival Tickets anyone?

- A list of vendor recommendations by Rob Giampietro.

- Wesley wrote an honest blogpost about Ways to Mess Up Hiring.

- Marc Johns came out with a book: I made these drawings for you

- Queen Elizabeth with 12 U.S. Presidents. (via kottke)

- What astronauts eat.

- The Chrome Niko Camera Backpack looks solid.

- The 10 most beautiful kindergardens in the world.

- “Reviews on Amazon are becoming attack weapons, intended to sink new books as soon as they are published.” Swarming a Book Online, by David Streitfeld

- Useful: How to tie a bow tie

- “All I want is to go to a website, enjoy it for the time I’ve decided to spend there, and then move on with my life,” he continued. “Is that so much to ask?” Internet Users Demand Less Interactivity (Satire Alert Everyone)

- Do you use Photoshop? You might enjoy

- My friends at Krate are looking to hire a senior web developer.

- Alfred Hitchcock gives us a visual presentation lesson.

- Cloud Corkboard. Cute.

Friday Link Pack

This giant Barry McGee mural in Brooklyn is just down the street form my house. So, awesome.

- The Chinese have bumper icecarts, taking iceskating to a whole new level!

- This made me laugh, but my mom wouldn’t get it: “Genius way of making people pay for your app.” (via @codepo8)

- American Airlines’s brand got a facelift. Would love to know what Massimo Vignelli thinks about this.

- This Diabetic Journal Kickstarter allows you to easily keep track of your blood glucose levels, meals, activites and medication. (I had gestational diabetes when pregnant with my son and know first hand how tedious it is to keep track of all the data.)

- Hilarious bad lip reading of NFL players.

- So excited: ScanSnap iX500: a great scanner gets even better

- Researchers put some science behind why comment trolls are bad for culture.

- Claire Burge gave up email. Bold.

- NYC Plushes.

- Why you can’t cry in space. Really.

- Wow! Watch 138 skydivers break the world record for vertical skydiving.

- Broccoli purse anyone?

- A dad’s guide to an easy ponytail. (Please don’t try this on your kid) (via)

- Check out these Valentine Tattly! Be prepared!

- Maria Popova (aka Brain Picker) on why we need an antidote to the culture of Google.

- Oliver Reichenstein talks on digital vs. analog.

- The non-alarmist guide to the flu.

- Can Money Buy Happiness? The Science of Materialism, Animated.

- Idealist in Portland OR is looking to hire a Web Designer.

- I am loving Done Not Done. A brand new service that lets you keep track of the things you want to do, don’t have to do. You can currently track movies, books and music. Here’s my growing not done list.

- These Hippopotamus Mittens are seriously adorable.

Friday Link Pack

Fantastic short documentary on Colossal Media on how they painted the Etsy mural last December in Soho!

- Let’s fight designjargonbullshit. (via)

- Who goes first?

- Seriously honored to have been invited to speak at SXSW on March 10th.

- Install Picturelife on your computer, tablet or smartphone and every photo you take is automatically stored in your Picturelife library. Automatically backed up and accessible from anywhere.

- Search YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion at the same time with i.e. Search result for CreativeMornings. (via)

- “You don’t get credit for being safe in Life!” I actually agree with Ice T here.

- Do you have your elevator pitch down? No? Here’s how you can fix it.

- A Wikipedia list of hoaxes on Wikipedia. Really. (via @donohue)

- What results when 29 interaction design students have the opportunity to contribute to an IxD-focused book list? Here.

- Copenhagen-based designer Ruth Vissing designed a series of typographic posters.

- “How do we run around on the vast field of the internet without being crippled & disfigured by the landmines of hatred?” Amanda Palmer on Internet Hatred.

- Are you looking to hire? Use discount code SWISS2013 to get 50% off an AuthenticJobs listing until Jan 11th.

- Lifehacker shares some awesome tips on making your Google searches more efficient.

- It’s never too late to make art featuring the wonderful Lisa Congdon.

- The NOAA says that 2012 was the hottest year on record.

- A collection of great product videos over on Gimmebar. (via)

- Why did infinite scroll fail at Etsy?

- Kevin Kelly on how the internet is expanding the boundaries of the normal and the possible.

Friday Link Pack

Breaking Typo by Mihaly Szilagyi

- Lettering vs. Calligraphy, a visual dialogue between a letterer and a calligrapher.

- The Swiss Matterhorn is simply stunning. (thanks Rob)

- Jennifer Hagler has the most stunning home. She blogs about it over on

- Grizcoat, for when you need a bear coat.

- The Hamilton Wood Type museum is being forced to vacate their historic building. They need our help.

- Keep having to come back to this now that I am using the Google Gmail Interface more and more. Gmail Shortcuts.

- Know your Design Saints. Made me chuckle.

- Thinking of hiring some fresh talent for 2013? Use discount code SWISS2013 to get 50% off an Authentic Jobs listing until Jan 11th.

- How blind people use Instagram.

- In “More Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind”, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown of AsapSCIENCE share some simple but impressive facts.

- Rob Griffiths dug around and found out how to remove Google+ plus from your account.

- Apparently Zaha Hadid is working on a new building in China and it’s being pirated as she is building the original. Wow, that’s bold.

- The Fox is Black is looking for a female writer.

- Sled are leather and wood cases for the iPhone 5, crafted by hand in NYC + Boston.

- Kindling Quarterly, a new magazine for fathers.

- Do you host a lost of events? You might be interested in Gather, MailChimp’s SMS for Events

Friday Link Pack

A short history of the animated Gif. (via James)

- Canadian photographer François Brunelle took 200 photos of people who look like identical twins—but actually aren’t even related. Wow!

- In case you missed it: Snow Fall, The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek. The NYTimes created a stunning online reading experience.

- Helmet Oddity: A Supercut of Space Suit Helmets

- The Top 10 New Yorker Stories of 2012. (The slideshow format is killing me.)

- Put your photos into unique shapes with Shapely. (But don’t go overboard, ok?)

- Sweet photographic moments of childhood. (Thanks Tanya)

- How to cook the perfect Rösti. (= giant Swiss of a hash brown)

- Only 4 more days left to get on the Tattly Subscription train. Next chance will be in July.

- Geometry visualized: Demonstrating the Pythagorean theorem with liquid.

- A bicycle horn that sound like a car horn.

- Watch Portrait of an Artist: Jackson Pollock, the 1987 Documentary Narrated by Melvyn Bragg

- Incredible bartender/singer covers Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at a tiny NYC piano bar called Brandy’s – a Susan Boyle from the Upper East Side.

- Leadership is just a series of moments where you do the right thing.

- Share Wi-Fi. Earn free data. Repeat. Karma: the first social hotspot.

- British People Problems. (via coudal)

- You’re a developer and into the arts? The fine folks at Paddle8 are looking to hire a Senior Developer.

- Of course we can all live without a natural bristle laptop keyboard brush. But, isn’t it pretty?

Friday Link Pack

Debbie Millman interviews Massimo Vignelli, directed by Hillman Curtis.

- Flickr released a new iPhone app this week. I love it. It’s all kinds of impressive.

- Oh, and there’s another app that made me happy this week, Google Maps!

- Candy Cane Leggings anyone?

- Oh Snap Tote Bag. (thanks nate)

- Is the Internet awake? An approximate view of day and night in the top 25 countries by number of broadband internet users – relative to eastern standard time. (via Michael Galpert)

- Screaming and painting. Yup.

- Resource: The 10 best podcasts for designers.

- My favorite raincoats from Sweden: Stutterheim. (Yes, they are pricy but man, they last and are super comfortable)

- Cute. Jelly fish bath light.

- A collection of patterns and modules for responsive designs.

- Here’s a workaround for Twitter shutting off IFTTT. (via anthony de rosa)

- Foldify lets you create 3D figures on iPad. Then print and fold them from paper. (via chrisglass)

- These pillows by Ed Miller are perfect for a kids room: Circus, Robots or Traffic Signs.

- Visualizing 50 years of concerts by The Rolling Stones. (via davidbauer)

- NASA’s Pretty Confident the World’s Not Going to End Next Week

- Do you know about the new Tattly Gift Cards that come with complimentary custom message written by illustrator Jen Mussari?

- Craftsy is looking to hire a Mobile Developer.

Friday Link Pack

Mesmerizing Video for Life & Limb’s ‘Fingers Fall’ directed by David Echeverria.

- This Mask Superhero Towel is amazing.

- Mens Cash Capsule.

- Woah. Staples Announces In-Store 3-D Printing Service.

- Gingerbread adventcalendar. Lovely.

- Finally realizing that kids really do love Whoopee Cushions. #toomeawhile

- This cotton Racoon stole my heart.

- Highway To Hell live in 1979.

- Thinking of Selling on eBay With Paypal? Think Again!

- This smart shelf is brilliant, it hides a table and four chairs.

- Brydge+ keyboard for the iPad, with built in stereo speakers.

- @ Symbol Side Table.

- Get in the spirit with this Christmas Tree Hat and Christmas Tree Lights Necklace.

- In this Authors @ Google conversation Prediction wunderkind Nate Silver gives a taste of his new book, The Signal and the Noise: Why Most Predictions Fail but Some Don’t.

- My friends at C&G Partners are looking to hire a Front-end Developer.

- Deer in Headlights Giant Cross-Stitch by Jessica Decker + Kollabora.

Friday Link Pack

I, Pencil – lovely little film about how everything is connected. (via explore)

- This About Page made me laugh.

- I simply heart my friend Chris Glass who responded to my son’s #itshardbeingtwo series with this photo.

- Next time you make Bacon Pancakes, put on this song!

- This is fantastic. Congratulations to Paola Antonelli for adding 14 Video Games to the MoMA Collection. One can only imagine how many hours were spent on the phone by lawyers trying to negotiate this deal.

- Only one more day to apply to speak at the December CreativeMornings in Geneva, Milano, London or NYC.

- What if your cupcakes (or finger foods) could talk? What would they say? Get crafty and try it with these Mini Speech Bubble sheets.

- Filmmaker Robert Weide asks Woody Allen 12 questions that he’s never been asked before.

- My head exploded just a little bit. These patterned paint rollers are all kinds of amazing.

- Start every morning off with short history lesson while you’re waiting for the bus or eating breakfast.’s This Day in History gives historical recaps of important events, inventions and people for each day in the calendar year. (via tinybop)

- If I was a small dog, I would vote for this couch.

- Next time you’re at a coffee shop, ask for a Zarf. (27 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names)

- Typographer’s and their handwriting. (via aaron)

- The Buy-Nothing Holiday Survival Guide

- Ever wondered what the Pantone value was of a certain country flag? Well, here you go. (via @davidairey)

- Cooper Hewitt’s Object of the Day.

- Need some gift ideas? Check out the massive Coolhunting gift guide.

- Did you catch Craig Mod’s article on Subcompact Publishing?

- Tattly now has gift cards! We couldn’t be more excited.

- Thinking about buying a Christmas Stand? Appartment Therapy has a nifty guide.

- Become part of Studiomates, my coworking space, by applying for the Lead App Designer position at Tinybop.

Thursday (not Friday) Link Pack

- Let’s take back Black Friday and indulge in the people around us. It’s a perfect time to be mindful of our time and spending, so what are you Blocking Friday for this holiday season?

- A red Squirrel Nutcracker. Of course.

- Totoro fan? Then check out this Plush Catbus.

- Love this 3D-Puzzle Snowman

- White Scrapwood Wallpaper. I admit, I like it.

- Intrigued by this rustic/minimal toothbrush holder.

- Momspeak: In parenting, the ‘5 percent’ moments are what matter (via designmom)

- Fascinating New York Times Article: How to Survive Societal Collapse in Suburbia, by Keith O’Brien

- These hand-painted limited-editions Real Boy Push Pins by Duncan Shotton are quite adorable. Do you know of his first product, the cloud keyholder? One of my favorites.

- Become part of the Studiomates community by applying to this lead iOS Developer position with our friends Tinybop. Job perks include great benefits, amazing views and lunches at Studiomates.

- Interesting: Male/Female founders in Silicon Valley = 90/10. NYC = 80/20. (via Kary Campell)

- I keep holding on to my wired keyboard cause I can’t deal with empty batteries. I am wondering, along with Jason Santa Maria, if I should give this Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac by Logitech a try.

- Salvador Dalí’s famous manifesto of dualities, illustrated.

Friday Link Pack

Sounds and sights that stir feelings and memories: The pleasure of by Vitùc.(via @thekidshouldseethis)

- A map of how New York tweeted during hurricane Sandy.

- What happens when Hygge and West + Lisa Congdon collaborate? Absolutely stunning wallpaper!

- The Useless Web takes you to different ‘useless’ websites. Some of them quite mesmerizing. They might be useless but soothing to the soul, if you ask me. Go to and give it a whirl.

- A seriously good-looking watering can.

- Google Type lets you create any text with found type from random Google images. (via @brainpicker)

- Interesting article: Your Employee Is an Online Celebrity. Now What Do You Do?

- What being a Web developer means today: Front-End Guidelines for Newcomers

- Compilation of Scenes from Top 250 Movies on IMDB in 2 1/2 Minutes.

- Pretend this sentence is a tweet. #thiswouldbethehashtag. The New York Times tries to explain Hashtags.

- How To Recover Deleted Voicemail On An iPhone

- You never know when you’ll need an Animated Pizza Gif.

- Do you have a crawling baby? Then you need this mop onesie.

- Gravity Tank in Chicago is looking to hire an Interaction Design Associate.

Friday Link Pack

Time-Lapse of Hurricane Sandy Hitting New York City. So many people are without electricity and lost their homes. Please consider donating to the Red Cross.

- The Atlantic posts Photos of Hurrican Sandy’s Aftermath. Some of these are really intense, especially #16. And here from the New York Times.

- For Adults, a Catastrophe. For Children, a Memory.

- Here’s a look at a new book based on the diary of Jim Henson called Imagination Illustrated.

- The Human Centipede; Or, How to Move to New York, by Elissa Bassist. (via Maria)

- A fantastic collection of Tutorials to Make Toys from Trash.

- For those of you using Apple Mail, you might enjoy this Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet.

- Not that the world needs one more hipster wallet, but Tight is actually really cool.

- What would you say if there was a lightbulb that you could control with your smart phone?

- Why you should take your 20′s seriously

- San Francisco-based clothing company Betabrand is now offering sock insurance: Lose a Sock & They’ll Replace it

- Making fun of Skeuomorphic design. There’s a blog for everything. (via loop)

- Yes, you can donate that left over Halloween candy.

Friday Link Pack

Kermit takes a course in Visual Thinking.

- A conversation between Debbie Millman and Erik Spiekerman? Yes, please. (via ze Hische)

- An Ampersand Bottle Opener.

- Data Nerd + New Parent? This is for you.

- We had one like these tv’s growing up. Now, my kids can at least ‘admire’ it as a pillow.

- Concrete Surfing? Surfers on motorized surfboards going down NYC streets.

- Manmade rainbows.

- Timehop launches an iOS app that takes you back in time to see your photos and social updates from *this exact day* in history. (via Amrit)

- Harvard University is now on SoundCloud, sharing audio content that explores life, thought, science, business and art. (via Amrit)

- Browse the Behance Network based on Pantone Colors.

- A big thank you to Jordan Galloway over at Brooklyn Based for this feature of yours truly.

- As a professional photo retoucher, Amy Dresser’s attitude is not to make an image perfect; but keep the character and remove what might be distracting. Watch Amy’s interesting talk at Luminance a few weeks ago.

- Amazon in SF is looking to hire a Head of User Experience.

- Geometry Daily now offers prints. This is dangerous. (Tumblr seems to be down at the moment)

Friday Link Pack

(I met Kevin Clash yesterday. For real.)

- I love the South Brooklyn Curiosity Map by Makewell. You can find the printed map at The Invisible Dog or the Brooklyn Historial Society. Or you can download the PDF here or go all pro with this digital version.

- Minuetto, an absolutely stunning space-saving table.

- Why do we behave so oddly in lifts?

- Pencil Tidy Fruit Bowl.

- Etsy launched Gift Cards. This is awesome.

- Hey German speaking readers, my wonderful friend Martina Kink wrote a humorous book called Bad Hair Days. (Even though the title is in English, it’s all in German.)

- An app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie so you don’t miss anything. Hilarious.

- Pizza rules.

- Bunny Ears over the Years.(Thank you Michael)

- 50 Free Courses with Certificates from Great Universities. What about Power Searching with Google, Networks: Friends, Money, and Bites or A Crash Course on Creativity.

- Trackable suitcase automatically follows its owner

- Giggle in NYC is looking to hire a Senior Web Developer.

- Finally: Apple agrees on licensing terms for use of iconic Swiss clock design.

- My six year old loves Toca Boca as it is but this Dress Up Game will push her over the edge. In the app store October 25th!

- 30 WordPress tutorials for designers

- Look inside a Google Data Center

Friday Link Pack

I spent the past three days at yet another amazing BrooklynBeta 2012. This is last year’s trailer.

- Location Based Racism.

- Now this is is an unusual design of a resume. Made me look.

- Cute. The Brooklyn Aquarium adopts a baby walrus.

- Honored to be quoted in this WIRED Article by Mary H.K. Choi: Overworked, Overwhelmed, Overscheduled? Work More

- Etsy: Gifts for Men

- The Human Body as a Subway Map (via Maria)

- How to Write the Perfect Email: The 9-Step Script for Emailing Busy People (via @Bufferapp)

- Free ebooks for Web designers and developers. (via loopinsight)

- A dock for the iPhone 5

- To generate some early buzz for next summer’s release of Monsters University — the sort-of prequel to the huge Pixar hit Monsters, Inc. — Disney has created a complete website for the fictional Monsters University

- Jay Parkinson’s Health company Sherpaa is offering complimentary service for founders in NY. (via Amrit)

Friday Link Pack

Big Bird, you had a turbulent week! Same goes for PBS.

- Google Street View now features underwater maps. (via Amrit)

- 10 Peanuts Characters You’ve Probably Forgotten: One of the most bizarre characters in the Peanuts universe was “555 95472,” or “5” for short. Introduced in September 1963, 5 explained that his father was so upset about people being seen as “just a number,” he renamed the entire family as a series of digits.

- Cadbury won a High Court battle giving it exclusive rights to use Pantone 2685C. You gotta be kidding!? (via @adaptordie)

- H&FJ’s recommendations for books on typography.

- Pictalicious is a color palette generator. Upload an image and you’ll get suggestions on what colors to use.

- A heart clutch? Yes, please.

- 10 Videos about the Creative Process

- Netbot, a full-featured iPhone client.

- Meet the 2012 MacArthur Fellows

- Here’s your chance to become a studiomates: Oak is hiring an intern.

- Tempted to order this so I can see what it’s like to be my son’s height. He’s 2.

- Caped Superman & Batman Onesie Pajamas For Grown-ups

- Design your new Twitter header – with a free PSD for pixel perfection!

- DIY’s CTO @thisandagain made a library to calculate the probability that a commenter is a troll. (via Zach)


- See how many fake followers you or your friends have on Twitter. (via hideh)

Friday Link Pack

More at

- My studiomate Raul found a poem at his son’s school.

- Contents May Have Shifted, by Erin Kissane

- Tim Cook’s Apology for Apple Maps

- Casetagram allows you to create your personalized iPhone case – created with your own Instagram pics. (via Andrea)

- Remembering Arnaud Mercier.

- My friends and studiomates of Oak are looking to hire a developer who loves design

- Did you ever have to convert a PDF into a Keynote document? Then you will love PDF to Keynote. It just saved me.

- How To Handle a Bully

- This biodegradable urn turns into a tree after you die.

- Switzerland is doing a good job with their commercials. The most recent one is all about how the Swiss will help you forget about time when you visit. Made me chuckle.

- Books as Data, by James Bridle

- Gotye – Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra

- The DUMBO Art Festival is happening this weekend.

- Typekit and Google teaming up for a new free font service.

- Valet is Josh Spear’s latest venture, a collection of hand-picked benefits and guidance for the discerning 21st-century traveler.

- Hey Brooklynites, consider supporting The Invisible Dog Kickstarter. Good people!

Friday Link Pack

(Jump to 6:28, that’s where the interview between Stephen Colbert and Neil deGrasse Tyson starts. Via organized wonder)

- Behance founder Scott Belsky + Jonathan Fields discuss organizing and empowering the creative world.

- This made me laugh: Capitol Butter Dish.

- TIME’s list of 50 best websites of 2012. (So happy to see that Cowbird made the list. )

- Vimeo just introduced a Tip Jar Functionality. Fantastic.

- Just what the world was waiting for, a Cake Divider. With only one simple click you can divide your Cake into 6, 8, 10 or 14 equal pieces.

- The Bow Tie is back and Le Bow Tique sells lots them.

- A fantastic article on Creative Leadership: Humility and Being Wrong by Doug Guthrie

- Khoi asks: Are Design Books Meant to Be Read?

- This is my favorite couples photo I have seen to date.

- Questions Jason Fried of 37 Signals asks when reviewing a design. (via Able)

- How to be a Table. (via Kate)

- 500 Worst Passwords Print by Kate Bingaman Burt

- A Side-by-Side Comparison of the 2012 Democratic and Republic Party Platform Documents (via Mandy)

- German government urges public to stop using Internet Explorer. Made me chuckle.

- The Apple iOS 6 Maps are amazing. Not.

- Thew new prix fixe menu at 11 Madison Park comes complete with dessert predicted by magic trick. (via youngna)

Friday Link Pack

The cast of Mad Men ”performs” Rick Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up”
(via explore)

- The sweetest call-out to fill a Community Manger position ever: Impress A Penguin

- 5 guys from New York documenting the city’s amazing pizza culture.

- Interesting list of ‘Internet Habits‘ by Wells Baum.

- 11 Really Terrible 19th-Century Beauty Tips (via)

- My friends over Little Durck Organics are trying to find a PR + Social Media Director #goodpeoplewithanawesomeproduct

- Typodarium is represents a daily dose of typography for the typeface obsessed.

- My six year old loves her DORO Lille Huset Dollhouse. Entirely made from recycled paper in the US and folds flat for easy storage. What’s not to love?

- Governors Island is hosting the 5th Annual Art Fair this September.

- I would love an Instacube for our Tattly office.

- Good Riddance Paypal: Elliot Jay Stocks eloquently explains why PayPal have all the power of a bank and yet none of the responsibility.

- How to make an Origami Business Card Holder.

- The 99U Tickets for 2013 are now on Sale. It’s a fantastic conference. I’ve attended the past three years and am impressed by how Team Behance keeps raising the bar.

Friday Link Pack

Now that’s a surprising way to separate the yolk from an egg white. (via @sawyerh)

- Reddit launched reddit Donate. Chosen and embedded by subreddits, the donate button allows reddit communities to raise awareness and channel donations directly to like-minded 501(c)(3) nonprofits. It was created as a side-project from a handful of redditors at Dwolla, and in partnership with Stripe. Reddit Donate does not move, hold, or process funds. All that said, all they want you to do is: Do Good. Yes!

- This leather lanyard is beautiful.

- How to pronounce artists’ names. (via @doorsixteen)

- Shazam-style app shows who funded political TV ads. (via brainpicker)

- Did you watch Jonathan Harris’ thoughtful CreativeMornings talk?

- The Internet A Decade Later

- Superhappy about Freshbooks launching their iphone app this week.

- On Quora: What did you learn being a police officer about society? (via)

- I never wanted to live on a houseboat, until I saw this.

- Self-portraits from an artist under the influence of 48 different psychoactive drug combos. (via @mikeindustries)

- Last week at Alt Design Summit I had the pleasure to meet the two folks behind Sweet Paul Magazine. I got my hands one one their latest issue and am impressed how they put out such a high quality magazine with such a small team.

- Got some British Friends and a happy occasion? Get this!

- I dooooooon’t care. Made me laugh.

Friday Link Pack

(via Those Who Make)

- For a moment of awe at human achievement: 3D-printed prosthetic arm changes 3-year-old girl’s life.

- A collection of NYC city online guides.

- Idler: A New Modular Typeface Family By Lamesville

- If you read one thing this weekend, let it be this: On Empathy and Apathy: Two Case Studies

- Love the fixer mentality behind Wikipedia Redefined. (via @tca_team)

- Yay for analog mail: Airmail Zipper Pouch.

- That’s one pretty wine rack.

- Do Lectures are happening September 20-23 in California. I wish I could go. There’s a few attendee tickets left. You should apply!

- I just received my Elevation Dock. It’s fantastic.

- Rob Walker: Mapping the “Collective Unconscious” of NYC

- Astroturf fingernails. Really.

- Rituals of Preparation.

- The folks over at The Wall Street Journal are looking to hire a UX Architect.

- Good Grammar is sexy.

Friday Link Pack

(via organizedwonder)

- Brainpicker‘s new Literary Jukebox makes me all kinds of happy. It matches a song with a book quote.

- Did you know about Etsy’s Global Craft Party?

- What are you cooking this weekend?

- Cardiio is a magical app that lets you measure your heart rate with the iPhone’s front facing camera. (via Amrit)

- This inflatable bicycle helmet by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin is impressive.

- Social Impact -Think of it like Yelp for discovering socially conscious local businesses. (via Amrit)

- Faraday: The most good looking ultimate electric propelled utility bicycle

- If you’re wondering what Medium is all about, read this. (via @cameronmoll)

- Made Collection is the world’s first flash-sale website for US-made products. (not a fan of flash sites but love the fact that they focus on US Made products)

- MotherKnows Creates iPhone-Accessible Health Records For Your Children

- Fast Company posted a video where I talk about my 8 Personal Rules for Success. (Video is from the 2012 Shopify Build A Business Competition)

- I need to remember to Focus.

Friday Link Pack

- Famous People with Monkeys

- Hey DUMBO folks, there’s a free concert in the archway (bridge hole) on august 17th!

- Love the simplicity of this wallet.

- 10 Habits of Remarkably Charismatic People, by Jeff Haden

- I love these coat hangers.

- Deep dive into Instapaper, how to use it and tips for power users (via @steverubel)

- I like this simple Corrugated Planter Set.

- The Point of Exclamation

- This sobering infographic compares the cost of the Olympics vs. the cost of landing Curiosity on Mars.

- Japan and the fax: A love affair (via @brainpicker)

- I love the work that comes out of Area 17. If you do too, you might want to know that they are hiring an Interface Developer.

- For that little princess in your life: Unicorn Tattly.

- No. 11: If there is guacamole, order it. Rules for Wandering

Friday Link Pack

Wondering what that above video is all about? It shows what English sounds like to foreigners

- Kansas City has hands down the coolest looking Library Parking Garage. (thank you Alexandra)

- Oliver Burkeman on why everything takes longer than you think .(via @neilw)

- Faces: 105 of Cinema’s Most Beautiful Close-Ups

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